Ghost Stories

Weird baby-sitting happening

Over the summer I had to baby-sit a little 7 year old girl,Jenny.(her rwal name is Jennifer but we all call her Jenny for short)

Well,her dad was out of town on business and her mom had to work late so she spent the night with me one night.It was just me and her there around 6 or 7 at night,my mom gone to the store and my dad at work.My mom told me I had to clean the house while she was gone or I would be grounded,so I thought I better clean.LOL.Well,I took Jenny into the bathroom and got her into the bath.I left her in there,the bathroom door cracked and went into my room across the hall to pick up some.

Well,it had been about 20 minutes and Jenny had been splashing and playing when I noticed that I didn't her anymore.I went into the bathroom,thinking something might be wrong and saw her,just standing there,dripping wet.She was stareing at the mirror with a blank look in her eyes and on her face.The light was off too.

I walked in,and since light was comeing from the hall didn't bother to turn on the bathroom light.I asked Jenny what was the matter,but she didn't reply.I went over to the tub and let the water out and then went and flushed the toliet from where she had used it and not flushed it.Just as I turned my back to the toilet it flushed again,by its self! I thought that was kinda weird but didn't really think of it and told Jenny to get dried off and dressed.She still didn't reply,just stood there stareing into the mirror.So I flicked on the light.As soon as I turned on the light she looked around like she had no clue what was going on.I wrapped the towel around her neck and asked her what the heck she was doing.She simply answered "I was looking at my hair."

Well,I asked her if she was hungrey and she said yeah.I told her to go into my room and get dressed and I would go down to the kitchen and cook her soething to eat.So I went down staires and put on some soup for her and then went back up to check on her.My bedroom light was off and she was standing in front of my dresser,that has a mirror on it,stareing blankly into the mirror......again.This time she was dressed though.I quickly turned on the light and as soon as I did she turned around,looking all scared.I asked her what was the matter but she didn't answer.She just ran downstaires into the kitchen to eat.

So,I went on downstairs and gave her the soup.While she was eating I started to put clothes in the wash.Like 2 or 3 minutes later I turned around to look in on her and hse was gone,her soup bowel empty.I started looking around the house and wound up in my room.I started looking around there and found her,fast asleep under my bed.

It was a little weird,but I was like "whatever".I got her out from under the bed and woke her up.She started crying and said that my room scared her so I took her downstaires and put her to sleep on the couch.I was wathcing TV when my mom called.She told me she'd be home in like 10 minutes and my room better be clean.I told her it was,which it was.I got upand was about to go upstaires,when Jenny woke up.She started whinning,so I let her follow me upstairs to my room.

My room was a mess!I sighed and me and Jenny started to clean up.

Well later that night,around 10 o'clock,Jenny's bed time I made her a little spot in the floor next to my bed.She started to cry and whine,saying that my room scared her and she wanted to sleep with me fir the night.So I let her climb into bed with me.After about 30 minutes and she still couldn't fall to sleep I got up and started looking around for something to help her fall asleep.On my top shelf in the closet is a little glass doll that winds up and plays some really creepy,but slow music.I'd got it for my birthday one year for my aunt.It had kinda freaked me out so I'd alwats kept it on the top shelf.Even though it played creepy music I thought it might put Jenny to sleep so I got it down and started to play it.Within minutes she was asleep.I put the doll back up on the shelf and climbed into bed to go to sleep.

At about 12 or 1 in the morning I woke up,for no reason.Jenny was so still next to me it freaked me out a little.I taped her on the shoulder and whispered her name.She didn't move.I shoke her again but she still didn't move.I got freaked out,so I I shoved her,so hard that I knocked her off the bed.She didn't wake up untill she hit the ground!

I quickly got off the bed to see if she was ok.She just looked at me,not crying or anything.Just as I was about to ask her if she was ok I felt a cold chill.I felt cold hands,like little kid hands,on my shoulders and then slowly make their way down my back and spine.Just as it reached my lower back the hands lifted up off my back and the room was warm again.I looked over at Jenny,who was laying in the floor asleep again.I reached over at shoke her awake.She was FREEZING cold and so still.I thought she was dead!She woke up asked me why i was touching her.I asked her if she was ok and she said yes then rolled back over and went to asleep.

I got back into bed and went to sleep again.In the morning I woke up and Jenny was still asleep in the floor.She was in the EXACT postion that I had seen her in the night before when she went to sleep for the last time.I woke her up and both of us went down for breakfeast.After that her mom came to pick her up and I went upstairs to get her coat while she went outside to the car with her mother.As soon as I got in te hall I heard music.When I got in my room that same little glass doll I had played for Jenny the night before was sitting on the bed playing music and rocking back and forth with Jenny's jacket neatly folded next to it.That morning when I had woke up the doll was in the closet on the top shelf and the jacket on the dresser.And the creepy thing about the doll is that it just plays music,it dont rock or move or anything!

Sorry this was SO long!