Ghost Stories

who...or what is in our house?

My parents bought this old farm house when I was 12 and moved it to our farm where they still reside today (I am now 23). The house had to be well over 70 years old when we got it. Growing up in that house has brought several creepy occurences, and these happened not only at night, but during the day. At first, there were these noises like something heavy was being moved across the floors in one of the bedrooms upstairs, or like someone was stomping on the floor. There were other noises as well that sounded like a child was bouncing a rubber ball down the stairs, and the footsteps that walked slowly both up and down the stairs. For the longest time we never heard any voices or seen anything, but that all changed when my one sister came home from the University of Saskatchewan for a visit when I was about 13. I was in my room across the hall from where she was upstairs. We both had our doors open, and I had my lamp on reading a book, I would say it was about 11:00 at night. She asked me to turn it off so she could go to sleep, and that's when I heard the voice for the first time. It was a girls voice, I'd say about 17-20 yrs old and it came from beside my closet door. This voice said "Yeah Sheldon, turn off your light, hee hee hee" I snapped my light back on, asked my sister if she heard that, and she asked me what the hell I was talking about, so I asked her if she told me to turn my light off agian. She replied "Why would I do that when you already did?" Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night. When you were upstairs by yourself in that house, you did not feel alone, and you still don't. I could always feel these eyes watching me, but when you turned around, there of course was nothing there. I knew whatever was there with me wasn't going to try and harm me or my family.

Another time when I was about 16, my mom and dad were gone to work. It was a Saturday, and I was at home alone. I was watching a movie and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to this creaking noise right beside my head. I looked up, and the rocking chair was swaying back and forth all on it's own, and the t.v. was turned off. I know I fell asleep with it on, and there were no open windows or drafts to cause the chairs movement. After I stared at it for a few moments, it quit. Yup, that old house still freaks me out to this day, and of all the numerous times we've heard things, or had doors close, nothing compares to my last story I am going to share with all you avid ghost story lovers.

When I was 16, I had this dream I was sitting on my bedroom floor talking with a girl guessed it... somewhere between the ages of 17-20 years old. I couldn't see her face, but I remember that she had the prettiest blue eyes, long wavy brown hair and she had a silver dress on. The only part of the conversation I remember having with her was that I asked who she was, this girl told me that she used to live here a long time ago and this used to be her bedroom. I then remember asking her what she was doing here, and her reply was that "well, something terrible happened to me here". That's when I woke up. I never told many people about that dream, 'cause I thought they'd think I was going bananas. Anyways, the story gets a little freakier here. We'll fast forward to June 1999. My Grandfather (whom I was close to) passed away suddenly the previous month, and at the time I was spending my summer in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. One night when I was at home alone (my room mates were working) in Lethbridge exactly one month to the day after my Grandpa passed on, I was up watching t.v. The time was about 12:15 a.m. when all of a sudden I heard this loud ticking noise from the wall. I looked over at the clock and the seconds ticker was moving, no big deal right? what if I was to say that the battery in that clock had been dead and not replaced since I moved in? The clock ticked on it's own for a full 30 seconds or more and quit. The next morning I phoned my oldest sister, in which I am very close to and said to her "I had something strange happen in here last night and I need to know something, at about what time did Grandpa die?" Her response floored me. She said that "Well, by the time they tried to recesitate him and bring him back, he was officially declared dead at about a quarter past midnight." I damn near fell off the chair I was sitting on. I told her what had happened, and then we got to chatting about the farm house and all the creepy stuff that's happened over the years. I told her about the dream I had, but before I could describe the girl's eyes, hair, and dress, she asked me the most shocking thing in my life, "Did she happen to have very pretty blue eyes, long brown hair and some sort of silver dress on?" I assumed that I told her this before, and asked if I did, she said "No, I seen her once in hallway upstairs when we were visiting once.". She went on to say that she had woken up at about 5 a.m. to go downstairs to the bathroom, and in the doorway was a young lady peering at her and her husband as they were sleeping. When my sister made eye contact with her, this girl smiled, waved and disappeared.

Anyways, the noises and bumps in the night went away for about two years. My parents moved to another house not far away. They didn't like it so last summer they returned to the farm house. Not long after they returned, the hauntings returned. Mom, unfortunately has to put up with it by herself as my dad works out of province alot, and since I am the youngest have stayed in Alberta. She recently told me that one night as she prepared for bed, she went to make sure the door was locked and everything was off. When she returned to their bedroom the lamp was on by their bed. She is positive she never even touched it that evening. A couple nights later, and for the first time, she heard footsteps coming from the basement (they usually came from upstairs), reach the top of the stairs, the door open and close and the steps come towards her bedroom. They stopped at the entrance, and mom, being paralyzed with fear couldn't move or even open her eyes to see what was there, but she swears to God that this happened. I wonder what will happen next time I come home for a visit?
Hi everybody, how are you all doing? First of all, I would like to thank all those for sharing their input in regards to my story. I also said that I would keep everybody posted as events happened, well listen (I guess read) to this...

