Ghost Stories

Weird Happenings

Okay so this isn't a "ghost sighting" as such but it is some things I believe a spirit/ghost had something to do with. I completely believe in spirits/ghosts and I am not religious in any way. I am not joking, this is all very true and would like some input on what everyone thinks about it. This is very long, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to.

So this all started in 2010 at around the middle of December (I can't remember fully, but it was around then). Me and my friend were up the road at a local school concert/play thing. When we got home which was around 10pm, my brother said to us "I thought you guys came home before". Now what happened was my brother heard the door open and close about 30 minutes before we got home. Since he was in the lounge, he couldn't see who did it since the door was in the next room across. Also, my dad heard this while he was in the bathroom. They were the only two home at that time. I thought immediately it could have been one of a few options. Either somebody entered the house and quickly left, or a ghost/spirit could've had something to do with it. This was a very strange experience for all of us.

The next thing that happened, was within a week of the door phenomenon. Me, dad and my brother were all sitting in the lounge just relaxing watching TV. Just abruptly an extremely loud bang was heard on the deck just outside. Now thing bang was so loud it could've been like a 200KG person falling from about 15 foot in mid-air and falling on a wooden deck. We all ran to the window to see what it was (this was at night as well) but nothing was there. We stood around for about 3 minutes to see if any animal or 'human' came out from anywhere... nothing. Now this couldn't of been a cat, possum or even a dog. The only thing we could think of was a very overweight person, or again a ghost/spirit.

The last thing that I could remember that happened was one of the most freakish. This happened probably within a week as well of the loud bang phenomenon. Me and my brother were watching TV in the lounge late at night (yes we're TV holics thanks for noticing). It was a very calm night and all we could hear was the low volume of the TV. Okay so this is where the weird thing happened. Me and my brother heard footsteps coming closer through the dining room towards the lounge where we were. Immediately I thought it was dad getting up to go to the toilet because the footsteps came from the hallway, where his bedroom is and towards the lounge (where the toilet is pretty much right next to and towards us. So I looked out the door from where I was sitting to see if my dad was going to walk past, he didn't. The footsteps stopped at the entrance to the lounge, where no one was there. We couldn't hear any more footsteps since it is carpet in the lounge but wood in the dining room where the footsteps came from, so the footsteps could've easily gotten closer to us. After this I thought right we definitely have a spirit/ghost in the house.

After all these major phenomenons, I heard things at night that sounded like things dropping on the wooden floor. This probably went on for a good month and a bit. Nothing was ever found lying where they weren't suppose to in the mornings though. Now I might just add that when this first started happening (from the door phenomenon at the start), my brother was digging up heaps of concrete out by the side of the house, ready for new concrete to get layed out. That might sound weird, but could there be a dead body or something underneath the ground where he was digging up the concrete? He could've disturbed it or something, I don't know. That's what pretty much happened and it all stopped after about a month like I said.

Now things have started happening again. Things started happening probably at the start of this month (July). So what is happening is I am hearing those noises like things dropping on the wooden floor again. This time these sounds are much more distinct and louder than last time. The noises come from mostly the dining room, lounge and outside on the deck (which is just outside my window). All your hear is reasonably loud bangs just randomly dotted around those parts of the house. I am pretty sure it's not the house expanding or anything because I know what that sounds like and it's nothing like that. We have absolutely no pets (and never have). These noises are still happening every night when everyone is in bed. I lie there just listening to these noises, freaking me out sometimes if the noises are close to me. Now the other night probably at least 1 week ago maybe, I heard what I think was voices. This freaked me out a lot. I was lying in bed and everything was dead silent, no wind or anything. I heard these voices in the dining room which is about 10 feet from my bedroom. Okay so what I heard was two muffled voices that talked to each other for at least two seconds. After about three seconds from that happening, I heard one muffled voice that spoke for about two seconds as well. These voices weren't loud enough for me to understand them though. The only good explanation other than ghosts/spirits is my dad and brother. They were the only other two in the house (other than my mum, but she sleeps in my room because my dad and her split up recently). I am absolutely sure it can't of been them though, because it would be highly unlikely that they both spoke in their sleep at the exact same time. My dads voice wouldn't have been muffled as well because he keeps his door open at night and his bedroom is right across from mine (same with my brothers bedroom). My brothers door is always closed though, but there were two voices.
All this started happening after mum was packing up her stuff to shift out and getting furniture ready to take away. Moving a lot of items in the house could've disturbed a spirit/ghost, I don't know just a thought.

That's all the things that I know have happened. Theres just something that has also happened that's very weird. Back in 2010 when it all started my mum, dad and brother all had a dream about an old man. It sounded like the same old man in each of their dreams. From what they said, it sounded like a man who was half shadow and half human. What I mean is that they couldn't really see him he was just a person who was all black so you couldn't see them (like a shadow). My brother dreamt that he was standing in the dining room and he just disappeared all of a sudden. My mum dreamt that he walked up to her next to her in bed. My dad had pretty much the same dream as my mum as well. My mum and dad said that their dreams felt as if they were real. That all seemed a bit weird to me.

So that's what has happened. Please put some feedback about what you think. Again this is true and if you don't believe this, fine but this is serious to me.