Ghost Stories

What to make of it?

Hi everyone! I've just joined the forum and would like to get some feedback on my following experiences please (if I bore you I apologise in advance) Ok, where to begin! Well, a little about me, I'm Irish, living in Ireland, I'm a 30something happily married guy who has an interest in the paranormal. I've dabbled once or twice but that is about all.

14 years ago I was staying in an old mill which had been converted into a very nice holiday hostel in a small coastal town in Co.Donegal, Ireland. It was the dead of winter and the hostel was empty except for yours truly, anyway, I ended up staying there for a number of weeks (long story) A number of weeks into my stay the cleaning ladies two children (teenagers) were staying there overnight (their mum was on a night out on the town or something) Well, I had this great idea of doing an ouija board (I had done one many years earlier at Catholic boarding school, with very weird results)

So, we setup the ouija board (just a paper alphabet and the usual) Just as we were about to start the lights came on, now I just don't mean came on, they were those long ugly flourescent tubes, probably four or six of them altogether on the lit up and the light actually went, sped, from one to the other to the other.....then vanished.

Needless to say, we were a bit confused.....a bit nervous. The teenagers, one girl and one boy were more nervous than me, several minutes passed while I was trying to reassure them, the girl then just stood up and started walking up the stairs...I called after her but she didn't reply, she had gotten to the top of the stairs when I ran up after her and shook her, she freaked out, she didn't know how she had gotten upstairs, according to her someone (I think the word she used was "voices") was calling her to a room at the end of a corridor upstairs (actually I had stayed in that very room my first night there but moved the next day, it didn't feel so comfortable)

Ok, so she is crying, we go back down stairs and then, as if in a fit of anger and that is how I felt, very angry, I rushed up the stairs, down the corridor and barged into that room, in the dark, no lights on......I just stood there for a second and then walked over to the adjoining door leading to the bathroom. That door had a pane of glass in it, but kinda rippled so you couldn't actually see through it, I put my hand on the door knob to open it (I'm getting goosebumps just writing this) and suddenly I saw a flash on the other side, through the window, I know this will sound sooo corny but it was a red flash, it seemed like two eyes......I know, typical horror genre but this honestly is what I saw. I thought I'd tempted fate enough and turned on my heels rather quickly and left.....

The two teenagers left and went to a bed and breakfast (located on the same property) I didn't sleep, I stayed in the kitchen, lights on all night. The next morning I was making a coffee and I saw something move passed the window out of the corner of my eye, just as I looked up I caught a glimpse of a woman/girl in a long dark coloured dress (old fashioned, it would remind you of what maids wear in 19th century movies) This was a very fleeting glimpse , half a second.

I wondered who that could be and went to the next window to check but nobody was there. Now if you knew the layout you'd understand that there was nowhere for anyone to go except up the driveway.

A couple of hours later the owner arrived and informed me that I had to leave, he actually said that everything had been fine until I arrived. I did spend another night there, no problems, no noises or lights or figures lurking about the place but there was this constant was almost always there, at times stonger than at other times. But I never really felt too frightened or intimidated by it. I knew it was there and I knew that it knew that I knew it was there....sorry to confuse!!!

While I had been staying there I discovered that the place had a strange history, people had seen things going back a long time. Strange figures in the small wood that was on the property, the owners younger brother had been found dead at a young age face down in the small trickle of a stream that was also on the property and people who had done a seance many years before had all died young, except the owner I think. I had read all this in a book about the property while staying there, I can't for the life of me remember where I got the book from or who gave it to me. I just remenmber reading it.

In the 14 years since I often think about that place but I've never gone back, always resisted the temptation. I told my wife and she thinks we should go back together, and while I do feel a certain draw to the place I really don't know if going back is a good idea?

Months, maybe even a year or two later, I was looking through some photos and came across one where the owners dad had taken my photo for a brochure they were going to get done to advertise the hostel. I was sitting on a chair in the bedroom I was sleeping in. Behind and just a little above me was the window, it was fogged up with condensation, but on it there was a letter, I mean the letter "m" had been written in the condensation on the window. My name starts with an "m". Trust me I did not do that, neither did the photographer. It was very clear, and must have been written while we were in the room otherwise it would have fogged over with the condensation. I had seen that photo before that but never spotted it.

I've had a few things happen since I was a child, what to make of these things, I'm not too sure.

