Ghost Stories

What a night with a candle and a deck of tarot crd

This past friday night I was invited by some friends to a party. After about an hour and a half someone in the group said they were bored and wanted to do something exciting. It wasn't but a split second later someone said let's try and contact the dead. A few people asked me to try. I said not night things seem a little diffrent and out of balance in the air. Not a good feeling about this. A woman I've never seen before that night came out of the kitchen and said she could do it. So the lights were turned off and the only light in the house was comming threw the windows. The second the lights went out I went cold all over. My insticts were to leave the minute the lights went out. I went to the large table that was put up in the middle of the livingroom. You know the kind, the kind you put up at christmas and thankgiving dinners. I found my place three chairs down from this woman getting ready to light a candle. When my eyes started to adjust a little to the darkness, another cold chill hit me. I could make out the collor of the candle it was black with red swirls in it. She than perceeded to bring out of her purse a box. When she put the box on the table in front of her, she carefully pulled out a scarf of red cloth. She opened up the cloth and a tarot deck was revealed. I have seen a lot of tarot decks in my days but this was a strange deck all the cards where black on the back with a skull in the center. Another strange accurance was my friends who can't be quiet for more than two minutes hadn't said a word since the lights went out. So me being me asked her what is the purpose of useing a tarot deck for something like this. She looked up to me than back at the cards. "It's a special deck" was all she said. All I can tell you is from that moment on she wouldn't answer any of my questons. So with the candle lit she laid out a line of about 7-9 cards in front of her and bowed her head. She started some kind of chant. You could feel a slight breeze moving through the room,(No windows or doors were open). If anything the room seemed to get even darker. Out of all my encounters I have never and I mean never been taken off guard for what I saw next. When she raised her head and I could see her eyes. What I saw was not the eyes of the twenty something woman who was just sitting three chairs down from me. But eyes that had no color just a milky white look to them. Now my friends were comming to life around the table. Oh my god look at her eyes - Oh my god whats happening= Just some of the few things being said aloud. This woman looked around the room at each and everyone of us and said "The spirits are restless tonight and angry at someone here in this room" I looked over to my friend Dave and his wife and asked them if anything weird had ever took place in this house of theirs. Nothing we are aware of till tonight. Dave's wife Rose would know she picks up on all sort of things when she's in a place of activity. But nothing in their house. Now I was noticing thaat the room was not cool any more but uncomfortably warm to hot. I could hear the air conditioning still running. I finally asked Dave who was this woman . A friend of his sister he replied. Than a loud clap of thunder rocked the house. Oh yea foregot they had forecasted scattered thunder storms for the overnight peroid.. Great. Than the banging started on the front door. Louder than was humanly possible for someone to bang on a door. Dave jumped up ran about 25 feet to answer the door. When he swang open the door he was meet with nothing more than a strong gust of wind followed by a down pour of rain. He quickly closed the door and came back to the table by Rose his wife. Who was ther she asked. No one he replied. So all the attention was put back to this woman sitting at the front of the table. If I had to say what I was seeing. I would have to say that I was seeing a person being possed by something. She had all the cards turned over by now except for the last card. So far not much to get really disturbed about yet, And than I was the first to see it .Three shadows standing in the hall way. The light from the street lights didn't exspose any of their features. It was like they smothered any lightnear them. After this I said I have had enough. Time to end this and get some lights on. As I got up to turn the lights back on I was hit in the chest so hard it knocked me off my feet. I'm usually well pertected from things like this but to night of all nights I forgot to bring my quartz crystal I always carry in my pocket. Something in the back of my head told me I was going to need more than just a peice of rock to protect me now.

