Ghost Stories

Was I right or is he? 0.o

Ok first thing is first HI im back. Sorry for the long no posting thing. My computer was crap and it took five mins just to load and two or three hours to get online so- Yeah... Anyways I have a laptop now but the only bad thing is that I dont have spell check on this one and my spelling has gotten better but its still bad. Sorry. Now to the main thing of this post ^_^

As some of you know ( not sure if I posted it though) that when I moved into our new appartment my best friend sence I was about seven killed himself and mom promised him that he could stay with us once we got a house but we never got to tell him that we had gotten one.

That night I started to see and hear things in my room. Like chains and I smelt faint collone ( sorry I think thats spelt wrong) and other things. I was basically afraide of my own room. But my room wasnt the only room of attension for me. I HATED my moms room. I couldnt stand to be in there for more than a coupple seconds or I feel stared down and hated. Just plain small.

So after a while of mom not beleaveing me I said " just switch me rooms for one night and itl show you and I wont have too" But she didnt. Instead I had a peicefull nights sleep in my room for once and mom was the one awake. She heard bags rattling by her closet door and she thought it was her fan so she moved the bags and they kept rattleing. So she moved away from the noice and it quit- But somthing layed in the bed behind her.

So mom turns around and what ever it was sucked in her breathe and it was gone. Mom said it sount like one of those last breathes loseing air kind of thing. So then it started all over the house. I needed out of the house so I went somwhere with one of my friends and left mom alone ( I didnt think anything would happen to her because its usually directed at me and she stole my confiter the night before. Same night the breathe thing happened) I come home and moms sitting in the dark in her chair.

I drop my puirse at the door and go over to her and her eyes are really soft as she looks at me and says " a preacher says that our house has a demonic presence. He said that its looking to posses one of us but its not strong enough yet." I raise an eyebrow at her because this is kinda odd. ( I still think this is negitive energy built up from what happened when we moved in) Mom told me we are going to his church to hear him preach and get a prair cloth. Not only do I think that having sweat by another person on a rag in your house hanging somewhere is gross but mom wanted me to wear it as an item of clothing snapped somewhere with a bobby pin or somthing>

I stiffen up right away. I dont like churches. I dont like preachers and I dont like the christian relgion. No offence to anyone who is christian or a preacher its just that to them im a sinner and im going to hell because im bi and all this other stuff. 0.o cant help that. Anyways. Mom makes me go. I set scilently through most of the service until the preacher starts talking about how gays, bisexuals, and lesbianity is wrong. Of all the days he could have chosen to say that he had to wait till i was there to hear it. I got instantly insulted and upset. I felt like throwing somthing but i crossed my arms and kept my head down for the next two hours of his rambleing on about how it was wrong.

So then after that both preachers ( there were two of them. =\) was trying to rip the prair cloth so mom and I both can have one. I put mine in moms purse with hers and sence we didnt have anything at home to clip it on with mom hung it over my bed sence what ever it was, was comming closer and closer to me why sleeping. But I dont know who was right because I didnt trust the prair cloth or the preacher and its not my faith at all so evan if he was right it wouldnt have worked for me because the same day I started lighting a white or light blue candle in the corner of my room.

The bad thing is that im on my last four white candles. And I know that what ever it is its still here because I still sence it. Minor things keep happening too. Like my top drawr keeps opening ( which is where I keep my underwear and I know what ever it is it for some reason mostly watches me when I get dressed or when one of my friends are over for the night. So its a pervert) I evan changed my room so its a little lighter and gave it new lights so itd actually be light in my room at night. But its still here and only in my room. Nothing in moms room.

This is why I dont trust the preacher.
1. He has never stepped foot in my house
2. how would he know anything on how it started if he hasnt talked to me?
3. I dont trust preachers anymore ( long story for another time?)

So which is right and what should I do?
P.s. mom dosnt know im bi so neither does the preacher. Not why he preached about that bisexuality is wrong. ( I dont guess unless one of my friends that go to his church told him that I was)
So I ask my loving friends here for help once again. ^_^ help?