Ghost Stories

What the heck was it??

I've told this story very few times, mainly because I don't think a lot of people will believe me with how bizarre it was (hell, sometimes I'm not sure I do!), and considering I have trouble shortening it. But perhaps one of you may have some thoughts to thrown in on it.

Around September of 2000, I had visited a friend of mine who I've known since the 5th grade in Boise Idaho. The trip was, as a whole, about 2 week's worth, and pretty uneventful altogether. But one night, my friend, who has always been heavy into Christianity since I can remember, started talking of her ex-boyfriend (now husband) who was in prison at the time (don't ask). She started going on about how he could "visit" her mentally, and this I took as her referring to astral travel that I had read in books. I pretty much took this as a grain of salt, and forgot about it.

The following evening, we were watching the movie "Step Mom", which I had never seen before, and I suddenly get the feeling of being watched-something I would get occasionally, but took it as me just being paranoid. I never said anything until my friend said, "I think he's here." Now this freaked me out a wee bit, but I just shut up and we finished the movie.

Later on, she whips out a pendulum and begins asking it questions. I'd never seen one before and didn't really feel comfortable in the first place, and refused to participate. Strange, seeing how I was always into Wicca (somewhat, more for learning about energy) when we were teens.

The whole time I kept thinking that we needed to protect ourselves, though I wasn't sure why, to me it was really just a silly crystal on a string. Big deal, right? Well, somewhere in the middle of all this, the feeling of being watched returns, only this time if feels like something or someone is in the room with us. My arms tingled, ears perked up, all the good stuff that I can now assume that something might be near, or whatever, but back then I had no idea what was going on.

She tells me that her ex is in the room and points to the location I'm sensing this presence. So I tell her enough is enough and that I'm tired and would like to go to bed. Mind ya, I slept on the floor in her room that night, instead of the room across the hall. I guess you could say I was freaked enough. She also had foil on her windows, which only made it darker than I would have liked.

We discussed other things before trying to go to sleep, but yet again, the feeling comes back and she jumps to say she feels it before I even open my mouth. However, this time I don't just feel this sensation of what I assume to be this friend of ours (mischievous and likes to pull pranks), but it also felt like something else decided to tag along too-something that felt darker and made me extremely uncomfortable. And the whole time I would feel both "things" moving about the room. But eventually the ex's presence almost felt like it had been shoved off into some far corner. We pretty much no longer spoke of him being near her, or at all for that matter, but of this other thing that's in the room.


Anyway, she began speaking of the bible, and going on about how she was fine, she was with God. Well, that's great, but I didn't come from a religious family (unless you count my mother being obsessed with Star Trek a religion, heh), so where'd that leave me?

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep, but started getting very quick images in my head of some dark, small figure sitting on the corner of her bed (opposite of the side I was on) and, of course, she'd chime in that she felt this thing in the same spot before I said anything. In fact, I made sure not to say anything so I could tell whether or not she was just playing along or serious.

Eventually, she fell asleep (How, I dunno!) and I was stuck in the dark alone. I tried to ignore this... whatever as a figment of my imagination, but couldn't. I would close my eyes and picture it still on her side of the bed as she started to go to sleep. I also think she was praying in her head, but not sure why I thought this. And for what felt like an hour or so later, I'm still wide awake and completely edgy. However, this sucker has moved from one side of the bed to other. My side.

It lurked in the corner, but slowly got closer. It felt as if the darkness in the room got darker, which made absolutely no sense since it was pitch black in there to begin with, save for the dimly lit alarm clock on the other side of the room. I couldn't make sense of it. Then It eventually ended up, or what seemed to be, hovering over me. All I remember was feeling more frightened than I ever had/have been in my life, and also felt like I was being smothered. I felt hate and evil, but again, it made no sense. How could this thing be real?

I tried everything I had read up on as a young teen... picturing a light around me, ignoring it, telling it to go away (in my head). It just got closer. Finally, I did something I never really had before, which was pray. I think this went on for a good 15 minutes, though it's hard to say since it felt like time itself was moving at a snail's pace. Finally I felt a bit safer, like it seemed to have backed off some and into the corner of the room, but I still felt watched the entire time. I don't think I fell asleep until at least 6am, and only then it was maybe for an hour or two.

I still felt creeped out by it the next morning and so did my friend, but she seemed to have an odd confidence for something that lurked near her more than it did me (just not as close), and we still can't figure out to this day. Erm, not that we talk about it. I think it's something we'd both like to forget.

The screwy thing (as if that wasn't bad enough) was when I called my boyfriend (yes, soon-to-be-ex) who I hadn't spoken to in days. When I called, he hurriedly asks before I can get a word in if I'm alright, then goes into a brief nightmare he had (can't remember what it was now) and that he woke up being extremely worried for me, but didn't want to call because he thought we'd be sleeping in. Now... this guy, as I've said before, doesn't believe in this stuff, or didn't use to until he met me. So that itself is just weird.

I have no idea what this was, but after reading some other stories on the net, from word of mouth, or in books I'm learning a bit more. I can honestly say that at the time I didn't know about shadows being ghost, I didn't even really believe in ghosts, or demons enough to get spooked that easily. I had always sensed weird things, but never knew what it was. And I've never been so scared in my life, and I continued to be scared even when I came back to California. Sometimes I felt as if this thing followed me home and brought it to the point where I prayed daily. Finally, after several months, I stopped feeling it. But (knock on wood) I've not felt like anything that dark in my life, and I have gotten the creeps for no reason similar to it, but yet not even close to the power that registered from this thing. I'd love to deny it all and write it off as a dream, but it's not flying. lol

Sorry for this being so long!