Ghost Stories

what do I see out the corner of my eye

Ok so here goes, I have never attempted to put into words what I see ( or don't ) but I will try to make sense. I have always had a very open mind about the after life and all paranormal subjects and have always copped alot of flack for it also, I guess I started thinking things weren't as they seemed when late one night my family were returning from a night at the stock cars, we lived up a very steep hill which had paddocks across from the houses and when we were nearly home my brother and I both happened to look into the paddock and saw very bright lights, we both commented to each other about it ( I was about 10 he was about 14) and then asked mum and dad but they just told us we were seeing things because we were tired, well we agreed and ended the subject. Well that was until the next day, we always played in the paddocks across the road and the next day was no exception so off we went with a couple of our neighbours, we started to tell them what we thought we saw the previous night and set off to see if we could point out were it was, well weren't we surprised to find a burnt patch in the grass, they often did burn offs over there but this was a perfect ( almost ) circle, we were spooked and went to get dad, well he was sceptical as always but i'm sure I saw abit of a look that said oterwise on his face, whatever it was it laid the foundations for something that has always been my great interest. I never really saw anything else in my childhood but always had an open mind , I had abit of a hard upbringing and emotionally I don't think I would let myself see anything, that was until I feel pregnant with my first bub. I found out late that I was pregnant ( 16 weeks ), and then when I was 27 weeks I found out my bub had a defect in which fluid could not drain from her head, I was given a ceaser at 32 weeks and my bub was very sick, she had surgery and was sent home six weeks later. This is when things started happening for me, I would often see things, just out off the corner of my eye, they would be so fast that I could never actually see what it was and I sort of threw it off as being a tired new mum, but then when bub was 15 months she was struck by meningitis and she had another two surgeries and was home after 6 weeks, i saw and heard alot in that hospital and I don't think alot of it was from our living friends,well bub got older and we had another little girl but I could still see things darting around, I would always try to catch whatever it was but never could, at one stage I was really scared but then the next piece of my puzzle begun. I again fell pregnant and found that this time we were having a little boy, now what I forgot to tell you all is that just before we meet my partners best friend died in a tragic helicopter accident and if we were to ever have a son he would be named after this chap. At 22 weeks things started going bad and bleeding started, we thought we were losing the baby but I was put in hospital on bed rest, now we live in a rural area and the nearest hospital that would have me without freaking out about prem babies is about 500 km away. My girls stayed with my sister so my partner could work and they all visited when they could. I was there for 5 weeks before I gave birth to my wee chap he was a mere 1030g and very sick, I sat with him all day every day and the things I heard and seen in that hospital were amasing, I could hear little whispers and would often turn to see who was talking to me but there was no one there, I would often see these little flashes, again out the corner of my eye, after a hard 12 weeks my wee man came home, again things didn't settle and again I thought it was tiredness but then afew things started happening that made me wonder if my mans mate (Jeremy) was looking after things with my familys health. We have a painting above our couch that was given to my partner by Jeremys mum shortly after he passed, now we didn't click for a while but our bub would always look at this painting, if I was on the couch with him and he wasn't facing it he would wiggle and winge until he was able to look up at it, we took a photo of this painting one night and it had an orb above it, I have a hard time believing orbs because so much can be dust but this was awesome (well I think so anyway), then we realised that the day before I nearly lost our wee man was the anniversary of Jeremys death, my partner is abit sceptical but I really believe that Jeremy is watching over my babies and helped them through their tough times. We have since had another beautiful baby boy and I often find myself having a chat to Jeremy, although I never knew him I feel strangly close to him. Don't know if this story will interest anyone but it has made me feel better sharing it. By the way, I still see my shadow people ( as I now call them) at least twice a day, would be keen to hear if anyone else sees these or has an explination for them. Cheers for taking the time to read my story, sorry about spelling mistakes i'm not up with my typing and also I don't know if I put this all into words the right way for you all to understand but if there are any parts you don't understand i'm happy to clear thing up for you if needed. Thanks guys.