Ghost Stories

We're bored.. let's go ghost hunting!!

My younger sister's friend is spending the weekend with us and we decided since we were bored that we'd take her ghost hunting. OriginalCrazyone, my sister, her friend and I started out on our journey deciding to hit our familiar places, Okie Pinokie and the Salamonie State Forest.

Our first destination was Okie Pinokie. The first thing we noticed was again the complete silence and darkness. The road leading back to the clearing seemed twice as long than before and the trees seemed to be growing in number and crowding around the van as we drove. As we got back to the clearing we discovered that someone had pitched a tent and had a roaring campfire, despite the signs posted saying no camping is allowed. Somethign was not right about the campsite and the forest seemed to be filled with shadows and a menacing feeling. I'm not sure what these people were doing here but we didn't stop to investigate, we instead turned around and made our way out. It took us no time at all to get out even though it took forever to get back there.

Our next stop, Salamonie State Forest, was more eventful. Upon our arrival there the wind started to pick up considerably. We reached the part of the forest where OriginalCrazyOne had the experience of something rushing through him and parked the car. It was in the mid 50s all day today and it was pleasant until we started our journey back into the forest. The wind had a chilling factor to it and it was almost 20 degrees colder as we neared the area. We parked and got out and stood in the darkness. I very cold blast of wind rushed from one direction and my sister and her friend jumped back in the van. When they got their courage back we walked around while Original snapped pictures of the area. I reached a spot where it was very cold, you could step two feet in any direction and be warmer but if you stood still you were freezing. I moved and heard the sound of footsteps following me but Original was taking pictures and the two girls were about 20 feet away. Suddenly a very cold wind rushed through me. It chilled me to the bone as if ice were flowing through my veins. I walked a few feet to where Original was standing and he pointed in the direction of where the wind originated and I said "I know, it just went through me."

My sister and her friend decided to walk in the direction of a gravel road that led down to the waters edge. The wind started to blow very hard, harder than it had previously and it forced them to come back to the van. After they got to the van the wind stopped abruptly and it was warmer. We got in the van and started to drive out and Original decided to follow the gravel road down to see how far it went before ending in the lake. It was only a few feet and the incline was very steep making it hard for him to stop before reaching the water's edge. Something didn't feel right about the water or that area and he busted ass to get back up the steep incline backwards.

As we were driving back towards the entrance something must have scared the two girls because they started singing religious hymns. This must have made whatever dwells in the forest uneasy because the wind picked up considerably again and things started to blow across the road like leaves and such. We saw several shadows shifting in the woods as well. We stopped at the old stone stairs that seemingly lead to nowhere and my sister, her friend and Original got out to investigate while I stayed in the van trying to warm up from my experience. They left the side door open and walked up the steep stairs. They reported that it got darker and colder the higher they went and Original said he felt something at the top. While they were climbing I kept hearing footsteps and the wind kept getting stronger and colder. At one point it sounded like something came up behind the van and started to beat on it. I got out and started up the stairs and got about two steps up and was overwhelmed with a sense of fear and evil. I walked back to the van and we drove out and headed to the nearest town to use the bathroom. I took some pictures of some strange houses in this small town. One house had a backroom that had large windows that seemed to be frosted over and the rest of the windows seemed fine. I found that strange.

After visiting a gas station we decided to head to the Salamonie Tailwater Fishing Site which is an equally creepy location in the same general direction. On our way back there the wind picked up again and the temperature began to drop. We drove back and parked on the road to take some pictures. We noticed a small cat who crossed the road slowing and started to stare at us. He sat between two trees and stared at our van. There was something not quite right or friendly about this cat so Original snapped a few pictures. It didn't move nor did it blink and it never broke its stare as it sat there between the trees. It creeped us out so we decided to leave and it watched us as we drove away. We came back about 3 minutes later because my sister's friend wanted to get another look at the cat but he had totally vanished and we couldn't find any trace of him. Being totally creeped out we decided to leave the area.

We found a sign that said there was a Civil War monument and followed the road which dead-ended in the water. We found Monument City Cemetery. We have pictures of this cemetery and the Civil War momunment as well as a sign that said something about a high school. We found that funny because it was at the entrance to the cemetery and looked as if it was proclaiming that the area was a high school. The gravestones were well spreadout and aligned in some areas and the crowded and sporadically placed in others. One grouping of gravestones were so crowded together that there was hardly any place to walk between them. The cemetery felt rather weird and I assume it is the resting place of Civil War soldiers.

We headed home after the cemetery because it was well after 1 am at this point. We have several pictures that I will be getting developed soon alone with the other pictures from previous trips. I just haven't had the time to go get them developed. I will be posting anything promising if we find it when we develop the film.

Thanks for listening,
Greetings again!