So, that is one of my experiences...I'm just sharing it in the hope of getting other opinions, all opinions are welcome. Thanks.

I have one or two more experiences that I would like feedback on please, I'm just trying to figure out what to make of them? Both are from when I was a child.

The first experience was when I was about 11 or 12, walking home one evening to my aunts house in a village, I was staying with her for several days, it was summer time, and as was usual I'd stay out "late" with my cousins and go home just before dark.

From one road to another road in the village there were some steps, when I say some I mean about 40....anyway, at the top of the steps there was a house on the left handside. It was deserted but in good repair as the old man who had lived there had only recently died. So, we're walking up these steps and as we approach the house I look up to the window on the side annex. I felt transfixed. There was an old man looking out, peering out of the window, it was almost dark, when the sky is a very dark blue but not yet black, either there was a light shining in the room with him or behind him or he was illuminated or something...but he was looking straight at me when I looked up, our eyes met and we just stared at each other.

From what I remember he had this weird kinda smile on his face, and look in his eyes, to be perfectly honest it looked like a sinister look, I'd nearly use the word "evil" but that is too subjective and maybe too strong a word. He just had a very creepy, spooky, weird smile.

Well, we must have stared at each other for a few seconds, I think I had frozen in my tracks before running off after my cousins who had gone on ahead a little.

Can't remember if I mentioned it to them and if I had there would simply have been laughs all round but this is what I saw.

Another experience is from when I wasyounger about 6 or 7 but I remeber it quite vividly. I was playing near some trees, one huge one which had been felled, near my home in a residential typical private housing estate in the city suburbs. I was alone, then suddenly 2 young boys who seemed to be about my age more or less appeared out of nowhere, I look up and hey, there they are.....One of them starts talking to me, asking me questions like who was I, wher did I come from or live or something and other questions. The other stood back and never said anything and never smiled or anything, just walked around a little.

Now I was only 6 or 7 years old but I knew that there was something not quite right about these 2 boys. They seemed out of place or something. It seemed that the questions they were asking were not questions boys my age asked, even the way of asking...I can't quite put my finger on it. They were talking as if they were much older.

Anyway, then my mum calls me, I see her in the distance, turn back to the boys, say bye and run off. Then I stop and look back and theres nobody there.

Later that night I was in bed, alone in my room on the first floor (second floor if you are American), and it was either a very vivid nightmare or something else. I awoke and looked over to the window and there were the 2 faces of those little boys looking in my window, their faces were right next to each other and they were smiling, they appeared to be blue or there was a blue light around them and they were looking right at me. They looked very menacing, again "evil" is a word that springs to mind. It was very frightening, I remember I started to scream and my parents ran in.

Of course, they saw nothing. Well, I don't know what to make of it, maybe it was simply an over active imagination but it did seem so real, and my encounter with those boys outside in the middle of the day did definetly happen.

Oh well. I just thought I'd mention these two experiences.

Does anyone know what that sign you can do with your fingers know, when you pull down your middle two fingers and and your tumb sticks out and the other two remaining fingers remain upwards? I have probably described it terribly. Sometimes you'll see it on tv or at concerts or whatever? I have a valid reason for asking. Thanks.

Listen, feel free to say whatever you want even if you think I'm full of BS, I'm interested in other peoples views of these things even if you do think they are not paranormal.
Where I live now with my wife, in an apartment above a pub (believe it or not I don't drink very often!!!) in a nice part of the city I got a weird sensation, feeling wife wasn't here, she had gone abroad for a few weeks and I was in the apartment alone. I went to bed, tried to sleep, couldn't, tossing and turning, sitting up in bed, it felt like someone was in the room with me....goosebumps kinda stuff. Not a nice feeling. Anyway, like a child I turn the light on in the toilet which is right next to the bedroom, ensuite. Try again to sleep, think I must have just dozed off when the next thing I know I'm woken by this loud, shrill wail, or cry, or scream or something right in my ear.......oh my god......what a fright. It's only happened once luckily.

Nothings there...nothing I can see anyway. I think I stayed awake for hours later and resorted to sleeping on the sofa in the tv room! Kinda childish, I know.

