Ghost Stories

What the scariest, you've ever been?

About a month ago a co-worker brought an old clown doll from the website and had it delivered to the firm where we are both employed. One look at that old clown doll made me shiver. But, I didn't know why. I asked myself; why was I so frightened of that doll and why was the shivers beginning to start on me? Later, in a conversation, I related to my co-worker, that I had that same doll, in around, 1956 or I guess maybe in 1958. I further ask, how he obtained it, because I couldn't believe anyone would sell something that old over the internet. Now, up to the day that my co-worker purchased that clown doll, I had no recollection of it at all. Unbeknown to me, I had suppressed the image of that doll, ever since I was about six years old. Now, I see that clown doll and it's beginning to haunt me all over again, but I completely don't know why. I had horrible images flashing in my head, but none of it made since. I only see this co-worker two times within week and of course each time I see him, I picture that clown doll! A few week ago my co-worker and I was in a conversation unrelated to the doll. But, that doll haunted me for some reason and I didn't know why, remember, I had suppressed that doll since 1958. Finally, I felt a need to change the subject matter of the conversation to the doll that he'd purchased. I started to relate my fears of that doll that he brought, my co-worker asked why and the only thing I could remember was placing that doll in my rocking chair -- That's when it hit me hard! I believe I screamed (maybe not), but, I was bewildered, because seeing the image of the that clown doll in my rocking chair brought back the most scariest haunting of my life. The reason I suppressed that haunting is because my family hid that doll from me because I was a nervous wreak at 6 years old.

Now, get this; earlier, here in GhostPlace, I wrote about the haunting of my little red rocking chair, but I never mentioned anything about the clown doll. That's because I had suppressed it since around 1958! In my story, here in GhostPlace, I mentioned that the image rocking in my rocking chair had something coming out of its head, the real clown doll has something coming out of its head, it's a clown hat, that stands straight up!

When I freaked out in the office and related that I've already written about that haunting in GhostPlace, my co-worker wanted to find my story here in GhostPlace and searched frantically until finally he found it! I don't know where in GhostPlace that story lives, but here now is a complete and full version of that story. A true haunting!

I always placed my favorite doll in my rocking chair at night before I went to bed. I loved my rocking and would rock for hours day dreaming while playing with my clown doll. I was raised by my aunt and uncle and they become worried that I wasn't living as a normal child due to the rocking chair. So, they consulted my doctor about taking the chair away from me, but, the doctor insisted that they not immediately take my security blanket away or it would cause emotional problems for me. So, my aunt had a plain; scare me out of my little red rocking chair! She told me one day that if I didn't stop rocking in my little red rocking chair I would see a Ghost rocking in it! Of course I didn't believe her. Now thinking back about, my aunt summoned a demon just by making that stupid statement! She had caused an opening for a demons to enter without knowing it! Sometime later, I do believe sometime within the month she prophesied that I would see a Ghost in my rocking chair. My uncle was out all night partying, usually, when he out partying all night I would sleep with my aunt. This particular evening my aunt woke me to sleep with her because my uncle was out for the evening. That was probably around 2:00 a.m., in the morning. I fell to sleep and probably awoke around 3:00 a.m., I could view my little red rocking chair from the moonlight, their was a flower in the pot on the window seal and my clown doll was ALIVE! IT WAS ROCKING AND PLAYING WITH THE FLOWERS IN THE POT!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I remember sitting up and looking directly at my doll, IT WAS ALIVE!!!!! But, I saw a shadow of it because it was dark! MY DOLL STOPPED ROCKING AND PLAYING WITH THE FLOWERS WHEN IT KNEW I WATCHING IT ? AND IT'S HEAD TURNED IN MY DIRECTION!!!! I WAS SO AFRAID I HID UNDER THE COVER AND GOT EXTREMELY CLOSE TO MY AUNT!!! I COULD HEAR THE DOLL WALKING IN THE ROOM!!!! I THOUGHT IT WOULD LIFT THE COVER FROM MY HEAD ? I WANTED TO SCREAM, BUT I WAS SO AFRAID, I COULD NOT, I COULD NOT MOVE FOR FEAR OF MY CLOWN DOLL KILLING ME!! That how I fell to sleep! Frighten near to death, in the morning upon seeing the doll, still siting in my little red rocking chair I became hysterical and I believe I told my aunt. Anyway she took away my doll. I never saw that doll again and I still wanted to rock in my little red rocking chair! Finally, my aunt just took the chair away and for reason I was o.k. with my security blanket being taken away! Now that's the full story! All of this is totally separate events from one another! Who would believe I would be visited by my clown doll that I suppressed from 1958 while having written my ghost story surrounding that doll!