Ghost Stories

Who Are You?

When I was 17 I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and living in a apartment with my guardian/caregiver. On several occasions, we had used the Ouija board to contact different spirits from family members to spirits that where unknown to us. Over the years I had destroyed many Ouija Boards for having Evil Energy. One particular night Terry said we should use the Ouija but then realized that I had destroyed the one we had a few weeks back and at that time could not be bothered to get a new one. I had doors opening and closing and locking themselves. Toilets flushing lights going off and on as well as the stereo and tv. I did not mind these things as I was quite used to this behavior by now. During the last week one thing really did catch my attention though and that was my two cats seem to be overly curious and overly on edge all the time. Bandit as I watched him seemed to be chasing something down the hall and into the bathroom. after about 2-3 mins he did not come out so I went in to look for him and there he was drown in the tub. I screamed for Terry and he came running I said what the heck did you fill the tub up for and leave it..... I was a mess let me tell you, Terry picked up Bandit and gave him nose to mouth breathing and brought Bandit back to life. Then Terry said to me that he had not filled up the tub at all. Things remained to get stranger over the next week. Terry had a bird well actually it was his daughters bird that he was watching and both him and I watched that bird be let out of his cage by an unknown and then the bird seemed to be perched on a hand or arm (guessing by how it was sitting) and the bird and whatever released it went right through the window.

I am really getting nervous by this time it's like there are two entities in the apartment one that Loves animals and one that Hates them. Well, to continue, now rather than buy a Ouija we decided to make one I proceeded to make up the board and set it all up on the coffee table I made it out of plain white paper and used pencil for the lettering and numbers and such. for a Planchette we used a Thick, Thick glass ashtray. Things went quite well at the beginning we had some very small children playing with us and telling us stories it was very nice to experience that innocence after having really bad times for so long. Then we had a spirit telling us that he was Terry's brother who had passed away from sids at the odd age of 8 I believe it was. Terry was asking questions extremely general ones like what was your full name and when were you born and the answers were never clear and always made into another question in ways that were tricking Terry into answering them without really answering them if that makes any sense. After about 45 mins of this I became agitated for no particular reason but bluntly told this spirit to leave, all you could hear was laughter...... wicked wicked...... laughter. I looked at Terry and said "lets say goodbye now to everyone" we both said goodbye.

The homemade planchette started to spell out something so we watched. BURN THE BOARD IT IS EVIL is what we read. Immediately I grabbed all the paper and crumpled it up and put it into the ashtray and lit it on fire. within 10 seconds that ashtray blew up as if a bomb was in it. I was not as impressed as Terry or bothered shall I say. He took another ashtray exactly the same and put it on the burner of the stove on high. It took over 5 mins for that ashtray to blow up???? Weird.

Things continued in the same fashion over the next year that I lived there the only addition to all the other strange things that were occurring was the voice of a child I believe that kept asking who I was and what I was doing there. I made several attempts to find out the history of that apartment but for obvious reasons I believe no one wanted to talk about it.