Ghost Stories

What are these???? do not laugh please

I believe most of my life started from the pre birth haunting of my parent's home by a violent spirit named Roll (short for Roland) who said he died under the construction of their rented home (we believe now he was a demon lying). Her and my parent's duplex house mated began playing with a wigi board when their house began having activity. This of course only made the spirit angrier. My mother once told me she had a dream that the spirit told her on her last months of her pregnancy with me, "I am going to kick the baby's soul out and enter the body". Now my mother does have a feel for the dramatic so how much of this one non verified story is true I don't know but directly after I was born my sister and her friends saw the spirit leave the home as a mist floating out a window and it was never heard form again. Possibly the new birth brought some sort of religious protect to the home, I wouldn't know.

I am 27 now but as most people I was very psychic in my early to preteen years. Now I have basically shut it out as most people do and prefer not to go there again. I have lived in multiple haunted houses and seen and heard a lot of ghosts. I do know the last time I was able to hear and see anything I was about 13, my ma had just remarried (so I was of course under pubescent stress) and we moved into a new house that to me was not haunted but visited. One night in my room my television was continuously turning itself on and off (and some may say this was electrical issues but) and my cat was doing a semi deep growling that sounded as if she was saying "get out, leave". Some may believe this and others wont but I did the proverbial "shut up" and went to bed angry. After that I have never had another personal experience.

At one point me and some friends knew a security guard at a local closed sanitarium which is highly haunted and there is very convincing video of orbs floating around me examining my presence. In the video watched slow motion you can see them floating behind, in front of and hovering around my face. One even split into 2 and separated. They were very fast and eerily flattering.

Another time an ex girlfriends of mines father past away, and the next day we were both on the phone and her father's voice came onto the line talking very raspy. I don't remember what he was saying but she hung up crying and I almost wet myself. I know it was him because he was a horrible smoker and it was his voice.

I have also seen the usual shadow spirits who I do find threatening, one even reached out for me and my younger cousin while playing outside, and we ran like hell.

Now for my question...

On multiple occasions I have seen a particular type of spirit that no one else has, and most think I am making it up but I truly am not. They are white skinned humanoid spirits with no faces, and the oddest characteristic is they wear normal clothing, but it is completely blue
(I am getting the chills and tears are near my eyes as I even describe them now). They are faceless people, with completely blue clothing head to toe; one even had a blue hat. One I saw had wild jet black hair but still no face. Also I have only seen them near water. I would not say these are water spirits or people who have possibly drowned because one set of water was just a shallow stream not deep enough to kill someone.

One day I was fishing and me and my older cousin were on a near by set of parallel ponds. He was between them and I was on the opposite side facing him. As we fished I SAW two blue figures appear and begin to walk towards him from behind ON THE WATER. I waved and yelled for him to turn around but he couldn't hear me, so I ran around the pond. It seemed as I ran the figures noticed me and turned to walk away as if they did not want to be seen. When I reached him he asked "what the hell was that about" and I saw the figures disappear across the lake into some bushes. He didn't believe me but I know I saw them. Another time I was near the shallow stream and just saw a blue clothed figure erratically jumping about with crazed black hair. I was in a parking lot watching this from some distance away. I would not get closer. One last time I remember seeing one clearly me and my cousin's dog were climbing an icy steep hill style cliff over a very large river called the "8 mile river" in the woods behind their house (I was about 13 and acting like a 13 year old adventurous boy). When I reached the top the dog began acting aggressive to something ahead of me and literally took off growling. I noticed once again a blue clothed faceless figure seeming to run from the dog. I know animals are highly perceptive to spirits but I did not think spirits were afraid of them.

Could someone who would believe these stories please tell me what these blue faceless ghosts are? The thought has haunted me forever and when I tell friends I am just laughed at. Even better could someone tell me that they have seen them too? I need to finally know, but for god's sake I don't want to reopen any abilities I finally left behind after puberty ended.