Then maybe 18 months or 2 years ago my wife and I were sleeping in bed and I woke up and as I opened my eyes I saw this figure of a woman, an older woman I'd say, kinda translucent, not 100% solid kinda, like a projection....she was standing right next to the bed looking down at me, I think she was smiling, nothing nasty from what I could make out. I closed my eyes opened them again and there was nothing there.

Now, I know some might say, ah, you were simply waking from a dream and yes, that might be what it was, I simply don't know. But to be honest I don't often dream about old women smiling at me.........

I don't wanna bore folks with mentioning too many things that have happened so I'll try to keep it as short as possible while conveying all the facts the best I can. Well, lotsa things haven't happened......I've gotten lotsa feelings about places...but very few actual "occurances"...fewer than half a dozen actually.

I'd like to tell another one, sorry if I bore. I went to a Catholic boarding school and hated it, with a passion. I'd consider myself Agnostic today. Anyway, I was bored, wanted to try something, so I bought a book on astral projection and hypnosis...I was 16 at the time. So, I read a little and try it on one or two people and to my surprise it worked or else they were just going alomg with it (but they said nothing happened, when it did....I asked one to stand up and touch his head, pick a spoon off the floor and this kinda stuff..he didn't remember any of it. The other person was my sister, I told her her leg was very heavy and she had difficulty moving it. Well, my mum was arriving home and knew nothing of this so I woke my sister up very fast but forgot to tell her her leg was fine again....and yes, she did kinda limp and complain about it! I was amazed but I never did it any more, I don't know why not.

I had gotten, maybe bored with that, so I decide on a seance at boarding school...a few of us got together behind the schools theatre stage and started....I'm not sure what happened. We were all sitting down,holding hands, it was dark but not so dark that you couldn't see, I remember getting kinda fuzzy, kinda sleepy or something and the next thing (I know this will sound weird) I was above the table looking down at everyone......around the edges of what I could see there where white lights, kinda sparkling...please, I know this will sound insane but all I can do is tell it as it is.

There was a shutter on the stage which was pulled across, the next thing I know I am "floating", by that I mean I couldn't see my body but was in the air...or so it felt, out into the large theatre hall, I remember seeing the windows and it was bright outside which was strange because it was then nightime and dark, I was as high to the ceiling as I could be and drifting out into the hall, it was a very strange but very peaceful sensation.

You know how some people speak of near death experiences and a light, a bright white light? Well, this is what I saw.....not so much saw as felt, it is hard to describe. I remeber thinking "yes!"....and wanting to go forward to it...but it was just then when I wanted to go to it, when I was becoming more aware of it, that I started to drift away from it..I remember a huge sense of dissapointment, I remember wanting to go towards that light, that feeling of light...

Then boom, next thing I know I'm back in the chair behind the stage! I ask what happened and everyone just looks at me, nothing had happened. So, I get up and leave and I'm walking up the corridor when I meet a friend who asks whats wrong, now he didn't know about the seance, I hadn't told him, he wasn't involved...... he just looked at me and said that I was as white as a sheet. I must admit I did feel strange. Lightheaded, maybe kinda tired but giddy at the same time.

I returned to the dormitory and was getting increasingly giddy and excited and energisedand basically. I went to my cubicle (the dorm was divided into cubicles) and I remember feeling extremely strange at this point. I was at this stage laughing aloud I think (you might be thinking one flew over the cukoos nest here but no,not like that)

Then I remember walking around the aisles and going upto people I didn't particularly like and doing what I have just, literally, found out is called "The Evil Eye" aka Devils Horns, aka The Corna, when you make a certain symbol with your hand. I always wondered what that sign was but was too lazy to ever find out until now. I think joining the forum is reawakening lotsa stuff from the past, peaking my interest once again so to speak. I thought the tumb was also extended but just wikied it and that sign is sign language for I love you, so, no I was not walking around the dorms doing that rather the evil eye gesture. It was me but it didn't feel like me. It felt like I couldn't control what I was doing. I didn't even know what I was doing. I was very shy, timid etc but not that night. These were people I would normally avoid but I was going around doing this and laughing is so weird thinking back to that now. Just earlier I had asked if anyone knew what that symbol was because I wanted to tell this experience but didn't exactly know how to explain that part.

I mentioned that story to one or two people before and was told that when I was "out" of my body "something" else could have gotten in? I don't know.

