Ghost Stories

What can I do to help?

My mother and step father bought this house back in 1997 when I moved in with them. I was 17 then and now I am 26. There is an evil entity there and I do not know what to do. When my parents and I looked at the house I was not able to tell my mother that I felt incredibly unwelcome.

Throughout my life whenever there is an unwelcoming or playful spirit in the house my intuition goes off and the hairs all over my body stand up. Well I had to live in this particular house. Whenever I would go to bed at night (not every night) I would make my journey up the stairs and half way up it was like I was under a heat lamp. I would instantly start to sweat, when I asked my mother if she had the same experience she said she always felt cold. I know from my studies that when an atmosphere turns hot all of a sudden it could possibly be a demon.

Well on these nights I always had two different nightmares. The first one I would run out of a forest and jump off this cliff and I would hit. I would wake up startled and in pain and my mattress would be askew from it's frame. When I was a child growing up and I would have these freaky experiences I would just leave the room and imagine this white light around me and pray for protection except when I would look up from after having this dream there in front of this door would be a dark figure staring me down and I would black out. I think it was a trance, all of a sudden I was a little girl and this man had just murdered me and I am trapped in this black room and I am scared because he is trying to find me to torture me. He would then find me and I would start screaming. I would awaken screaming with my mother running into the room and as soon as she would open my door it was as if I was released. I was not able to explain it to her, she wouldn't understand. I would ask her what happened and she would tell me that she was woken up by a little girl screaming "Help me mommy!" I know it was the little girl protecting me. I always did and still do feel extremely emotional thinking about it.

On September 14, 2005 I was medically discharged from the military and when I got home I went straight to bed. I woke up at 3 a.m. Exactly on September 15 of 06 to this Charles Manson look alike holding my right hand. He was a mist but in a detailed figure of this man. He had this malicious smile as he stared at me and when I tried to fight back I couldn't move I was week and he let out this sadistic laugh and I blacked out. I realized that the pentagram ring I was wearing on my right hand was on upside down. I had put in on wrong the night before.

When I woke up a few hours later I went to stand up and fell on the floor. I was stuck laying there for 5 minutes before I gained enough strength to get up and felt terrible all day. I had to buy a knew ring and I have stayed there one night since. He wasn't able to touch me but I know he tried because that night my mother woke me at 3 a.m. Saying that she heard the little girl again and thought I was in trouble. Since my last stay my mother has had a couple of encounters with this Manson look alike. She told me a few months ago She was woken up in the middle of the night and he was standing over her beckoning for her to fallow him. My mother said she felt the urge to go but her instinct warned her against it. He then turned into a cop and tried even harder so she screamed and my step father woke up. She said that the figure disappeared with an angry look on his face.

I feel that this man has the spirit of the little girl trapped but she is also there to protect. I feel she wants it to end but she can't leave until he is gone. Lately I have felt that my mother is in danger again but, my mother is to embarrassed to tell me. I will have to make a daily visit by myself but I feel this entity is to strong for just me. I do not have anyone to help me but I need to get rid of him so the little girl can move on. This is true, I am not crazy my mother is in danger and there is really a little girl.

I would like another psychics opinion but there is not anyone here in my city that would confess to knowing what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get rid of him without my mother knowing it and safely.