Ghost Stories

What do you guys think?

Hi all,

I was browsing around and I thought that this forum would be a good place to post my experiences and see what you all think.

My roommate's girlfriend has been having some odd things happen to her lately. She lives in a new house, only 3 years old, and her family are the only occupants to date. She has a son and a daughter, 6 and 4 years old. Her daughter has an imaginary friend she calls Carrie. She says that Carrie is 6 and lives in the house along with 2 more girls of the same age, Tianna and Tiffany, some older children that she won't talk about much, and at least 2 adults called Helen and Alo (sp?). She gets very excited when Carrie is around, she will be in the middle of a movie or activity and will shout "Mommy, Carrie's here!!" and runs off to play with her. She is very detailed about Carrie when questioned, but sometimes clams up about certain things and says that Carrie doesn't want her to talk anymore. She says that she, Carrie and the other children are afraid of Alo and that he is mean. One of the times her mom heard her talking to herself in her bedroom, she asked if she was talking to Carrie. She replied yes, and when her mom asked where the other children were, she said that they were in mommy's closet trying on her clothes. She frequently says the older children don't want to play with her. One time she came with her mom to visit my roommate, and she told them that Carrie was outside the house playing on the grass. When asked about where Carrie came from, she says she came from the old house they used to live in. She was just 1 when they moved.

When I first heard this, I thought it was simply a case of an imaginary friend but recently some other things have started happening in and around the house. There is a farmhouse on the property, a short distance from the main house. Apparently some family members refuse to enter it, and heavy doors in there will slam and open when people enter. They have also started to have cases of items disappearing, such as lighters and other small objects, only to reappear a short time later in a very obvious place and they swear there's no way the object could have been missed. Last week a family member came to visit with her daughter, and they were all sitting in one of the bedrooms talking. The 4-year-old suddenly asked if Carrie was really dead, as Carrie's mom (Helen?) just told her so. When her mom replied "of course she's dead", the jukebox in the corner opened and closed by itself, with nobody near. I am unsure if this is just a case of coincidences, but the objects disappearing and electrical equipment doing odd things seems to be getting more frequent and we are curious as to what you guys think. None of us has had any experiences with the paranormal or similar in the past and have no idea.

One last thing. When my roommate and this girl first started dating, she sent him a picture of herself outside her house. He immediately noticed the shape of a face in the glass to the left of the door but thought nothing of it. He has since visited the house numerous times and insists that where the face seems to be should be trees and not skyline. Is this type of reflection common, and are there obvious causes? We honestly have no idea and thought you may be able to help us out a little bit.

Thanks for your time, this seems to be a great board with friendly people and objective views.