Ghost Stories

Who or what is in our house Part 2

Hello everybody, well I'm back with a couple new stories from my parents farm house. As I stated before, I don't get home to my parents place much anymore, but in the past month I have been home twice and stuff has happened both times. The first time I went back, my fiancee and I took a trip to watch my oldest nephew play in a hockey tournament the last weekend in March. To save on hotel costs, my girlfriend, my nephews, my mom and I decided we would stay at the farm and drive to Saskatoon for my nephew's games. Well, the first night nothing happened, but the second night, I happened to be upstairs in the "big" bedroom alone changing when all of a sudden I heard this "strumming" noise. My mom has an old antique set of bed springs leaning against the wall and that is where it was coming from. It sounded just like someone...or something was lightly running their fingers across the springs in a steady continuing pattern just loud enough to catch my attention. I went over to check it out and the noise kept continuing even though I was right there. I felt the wall for any type of vibrations and there were none. I yelled down the stairs to see if anyone was running around (although I would have heard it) and the boys were all watching tv and my mom and girlfriend were chatting at the kitchen table. This continued for about a minute, than I heard one of my nephews call my name and come up the stairs. As soon as I heard his steps coming up, the noise quit just as soon as it had started. I kept this to myself but told the girlfriend on the way home and she said that same night shortly after I changed and came down she decided to go to bed. As she was preparing she told she was looking out the window and she felt as if someone was standing right behind her. She got kinda freaked out as she could see nobody behind her from the reflection in the window, but she swears to God that something was right behind her. She said it didn't feel threatening, but it just scared her. So, thats what happened that weekend.

I also went home for Easter this year (I went alone) and although I spent most of the time partying with my friends, I did spend a couple nights at the farm. I found this mini voice recorder my mom has and a flashback from The 6th Sense hit me and I thought what would happen if I threw in a blank tape and let it record in the bedroom upstairs. So I did that, and when I played it back, I actually didn't believe I would hear anything...but I was wrong. About 10 minutes into the tape, you can hear a person whisper "Out the window" and a tinkle of glass breaking. I listened to it over and over again and right at the start the voice says something that is muffled, but it KIND OF sounds like "I fell". Put it all together and if I'm right, the voice says "I fell out the window" with the evident sound of breaking glass. Whether it was male or female voice I don't know as it was a whisper-however if you have read my first part to this from September (for those who haven't you'll have to do some digging through the 30-odd pages of ghost stories) you may recall I used a homemade Ouiji Board a few months back and I was told there were 4 female spirits in the house, but I think I may have been lied to *big surprise from a Ouiji Board;)*. Then right at the end of the tape, with about 10 seconds to go, there is a very very loud echoing banging noise which gradually makes it way to the sound of a heartbeat, there is no mistaking what that sound is. Again, my mom and I were the only ones home, she was doing a crossword puzzle at the table and I was watching an NHL playoff game on the tube. There is no way that this recorder could pick up any conversation through walls or from that distance, so I was shocked to hear what was on the tape (and my mom was as well). I put in the other blank side of the tape and let that one record again later in the night at about 10 pm, and again I got several voices on the tape. There is another voice that distinctly says "Out the window", and the reason why I believe I was lied to from the O.B. was that this was DEFINITLY a man's voice. I can also hear a child saying "Mommy" several times, and another banging noise that I could not put my finger on but was also coming from that room. I told my mom that I was gonna sit up in the room and ask questions with the tape recorder to see if I could get answers, but I decided not to as I did not want to anger them in any way and my mom is there alone about 80% of the time while my dad is away working, but that is on the agenda for next trip home though. After I played the tape for my mom, she told me about this journal she keeps of all the stuff that happens in the house now. She went on to tell me that she was in her bedroom preparing for bed and she heard a little girl giggle in the living room, how a little wine glass sitting on top of the fridge (and it sits about 6-8 inches from any corner) fell off all by itself but didn't break, and how she was sitting alone at the table one evening and small footsteps went running by her from the porch, through the kitchen and into the livingroom. The weird thing is is that I noticed most of the stuff she has recorded happens around the 14th-16th of each month. Also before I left, this happened on my last night I spent before leaving. I fell asleep on the couch with the light and TV on in the livingroom. A cartoon woke me up around 4 am, and I shut both the tv and light off. As soon as I layed back down I heard a female voice talking from upstairs. I know it wasn't mom talking in her sleep because my parents bedroom is on the main floor just off to the right of the livingroom. This voice kept on for about 2-3 minutes but I was unable to hear exactly what was being said Then there were footsteps on the floor coming directly above me, which is the bedroom where I recorded the voices. I kinda got creeped out and prayed to God to tell them to be quiet so I could sleep, and suddenly there was no more noise and I drifted off. The morning I left, I did one final sweep of the house to make sure I had all my stuff, and that meant I had to check the upstairs bedroom. I remember the night before when I was up there putting the recorder in the room I seen a pair of my jeans and a t-shirt in a pile on the floor and I figured I'd grab them in the morning before I left. Well needless to say when I went up there, they weren't on the floor anymore. They were layed out neatly on the one bed that's up there as if they were put out for me to wear. Mom wouldn't do that as she would just bring them down and put them in my suitcase, and she wasn't up there to begin with. That totally sent shivers down my spine, and I muttered a thank-you and went to head back down after I gathered them up when something caught my eye. I noticed that a corner of the iron headboard of the bed that my clothes were on (which happened to be my old bed growing up) rested partly against a wood table up there. An idea came to me of what that banging noise could have been, so I sat down on the bed and rocked my body up and down and the noise I got was what I had heard on the tape the night before but couldn't figure out what it could be. That noise was exaclt the noise that would be made if someone was jumping on the bed (a child???). Again, I got shivers and said aloud that next time I was home I was gonna ask some questions with the voice recorder and that I hope you all will co-operate and answer them for me.
And that's what happened this time around.
Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, please post them.
Talk to ya later