I see by the clock on the wall here at work that my time is over for to night to finish this so this comming thursday I will bring the story to a close. I hate to call it a story as my chest still bares an hellish bruise about the size of a large grapefruit. Till this comming thursday evening around 11:30PM

Well it's time to finish this and in just a few hours I'll be going back to this house tonight. But before I restart this story .... yes the tarot cards can be used for other things than fortune telling. But this young woman used her deck to open a door. For protection with something this strong and this unkown I'll be wearing my two tailsmans of solomon. a a piece of dragons blood along with a clear quartz crystal. But back to my story . After picking myself up of the floor, I moved to the light switch I reached out and flicked on the switch noting happened. This can't be good. I could see that lights were on in the houses next door. We seemed to be the only house with out any power. As I turned to ask this girl doing the tarot cards, she was no longer sitting at the table. But was leaving by the back door out through the kitchen. By the time the words wait came out of my mouth she had walked through the door and shut it. Back in the dinning room No one knew who she really was. Everyone thought she had come with other guests. I can't even tell the name of or type of deck she had been using. I've never seen the likes of the deck she used. But this I can say she opened a door of some sort. Things seemed diffrent. One of the guests went into the bathrooms came out only seconds latter telling us we had to see this. After we all made our wise cracks about what he said, he corrected us and said no. "There is something wrong ithe the mirror in here. We all went to see. And the mirror reflected back a disstorted image of the person looking in the mirror. A stronge sent of strawberries all of a sudden was smelled. No boddy was wearing the sent. And then as quickly as it came it went. As we all moved back to the dinningroom table, a chair was seen banging the table. As if it was tipped forward and hitting the top of the chair. It was the chair this unkown girl had been sitting in. That was enough to disspurse half of the group. Now we were down to just me the couple that owns the house and a friend of mine who just lives for this stuff not really knowing the danger in the things going on around him. We all gathered in the kitchen and sat down at a small table. I asked my friends who owned the house if they had ever had any kind of strange things going on that they couldn't readily explain away. They said that nothing remotely strange had happened in there house befor. BANG the front door slamed shut. "Well this is not a safe place to be right now. Are you two sure you want to stay here? The were not scare and said they would stay and do what was needed to take back their house. So I asked if they had the following ingredients and some envolopes? Yes they did. So I went to work. When done I said this is not a cure all by no means. But should keep things quiet till I can find out something about this girl and the reasons she had for doing something like this. Next friday I'll come back and hopefully with some answers and I'll bring what I can to close this door. So tomarrow night or should I refrase that and say tonight I will go back and help my friends out from this ordeal. But what I found out about this strange girl is better yet. But I'll what till next week to say what I found out about her. It wouldn't be fair to put that info out before I told my friends first. And it seems they had their share of excitment during the week a couple of times as well. I'll end this next tuesday and by then I can tell you how it came to an end if it does by then. Can't say how it ends just yet but after talking with some friends about this tarot deck, it was brought to my attention it was a home made deck. That would make scense. Because you can buy plank cards just for such an occatation. The girl was harder to track down but having seen her skills. I just kind of hung around a few places. And in the middle of the week she came into the store I figured she would come to. Hot Topics, sure enough she came in and diddn't see me. I came straight at her and said hi. Startled but not frightened she said hi back. Silence. Then I put it out there. "What kinda tarot deck was it you used the other night? She said it was a deck she had made herself. That mystry solved I went on to my next question. Why did you oped that gateway or door. I didn't mean to it just took over. She said. So you have never done this before? No she said. So what was going on in your life when you were making your tarot deck. She said she had broken up with her boyfriend and for something to do she went to work making her own tarot deck. Now I was begining to get the whole pitcure. Without knowing it she had put more than just ink onto the cards she had also pured into the cards all her anger and hatred as well. It was know wonder I picked up those cards when she brought them out of the box. Have you ever cleansed your cards? No she said. You were kinda upset with your boyfriend weren't you I asked. I was furious she said. I explained to her how she had transfered all that negative energy into her cards and that to cleanse them all she neede to do was pass them a few times through the smoke of a sage bundle. Then put sea salt in the box and leave open to the light of the sun with the cards in the box. Now I had some idea of how to close this door she had opened unintentionally. I located a chant that should close the door tonight and bring this to a close. To night is the night I'll see if I have the right chant and see if this thing has gotten stronger. 07/04/06 I used the book of - Chant-o-matics - a book by buckingham. It has always worked for me in a time of need. But than doktorhook this book could be just BS right. Because you know BS when you see it. Well to close this pathway was simple enough. We gathered everyone from the night before light the proper candles burned the proper incense and all chanted for around 15 minutes. After all this the atmosphere seem more normal and it has been 4 days now and my friends report no disturbances so far............