Ghost Stories

Willow Creek Manor

I'm new to this so please be patient with me :) I came to this site by accident but I have read the stories and some are really good :) But I have a story to tell that I hope will creep you out as much as it did me.

When I was little we lived in this old house it was my mom's dream to live in one of those old southern style houses ...well her dream came true (so she thought). Well all was good for the first month, then things started to happen nothing major at first. She would put her keys here and they would be found there. I always was scared of my mom's room I'm not sure why when most kids find comfort in momma and daddy's bed when they have a bad dream...not me. I would have rather slept in the graveyard. My mom and my sister and I use to have these lil slumber parties before we mom decided it was time us girls had one in the new house...not a good idea. I'm going to jump ahead a little bit to somewhere in the the night. I think I was the first one to hear it but thinking back I'm not sure...

I was sound asleep and and I heard a scratching noise. Hmmmm a mouse is all that is...I thought. Then I hear a small voice say something like" get me"? I nudged my sis telling her to shut up that she was talking. Then while I was looking at her I heard it again...and her mouth was not moving! Boy I was kind of scared then...but what was I hearing? Get me? How odd. Then IN clear voice that seemed to be beside my head it said...GET OUT !I jumped up and so did my mom and sis.

They had heard it too. The whole room had this scent to it too...hard to explain...this sweet flowery scent. Jasmine! That was the scent. Weird how that was in my mother's room because she hated the scent and would have never bought it. Well as time went on things would disappear never to be seen again...we heard that voice but we tried to ignore it, scary as it was. Well one day when I came home from school I walked in the kitchen and my mom was standing at the sink with her back to me. I said, "hey mom what ya doing and do you smell flowers?" She didn't respond, I walked up to her and tapped her shoulder she turned around but this lady was not my mother.

She had cole black eyes and this horrible smirk. It was pure evil...I was scared to death... how did this woman get in my house? And where was my mother? She opened her mouth to speak and it was as black as her eyes her tongue looked like a long black snake slithering as she spoke and this is what she told me "child I am here to tell you and your family to leave or else "I was in shock she was the lady telling us to get out now. Her voice was like nails on a chalk board...and in her black eyes I swear you could see a flickering flame. I was scared, I wanted to run but yet I was wanting to ask her what she was doing in MY house. If evil could take form this was it. She opended her mouth once more and her eyes lit up...GET OUT...GET OUT NOW I'M NOT GOING TO WARN YOU AGAIN!

Then just like that she was legs like jello.

I stood there crying trying to put all this together in my head. My mother came through the door and looked at me like I was crazy...I had told her what had happended. She had been at the court house looking at town records about the house we was living in. Apparently in 1889 the woman that lived in this house was into many outer worldly things...she kept to herself but when a few people went missing they pointed fingers at her, and hung her from the oak out back, but before the horse was slapped out from under her she said to the towns folk " hear me and heed my warning those of you standing befor me today will suffer greatly, this house and this land will be here long after you are gone beware that if you step on this land you will be punished, I will come myself to make sure. Sitting at the table after mom told me the story about her...she looked at me with fear in her eyes.