Ghost Stories

Weird story. Morgan cem. Northern Utah

I was wondering if anyone has tried this cemetery? I have a very interesting story to go with this cemetery. If you are familiar with northern utah, then you know their is a lake near morgan called east lake. My step brother, my friend and I decided to go camping at east lake. My step bro. and I arrived at out campsite at about 12:00 P.M. We where thinking we would go hiking, and kill some time till my friend arrived. So we drove up to the top of east canyon. The morman trail runs threw the top. So we got out and started walking the trail. We had only been walking for a min. when we came across a memorial grave. That was weird to start. After the hike we went back to camp and waited for our friend. At about 9:45 P.M. the three of us set off for the morgan cem. to do some hunting. The cem. is shaped like a football field about the same size. We parked on the right hand side and got out. When we first got out of the truck my step bro. started recording for about 2 min. In that two min. it is totally silent. Then you hear what sounds to me like a bull whip. It sounds like its right in front of the mic. Right after the whip crack sound a cricket starts to chirp very loud and very fast. Fallowing the cricket you hear what sounds like someone messing with the recorder kind of like a crackling sound then you hear a water drop, right after the water drop you hear a odd sound. The recording then goes quiet for a few seconds, out of nowhere you hear what sounds like a jet fly right past the mic., or the sound that a car makes when it drives past you about 3 feet away moving fast. The best way to explain it is a swooshing sound. That was all in a two min recording. We then stop recording and ask for protection.

For some reason the three of us where drawn to the opposite end of the cem. the farr left side. As we get closer to the fence line there is temperature changes. We notice that the lights from the city are making a headstone appear that it is glowing. So I walk twards the headstone and take a picture. Using the flash from the camera I get a quick glance at the names on the headstone. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, because I thought it said my dads name on it. So I grab my flashlight, and shine it on the headstone. Sure enough the damn thing had my dads name on it. So naturally I start to freak out a little. There was a seperate headstone next to it with his name on it. It was a 13 year old boy. After I calm myself down a little, my step brother starts to cry for no reason. He said " I feel really sad all the sudden and feel like I can't breath." I walked over to him, and sure enough he was sobbing. He told me that he coulden't help it. The tears just came out. After that my friend starts to feel something strange. He said that he felt as if something was making him sad and depressed. The whole time I feel nothing, but temperature changes. While all of this was happening we managed to record a young boy's voice saying "Your Hopless" Yelling it almost as if he had been trying to talk to us, but we could not hear him. We also managed to snap a picture of a moving orb. It is not dust because it has different hues of yellow in it, plus it is not perfectally round. It also has movement streaks coming off it. The yellow in the orb looks like plasma. So back to the story. We left the cem. went back to camp and to bed. The next day I called my Dad to see if he was ok, you can understand why. After talking to him for a min he told me that on the same day we were hiking the mormon trail he was hiking it also further south. He and my stepmom dressed up as pioneers and pulled a cart for 7 miles on the mormon trail. Tell me that is not a weird weekend. I'm not at home right now, so I will post the pictures later today. I will also try to figure out how to post evp's. So you can hear them. Give me a little feed back. I want to know what your opinion is. I also want to know if anyone has tried a hunt at this cem. I'm sorry about the grammer and punctuation.