Anyway, it's not over yet, sorry! At that time I was what we called a senior, there were two huge dorms, one for seniors which was cubicled and one for "juniors" which wasn't. Everyone at the seance had been a senior. We didn't really mix or talk to juniors. So, later that night (I found out the next day when I was being threatened with expulsion!) the junior dorm went biserk......all at once a number of juniors woke up screaming and crying and saying that there was something in the dorm trying to get them, some creature or something, I can't rememeber the exact word used.

That was strange. Connected to the seance, on the balance of probability I would say yes. How, I have no idea. I slept fine that night as far as I remember.

Oh, reading this now I am amazed myself, kinda worried what you good folks will think (i.e: is this guy a nutter?!) but really I guess I am writing this perhaps to partly exercise my mind, to let my experiences flow onto, well, not paper but as good as. I just wanna share what happened to me, that is all.

About 6 years ago I kinda bumped into a "witch", she didn't like that term, she called so-called white witches "fluffy bunnies" and that was a rather strange experience too, not too strange, just a little. I'm too tired to write anymore now. I'll try to write more another time.

I have lots to do over the next few days as my wife and I are flying off to Egypt on Friday, we're going to Luxor for 3 and a half weeks........I don't know why, I hate the heat and bright sunlight but thats where we're goin!

Thanks for reading (if you have managed to get this far) I hope I haven't bored you to tears. I guess this forum is just all about sharing experiences....You might think I make this stuff up but I don't, every single thing I have written is true. I feel that I have to say that because sometimes even I wonder if they really happened, but they did.
You know, I had never really thought that what happened when I did the seance could be astral projection, I think you are saying it is, or might be? I had always assumed that it was some external force that caused that, when I guess it could have been self induced. Or I am simply

By the way, aren't cats supposed to "sense" or see the paranormal (ghosts)? Several years ago I was nearly attacked by a cat, it went crazy. I was sitting at a kitchen table in student accommodation (an old Victorian era mansion actually in Co.Kerry, Ireland) There was supposed to be a ghost there but I spent a year there but never really saw or sensed anything......well, sometimes you would feel as if you were being watched. Anyway, I was sitting at the table and the kitchen had a cat flap in the door...suddenly a cat, not the usual cat which I think was the owners, stuck its head through the cat flap...I thought "oh, nice, another cat!" (although I don't really like cats)

God, it went mental, it started hissing at me, it was looking aggresively right at me, then it came fully into the kitchen and almost walked, bounced kinda, over to me, hissing, tail up, savage look on its face...not nice kitty,kitty....I jumped up and hissed back at it and after all as it was only a cat I walked forward to scare it away...but it didn't retreat, it kinda stood rooted, back up by this stage, I thought it would lunge at me. So, I stamp my foot and move forward again, then it backed back a bit, kinda growling and hising all the time....then it shot out the cat flap. I didn't know what to make of it, it didn't make sense for a cat to be so "in your face".

Anyway, about five minutes later it came back and sat outside the cat flap looking at me and hissing away......strange. It went away after a while and it never came back.

A few years later I was trying to give a cat a saucer of milk when it bit me but that was just probably a cat being a cat, must have startled it in some way.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I had met a "witch", shen didn't like the term "witch" but I don't know what other term to use...she didn't like the term wiccan either. She was trying to tell me that in witchcraft there were 2 paths or something, I didn't really understand it all. She had an altar in her home...with differnet effigies on it...some African looking things I think and lots of dragons...I was kinda thinking "ah, ok, here we go...dungeons and dragons!" I have no idea if she was genuine, thought she was genuine or was just plain out of it.

She told me that she saw a "lurker" around me, a negative but she said she had removed it but it might come back. She said I had a lot of protection around me. Ok, but if that was so how come there was a "lurker" as she called it...She also said she had a coven which she led and she taught witchcraft to others too and she cast spells and so on.

She said that when (please remember that this woman might have been not 100%) she looked at me she saw something, she never told me what. she wouldn't tell me, she said it was strong and she didn't know how it had gotten there...she genuinely seemed surprised and excited. She said that when she looked in my eyes she had to look away, she said that she could "read" people but couldn't read me. As I said this might all be BS. She said that if she stared in my eyes she would literally be blinded.... we tried and she had to stop saying she couldn't see, literally.
I have always been told I have nice eyes, some people think it's unusual because I have 2 colours in one eye, my grandmother had the same.