This past Saturday night (Oct. 19/02) my girlfriend and I went to the neighbours place for a few drinks with them and another couple after I got home from playing hockey (like a typical Canadian boy-haha). Well, around 1 am, Brent decided to make a homemade Ouija board (up until then I had never used one before). He drew all the symbols and whatnot and told us that it was supposed to work if you used a ring, in which he went and got. We turned down the lights, and lit a candle when I got an idea in my head, and got Brent to ask it a question. My question was "Is the spirit of the girl in our farmhouse here tonight?", now Brent, Troy and I gently put our fingertips on the ring, and right away the ring went over to "Yes". I asked if she was the one with long brown hair and pretty blue eyes, the ring stayed on yes. I asked next if it was ok to ask her age, again the ring stayed in it's place at yes. So I asked her how old she was, her answer damn near brought me to tears, the ring slowly made it's way to "9". I asked her if she was only 9 and the ring went back up to "yes". The next bit of this post, I am going to script it in regards to the questions and answers. This is also going to be a long post (although I am leaving some of the conversation out) so I hope you have your reading glasses with you. I also was not intoxicated in any way at that time this all happened. I also communicated with her very caringly and softly, as I am very concerned about her and want her to be happy.

F: What year did you pass away?
O: "1971"

F: What month were you born in?
O: "8"

F: Does 8 stand for August
O: "yes"

F: Do you wear the silver dress?
O: "yes"

F: Was the silver dress your favourite one to wear
O: "No"

F: Is that the one that you were buried in though?
O: "yes"

F: What color was your favourite dress?
O: "Red"

F: What year was the farm house built
O: "1915"

F: Are you with your mom and dad in the house
O: "No"

F: What year did your mom and dad move away?
O: "1-9-7-1"

F: Did they move away shortly after this happened?
O: "yes"

F: Are you with any brothers and sisters
O: "No"

F: Are there other spirits in the house besides you
O: "Yes"

F: How many of them are there with you counting you?
O: "4"

F: Are there any males?
O: "no"

F: Can I ask the ages of the other girls in the house with you?
O: "yes"

F: ok, how old are they?
O: "17-15-10"

F: What year did they pass away in?
O: "1959"
(this next few questions freaked me out, so this is the last set I asked about the three other girls)

F: Did they die together?
O: "yes"

F: Was it an accident?
O: "No"

F: Where did this happen near?
O: "M-e-l-f-o-r-t" (my home town)

F: On a farm?
O: "yes"

F: Is this documented in newspapers?
O: "yes"

F: The Melfort Journal?
O: "no"

F: The Saskatoon Star Phoenix?
O; "yes"

(at this point I am just stunned, so I asked her questions that pertained to me)

F: Now in the house, we have heard footsteps going up and down the stairs, are they your footsteps?
O: "yes"

F: Another time I remember I was sleeping and I was cold because I had kicked my blanket off in my sleep. Was that you that put the blanket back on top of me and I heard you walk out my door and go downstairs?

F: Why did you do that? (Prepare to get goosebumps, this is what she spelled out to me)
O: I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U

F: You love me?
O: "yes"

F: Another time I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up to see the chair rocking back and forth beside me, was that you in the chair beside me?
O: "yes"

F: When I was about 14, my sister was home from University, and she asked me to turn my light off, as soon as I did, I heard a voice that said "Yeah Sheldon, turn off your light-heehee"-was that you that said that to me?
O: "yes"

F: Were you by my closet?

(I decided to ask her questions that the other guys didn't know the answers to)

F: What year did I graduate highschool
O: "1-9-9-6"

F: Did you go to my graduation?
O: "yes"

F: Were you sitting with my mom and dad?
O: "yes"

F: Now I did something at my graduation that I shouldn't have, what did I do?

F: That's right I fell asleep, did you think that was funny?
O: "yes"

F: Did you laugh?
O: "yes"

F: What's my favourite sport?
O: "b-a-s-e-b-a-l-l"

F: Who is my best friend back home? (His real name of course is Michael, but I have never ever called him that, just Mike)
O: "M-i-k-e"

F: That's right, it is Mike, do you mean D****n?
O: "yes"

F: Are you there to protect me?
O: "no"

F: But you are there watching over me, right?
O: "yes"

F: Can I ask why?
O: "I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U"

F: How old was I when I moved into the house?
O: "1-2"

F: That's right I was 12, was that the first time you saw me?
O: "no" (this shocked me)

F: How old was I when you first saw me?
O: "4"

F: I was only four years old when you first saw me?
O: "yes"

F: Where was I living when you saw me?
O: "E"

