Ghost Stories

Why are they targeting me?

Hi there guys. I just came across your web site at school today while searching up, "ghosts" on google and I was hoping that you could help me out. Me and my family of 6 have been living in this house just about all of my life. The house was built by my grandparent and only owned by them and us. Well one night when I was around 8 years of age I was sleeping in my Mom and Dads room, I had set up a little bed in there corner so that I could watch a movie with them. Well I dosed off, as I was sleeping I had a horrible nightmare that my mom was brutally murdered right in front of me while I was being given a bath (again I was 8 lol Don't think a 17 year old would let his mom give him a bath[8)]). Well right after she was killed in my dream I woke up, and boy do I mean woke up. I was wide-awake in an instant and covered in sweat. My heart was pounding and I was breathing like I just ran a 5-mile marathon. The room was dark because my parents had gone to bed. I looked around and quickly turned to my mom to see if she was really ok. To my horror when I looked at her side of the bed there was a very dark shade like figure standing by her just kind of looking at her. After about 4 seconds of looking at this, "thing" it turned its head and look right at me and proceeded to walk towards me. I ducked under my covers, while under my covers I felt externally cold. After around 3 minutes the cold went away and I remained under my covers and went back to sleep.

That was my first and probably most disturbing encounter in our house. After this incident I did not see, hear, or feel anything more of the paranormal. When I was around the age of 10 or 11 another happening occurred. I was lying in my bed when something caught my eye by my bed. I turned over to see several orbs floating about in a close formation. I rubbed my eyes thinking I was just seeing spots but the orbs did not go away. I was not really scared so much as I was thinking, "ummmm...okay." A minute o so later the orbs began to disappear.

That was my second encounter with things of the supernatural. Again a couple more years went by before creepier things began to take place. When I turned 13 my sister got to have her room moved upstairs so I could have her old room to make room for my new baby brother (the sixth addition to the family). My sister had complained at a younger age of strange things happening in her room. These things where as follow:

People talking
People outside her window
Moving object
Sounds that seemed to come out of nowhere

I did not think much of it as I was more exited to have a bigger nicer room than scared. Well not to long after I moved into the room did odd things begin to happen. They started out as small things that normally would not draw to much attention. These things were things like the sound of some plastic bags I left on my floor crinkling when nothing touched them. It was a bit creepy but I just thought it was the drift moving them a little. Then more things began to happen. While lying in bed it would begin to shake or vibrate while I was lying completely still. The bed shaking would often scare me and I would end up darting out of my room. Soon the sounds became more frequent and my bed would vibrate much more. This scared me to the point where I just ended up sleeping in our living room. Soon I would only go into my room to get away from my family or watch movies occasionally if I was really tired I would sleep in there as well. One night while sleeping in the room I woke up with a violent nose bleed, something that I did not get often. I thought nothing of the nosebleed and figures I bumped my face against the wall while sleeping. A few days later while in my room watching a movie and laying on my bed I heard this scraping sound. I looked over and say that the cord to my lamp that was next to me was shaking hard and violent like someone was holding onto it and just thrusting it about. This really scared me and I darted out of my room.

After the lamp cored I did not sleep in my room any more and would only go in for things like cloths. The one night while I was sleeping in my brothers bedroom after watching T.V with them I woke up at around 5:00 A.M to the apparition of a young boy who looked like he was no older than 8 and judging by the cloths he was wearing from the time period of around the 30's. When the boy saw me wake up we both looked into each other's eyes. His were cold and dark and did not have any life to them at all. After that brief 2 seconds of looking at each other he appeared alarmed like he did not expect me to wake up and he ran through the wall never to be seen by me again.

Then a few months later I found out that we were going to be moving away because my dad had found better work. I was so happy that we were getting out of that house. Before we moved some odd things began to happen. One was that my alarm clock would start going on and off by it's self even when I turned it off. The only way to make it stop was to unplug it. Then within the last few weeks before we moved it would feel like something was touching me while I was trying to sleep. It felt like something was touching my legs, and torso gently and stroking my hair. By this time it had gone too far but lucky for me the move day was a couple days away.

After we moved no more happening occurred which was good because I now knew the spirits were not following me or my family and were somehow tied down to the house.

Well now we have moved back to the house as planed (we just moved for 2 or so years until my dads new Co. mad a branch back in Seattle.) now I feel uneasy in the house still. It's almost like when I am downstairs something is following and watching me. The good thing is that I no longer have that one bedroom and am in my brothers old one. The bedroom where most of the happening occurred is now our Den. Well now when ever I sleep downstairs I have really bad dreams very similar to that of the one I had of my mom being killed. All of the bad dreams are of family members being murdered in front of me and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

Would anyone know why this is happening and why it seems to be targeting me?