A friend of hers called, also a "witch" and when her friend had left she told me her friend couldn't read me either and couldn't, didn't want to look at me? That when she did she felt her eyes burning. Now I find this really weird. But her friend did talk to me but I remeber did avoid looking directly at me.

That friend of hers was kinda weird though, she told me that she (her friend) had an inverted pentagram, or maybe just a pentagram, I can't really remember, on the floor under her bed and she used to sleep with lots of guys on that bed specifically (not with me I hasten to add!) And that this used to do something to the guys and that she used curse them or something. She said she'd warned her friend not to do that and on more than one occasion had to lift curses or spells that this other "witch" had put on guys? But I thought I read somewhere that a spell or curse can only be lifted by the person who put it on in the first place. Well, I know next to nothing about witchcraft but have always been interested. As I said this might all be rubbish.

But funnily, she knew someone who I used to work with. He had come to her for readings or something. I used to work for a telesales company and she said that there was something very strange about the company I used work for. But thats ok, I didn't like it there anyway, I was (after being told that they had "had high hopes for me and were dissapointed")....hmmmm,ok! Like I haven't heard that

I know I keep saying it but if I bore anyone I apologise, feel free to consider me crazy and stop reading at any time!

While I'm writing I might as well share another experience. In 1996 I was living in Co.Donegal for a few months, this was in the same county where 2 years earlier I had stayed in an old mill and strange things had happened. This time I was in a differnet town (I moved a lot up until I married) So, one day I was hitching (it was a rural area and quite safe and quite normal too) from a town called Enniskillen in northern Ireland back to Ballyshannon, a small town, in the Republic of Ireland (I lived very close to the border) A car stopped and the woman said she was going about half way to Ballyshannon, her young son was in the back, so I jumped in and away we go. We're chatting away as you do, she was German but living in Ireland.

So, we reach her house in the middle of the country and she asks if I would like to come inside for a cool drink (yes, I know it sounds like a pickup It was the middle of summer and quite hot. I sw sure, thanks. I'm walking to her front door when I stop and kinda lower my head and peer in, she has already gone inside and beckons me in, I hesitate and don't reply. She sees this and says she can bring the drink out if I prefer and I say yep, thats fine. I just got a strange feeling about the place and didn't want to go inside. I have my drink say bye and thats that, start hitching and get a lift home.

A few days later I am again hitching from Enniskillen to Ballyshannon (Enniskillen was the largest town in the area and I used to go there sometimes) A man stops and gives me a lift. We're driving along and suddenly he starts having trouble with his car, his engine. The car starts to stall and eventually comes to a halt...where....right outside the house, and I mean right outside, that I didn't wanna go into! Now that kinda freaked me out a little.

I told the guy that I had gotten a lift from the woman who lived in that house before and maybe she could help or he could call a tow truck or get water for his engine or whatever. I get out and start hitching again, he walks over to the house, knocks on the front door and that woman opens, she looks right over to me and smiles and waves, totally unsurprised to see me! That was strange.

What happened? Did she make the car stop there, did I make the car stop there, did some entity in the house make the it stop or did the car...simply run out of gas or whatever and stop right there, although that seems like too much of a coincidence.

I'm up early this morning and full of energy, I have along day ahead, 2 essays have to be submitted for my Criminology degree by Friday (don't ask what Criminology is about...I barely know) Have lotsa shopping to do for our holiday to Egypt. Talking about Egypt, there is one absolutely beautiful site I want to see there, it is the Temple of Hatshepsut, when I saw the photos of it I thought it was beautiful, I didn't know what it was. A few days ago I found out it is actually a mortuary temple. Oh well.

Actually, I had booked a holiday to Luxor this time last year, was going alone, everything was paid for, flights, hotel...phoned a cab to take me to the train station to get my train for Dublin and before the cab arrived I had changed my mind and cancelled the whole holiday! Not sure why I did but I did. Definetly going this time though.

I read it can get upto 65 celcius aroung the ancient monuments area and upto 50 celcius in Luxor itself...not really looking forward to that bit. Too hot!!! But theres a pool on the hotels roof which should be nice and we can get a nice tan, or burn like crispy bacon!

I am not a fan of hot weather and bright sunlight....I love grey, overcast, dark days, some drizzle or light rain and some fog thrown in for good measure! Weird, I know!