F: Does the E stand for Ethelton?
O: "yes" (I am in absolute amazement by this time, and couldn't figure it out how she saw me when I was 4 when i moved into that house when I was 12)

F: The time I almost rolled my truck, there was someone with me, can you give me the initiials of that person?
O: "yes"..."s-t"

F: Does that stand for Shawn T****r?
O: "yes"

F: Were you with me that night?
O: "no"

F: But somebody else was to make sure I didn't roll my truck?
O: "yes"

F: Do you miss me now that I don't live on the farm anymore?
O: "yes" (I am now bewildered)

F: So you must be very happy when I come home to visit then?
O: "yes"

F: I think you are a sweetheart and I feel very bad that you are stuck here, do you know that?
O: "yes"

(Just to let you know, Troy and Brent wanted me to ask her if they could ask her questions, so I asked if it was ok, and she said "no", I even asked if it was ok if I asked the questions for them, and she still said "no", I asked her if she only wanted to talk to me, and she said "yes". I asked her if I was asking to many questions, she said "no", and then if she was happy to talk with me again, and she said yes. This suddenly sparked some more questions I had...let's continue)

F: The time I remember sitting on my floor talking with you, I thought I was dreaming, ws I reall talking to you or was it a dream?
O: "t-a-l-k"

F: You mean I was physically talking to you then?
O: "yes"

F: But I woke up in my bed when you were about to tell me you're name, were you really going to tell me you're name?
O: "yes"

F: But something woke me up, what was it?
O: "a-c"

F: Does ac stand for alarm clock?
O: "yes"

F: Do you understand that I believe it isn't fair of me to ask you your name or how you died through this means and I am not going to do that to you?
O: "yes"

F: But it's ok if I research through newspapers and whatever else I can find?
O: "yes"

F: Did I see you looking at me one day when I came home from school from a window?
O: "yes"

F: Which window was it?
O: "t-d"

F: Do you mean the one above the deck (which is my upstairs bedroom)
O: "yes"

F: Do you watch over my mom and dad as well?
O: "yes"

F: Is there anyone here you don't want to touch the ring?
O: "yes"

F: Who is it?
O: "S-t-a-n-l-e-y"

Troy looked up in amazement, and he said "that's me, my real name is Stanley, my middle name is Troy" (previously, Troy had been saying how he didn't quite believe in this before we started) So I asked her if it was because Troy didn't believe in it and she said "yes" So Troy took his finger off. Troy askes me to ask her if it was ok if he asked just one question, she said "yes", so he asked "why do you only want Sheldon to ask the questions?" Her answer: "I-L-O-V-E-H-I-M" (At this point, I am just overcome with sadness for this young girl, but I still wanted to ask her some questions about me and stuff)

F: Who is my favourite hockey player?
O: (I don't remember what the order of the words were, but it wasn't making any sense, but I do remember near the end "B-U-R-W"

F: I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are trying to spell, are you sure you know who it is?
O: "yes"

F: Are you trying to spell Pavel Bure? (he is my favourite player)
O: "yes"

Suddenly Brent looked at me and said "ask her if she is spelling it in Russian." So I asked her if she was spelling it in Russian, and her answer..."yes"

F: Are you Russian?
O: "no"

F: Were the original builders of the farm house Russians?
O: "yes"

F: One of my sisters says she saw you one morning in the hallway upstairs, was that Vivian?
O: "no"

F: That's right it wasn't Vivian, do you know her name?
O: "yes"

F: Can you spell it?
O: "yes"..."J-o-s"

F: You are spelling Josephine aren't you?
O: "yes"

Being that she's 9, we asked her a couple of for fun questions.

F: Do you like Troy?
O: "yes"

F: Do you like Brent?
O: "yes"

I asked then if it was ok for them to ask questions, this time she said yes.

B: Do you like my haircut?
O: "no"

B: Do you like Sheldon's haircut?
O: "yes"

B Do you like Troy's haircut?
O: "yes"

B: Do you like Sheldon with his hat on or off? (I always have a hat on except at work)
O: "o-f-f"

They asked her a few questions about previous pets, in which she didn't know the answers about some, Brent asked who had buried his one dog, and she said "d-a-d", Brent said no, it wasn't my dad, are you guessing because you don't know? "yes"

I asked her if it was ok to let her go now and she was ok with that. I asked her if she wanted to communicate with me again, and she again said yes. Our last question for her, "What do you want us to do with this paper?" She replied "b-u-r-n", so we said goodbye and I told her I would chat with her again. We then burned our little homemande Ouija board in the sink and washed the ashes away. I am so happy I was able to communicate with this young girl her, but am so sad for her that she died at such a young age. My heart goes out to her and I realise more than ever I have to find out who she is and what happened to her (as well with the other 3) so I can help her pass this plane. Sorry for such a lengthy post and thanks for reading it, but I just had to share this experience with everyone.