I'd like to update you on the Salamonie State Forest if I may. Last night Original and I visited the Salamonie State Forest because we were curious to see how it looked in the light fog we were having. We started out on our journey and noticed that the fog started to disappear the further north we went. We entered the woods and instantly the fog was back. Not too mysterious I suppose sense it was foggy to begin with but I thought it was worth mentioning since it wasn't foggy in the surrounding area. Also this fog seemed to be creeping along as we progressed through the forest. It would be totally missing in some areas and then so dense that you couldn't see.

We passed the stone stairs and it seemed as if the fog was floating up the stairs and then had condensed rather thickly on the top. This could be a trick of my eyes. As I watched the forest pass before my eyes I saw several "patches" of fog in places in the woods and about a foot away nothing. Only certain trees moved in the light breeze and there were dark shapes and shadows moving within the forest. A few times it looked as if a dark pool would form on the road and then dissapear when we came up on it. This could also be a trick of my sense but I thought it was pretty cool.

In the area that we experienced the most activities on our last visits there was no fog at all present. We thought this was a bit strange because it is closest to the water and would stand to reason to have more fog. He parked but something told us to stay in the van. He drove slowing around and we let our lights show into the woods in several places. The trees seemed oddly twisted and only certain trees were moving with the wind. There was a darkness that seemed to start creeping our way and I told Original that something in the back of my mind was telling me we must leave. He agreed and we started to pull out. I looked back and saw the darkness had reached where the van was previously but said nothing and let him keep driving.

Well then we decided to check out the Tailwater Fishing Site. Once we reached this site I noticed that it was odd that there was no fog present. I had to use the restroom pretty badly and after discovering that the ones there were "closed for the season" I told him to go to the other side of the building because I was just going to squat there and pee. So as I was doing this I heard footsteps rushing up to me but thought it might be him messing around. When he didn't appear and something brushed my back I was freaked so I pulled up and went to the van and told him to take me to a proper bathroom. Normally you'd think that would have scared the pee out of me... but I think it did the opposite because suddenly I couldn't pee. When we got to the gas station I was able to go again. LOL strange eh.

I haven't told him about these experiences because he was acting a little strange and I don't want to influence what he experienced so I'm waiting to see what he says about last night. Of course since he reads these posts I'm sure he'll find out. LOL

Well thanks for reading again. We went to a battlefield near here and I'll be posting this experience after I do some reasearch and see what I can come up with in regards to the history of this particular location.

Take Care and Blessings,
We returned to Okie Pinokie and the Salamonie State Forest last night. It was a warm night, about 65 degrees, with a slight breeze. The sky was mostly clear with the exception of a few drifting clouds. When we turned down the gravel road that leads back to the clearing at Okie Pinokie the wind started to pick up a bit and I was aware of a sudden chill in the otherwise warm air.

On this particular trip it seemed to take the longest it has ever taken to get back to the clearing. Nothing seemed familiar to me and the trees seemed to close in around the van. As we went further back it got darker and colder. I've been to Okie Pinokie on several occasions and have normally been the first person to jump out and go exploring but something was different about this particular night.

As we parked and he turned the van off I became aware of something that was pure evil staring at us from the woods. It was coming from the general direction of the stump that we have posted pictures of. We sat in the silence and soon we started to hear what sounded like something scraping the back of the van. We then heard the sounds of something on the roof of the van towards the back. It was the darkest I've ever seen it in this area and you couldn't see much at all. I started to hear a low growl or mumble outside the window. I turned my head and saw a very dark shadow creeping in between the trees. It started to get close to the van and I was becoming very uneasy. I told Original that something was very upset because all I felt was pure evil and anger. It was as if whatever was there had a deep anger and hatred and the negative energy was building. I finally told him we needed to leave because something did not want us there. As we started the van I looked out into the woods and saw several shapes moving.

The drive out was also strange. It felt as if something were forcing the van backwards. For the first time since we've been there it sounded as if the van was struggling to make it through the gravel to the road. Once we passed a certain area it stopped and we had no problems.

On our way to the Salamonie State Forest we experienced strange things as well. It was as if we were driving into the wind but the wind was not blowing. As soon as we mentioned skipping the forest and just driving on it stopped. This made us curious so when we got close we decided to go in anyway.

We parked in the clearing/parking lot and turned the van off and listened. Again we heard sounds of things scraping across the van and at one point it sounded like something landed on the roof near the front of the van. My attention was drawn to a part of the woods and it was hard for me to break my stare and look away for some reason. Then we decided to leave. On the drive out we kept seeing things running in front of the van but there was nothing there. We drove on and decided to skip the Tailwater Fishing Site altogether because of the experiences we had at the other places.

We didn't get any pictures because quite frankly whatever was out roaming the areas that night didn't want anyone to mess with them. The air felt charged with energy, which was one reason why we decided to explore last night. We found what we were looking for!

Thanks for reading.