Ghost Stories

Will He Move on?

Hey everyone, being that I'm new here I figured I would start out by sharing a story with you all.

On the evening of February 4th 2008, I had a strange feeling of uncertainty come over me, I felt unusual the entire evening, and ended up going to bed determining I was just having one of my days. The next morning I awoke to police and ambulance sirens outside of my window, I thought nothing of it and simply rolled over and went back to sleep. It was a rainy morning so it was custom for me to sleep in. About an hour or so later my dogs started barking, which lead to them waking me up. I looked out my front door window and the Medical Examiner was two doors down. My husband, already awake told me they arrived about 15 minutes ago. Being somewhat nosy I opened the door to see which house they where going into and I saw a police officer, my friend Nick (neighbor) and his mother standing on the front porch talking. Immediately I knew that the person who died had to be my friend John or Antoinette. I'm not sure why I made this assumption; maybe it was because they went to hang out over there so often, or maybe I didn't think of all the other possibilities. I went back inside and every few minutes I would look outside to see if the police had left, and the last time I looked outside I saw them bring out someone's body on a gurney covered by a blue blanket. I immediately picked up the phone and called my friend Sophia who is Antoinette's sister to find out if Antoinette was okay. Antoinette was fine, so I assumed that John was okay as well.

Later on in the day my Husband and I walked up the street to a local Restaurant to have some dinner. As we walked up the street I ended up bumping into my friend Sophia on her way home from work. I asked her "Did you find out what happened at Nick's house today" She looked at me and said "That was Harfield, (John) he overdosed". I had no immediate reaction. I walked in to the restaurant and told my husband the news; he was sympathetic and kept telling me how sorry he was, and asking if I wanted to go home. I just sat there in the booth with a blank stare. I couldn't make sense of anything that day. John and I went way back. We met when we where in 7th grade. He was my first boyfriend, as well as my first kiss. We eventually did break up, but still had an unspoken commitment to one another; things stayed the same until I met my husband Mike. Even after we remained friends.

After the funeral, I kept thinking about the fact that I saw him being pulled out of that house, and that I didn't even know it was him until a few hours later. Maybe it was best that I did not know; maybe if I knew who it was I would have reacted in a different way.

The following months were extremely difficult, and I seldom felt his presence around me. In August of 2008 I woke up at about 7 o'clock in the morning and began to get ready for work, as I was doing my makeup I heard a voice say "You don't need it" thinking it was Mike, I continued applying my makeup and replied "Yes I do, go back to bed". It was only two seconds after that I remembered that Mike was up an hour earlier, and had already left for work. I looked down the hallway and called Mikes name (thinking maybe he came home for something) of course there was no reply. On several other occasions I'll be sitting down watching TV and I'll see a shadow out of the corner of my eye walk right passed me. I honestly don't mind that he is here, but I hope that he does move on. I want to help my friend.
Unfortunately on September 1st 2008, my friend of 6 years Antoinette passed away from the same causes. I still have yet to hear from her.

Thanks for letting me share my story I hope you enjoyed it.