Ghost Stories

Was I talking to "air"??

This happened to me on Tuesday (yesterday), and I wanted to post about it.

There was this elderly lady that came into the store that I work at. She looked like she was probably in her 70's, and fragile. This Lady was rather out-of-place looking. She looked like she would be better suited to shop at a Neiman-Marcus, rather then at a Wal Mart. She was just, what I call "wandering", not shopping, just wandering. I was looking at this lady, and watching her, have no idea why, but I just was.

This lady walks up to me, and asks me about a Bra...She explained that she had a double Mastectomy, and was looking for a padded bra, but a certain kind. I took her to where the bras were, and was showing her the different kinds that we had.

I would pick the Bras up, and show them to her, but she would never touch them...In fact, I was the one doing all the talking, and she said almost nothing. She just stood there, with her arms crossed, and NEVER uncrossed them. At that point, she told me something about Underwires, and how they rode up, and then she asked if we had any Bra inserts. I told her that she would have to go to a Medical Supply store in town, that we were only limited to push-up inserts, and I did not think something like that would work for her. I told her to come with me, and I would show them to her.

We walked to the end cap where all of this stuff was located. Again, I started showing her this stuff...she just stood there, never touching anything. I even took one of the inserts out of the package for her, and she just kind of leaned over, and looked at it. I stood there doing all the talking for a few minutes, then she said "Oh, those are silicone, and they leak. I don't want that. Thank you"...She also told me that she "never came into the store", because she "never shopped there", and again "thank you".

So I walk a couple of steps, and start straightening the boxed bras. I hear this Lady talking to someone, and I kind of peeked around the corner, and she was talking to this Child in a shopping basket. It was a little girl, probably 2 years old. This lady asked this child when she was born, and the child just stared at her...This Lady says "oh, July 4th?? I had a Baby on July 4th" ...The thing that drew me to watching this, was the Childs Mother, NEVER turned around...NEVER. She continued looking at some scrub tops we have on a wall, like she was oblivious to anyone talking to her child. I thought that the Mother was rude, in that she never acknowledged this Lady even being there.

So this Lady starts wandering off again after this...Her arms still crossed, no purse, not shopping, just wandering.

I blew it off...It just kind of struck me a odd, but nothing to loose sleep over.

So, fast forward to today...I was looking at the local newspaper, turned to the Obituaries, and saw this picture of a Lady...I was looking at it, saying to myself "I know this Lady, and have seen her before"...Well it hit me to who she was...This was the Lady that was in the store. It said that she died on Saturday, and I saw her on Tuesday. It was so overwhelming, that I wanted to send a condolence to the Family, and tell them that I saw their Mom, but I did not want to get picked up by the State Hospital, so I decided that it is best that I not make people think I'm nuts.

This is not the first time I have had this happen. There was a young man that died, that I posted about, and I saw him after the fact. He was in the store, and he just looked at me and smiled...I think if I remember right, it was also 3 or 4 days after he died.

Makes me wonder if I was the only person besides this child that could see this Lady. Just because of the fact that nobody seemed to notice her besides me and this little Kid. I wonder if I was standing there talking to "air", and now people at work think I've went off the deep end??