Ghost Stories

Worshiping Stones In Gilmer Texas

Hello all,

Well, this is kinda long so bare with me. I live in a town called Longview Texas. It is 15 minutes away from Gilmer Texas, to where this story takes place. This is true events, and I will never go back there again. Though I would love to go and take pictures of the stones. Well, one night I was out in Gilmer, oh gosh it was about three years ago. Not sure of the exact date, but it was in July because when the sun went down it was still 70 degrees outside. Well, I had gone over to my friend Cody's house, which he has a roommate named Gary. We had been on this kick of wanting to find places to go ghost hunting. Well, Cody had three other friends over whom I had never meet before. They were all guys, and I was the only girl. Well, I over heard one of them telling Cody that we all should go to the worshiping stones. Now just to give you a little bit of back ground about Gilmer. Gilmer is a backwoods community. You have farms, and woods and that's it. Well, the worshiping stones are on a backwoods country road with nothing but a winding street, and woods to get you there. I would not be able to take you there unless one of the guys I was with were in the car with me. Well, it is rumored that Gilmer is full of Devil worshippers. That has always been the talk in Longview, that's what I grew up hearing. Now I am not for sure on that, and I am not going to say that is fact, that is just what I have heard. Well, there was a girl by the name of Kelly Dae Wilson, she was last seen in Gilmer on January 5, 1992. I remember the case because everyone was freaking out if you were a girl and had blonde hair and blue eyes. They never found Kelly's body, but they believed she was murdered. It was a cover story on Date line, or 20/20 I cannot remember which one. Here is a website that you can find out more information on her.
Well, the long time rumor is that she was taken out to the worshiping stones and killed as a sacrifice. I don't agree with that but that's what the rumor is. Now when I say worshiping stones I mean just that. When we pulled up to an oil rig, and parked my car, we had to jump a big fence with what looked like a cattle gate to get in. The path was just big enough for a mid sized car to drive into. And you had nothing but dense woods on either side of you. It was a about a mile up the road to get to the opening. And half way there there was a small clearing to the right, with what looked to be white sand, or white salt in a giant pile in the clearing. After passing that clearing you were back into dense woods again. At this time, which remind you it is the middle of the summer, the temperature dropped I would guess around 15 to 20 degree's. You could see your breathe in front of your face. As you look up as you are walking along this path you see nothing but trees. The funny thing is in the woods you didn't hear the sound of night birds, or animals running around like you normally would. Well, after the mile walk you hit this HUGE opening, and there you are standing on the greenest grass I had ever seen. In the middle of this large circle there were no tree's only these HUGE stones. As you walked toward the stones you could look up and see the sky. It was a clear night, and a new moon. I remember that because I thought it was a full moon and Gary kept telling me no Gwennie its a new moon. Let me describe these stones for you. Have you seen the stone hinge stones? How big they are. Well, these stone are the same, they are just not stacked on each other like in stone hinge. There were a total of seven I believe. I am not for sure on the number I just remember thinking these things are so big how the heck did they get out here. In the middle of these stones there was a plaque that read the date that this ground was blessed, and some other stuff. At this time I started to feel a little light headed, and to tell you the truth scared S***less. I had five guys with me though so I knew nothing bad could happen. As we walked around the stones, I just felt this really bad uneasy feeling like were being watch and not wanted. Mind you this is private property also. The guys keep picking on me, and I keep telling them please we gotta go. I don't like it here I don't want to be here. Please walk me to my car, and yall can walk right back out here. They all laughed at me and told me no. I told em they would be sorry. Gary on the other hand, he believed me. He was getting the same feelings I was. And there we were standing on the East side of the yard, It kinda reminded me of crop circle, but only with trees instead of wheat. We were standing by one of the stones, and the guys are smoking a cigarette, and one of them starts in on how he knows so much about his place. And as he is talking I am over come by this sickening feeling in my stomach, and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I have never felt this way before, nor have I felt this way since. I was drawn to look at the one of the stones that was on the West side of the grass, and saw what appeared to me to be a women bound by rope. And all I did was scream, and the guys thought I had lost my mind. I sat on that ground over come by emotions, and I just sat there and cried. Now I am not one to generally do that. I normally keep my calm when I see something of this nature. But this was something I couldn't keep calm about. Then I hear Gary go Oh my gosh! Do you see that over there. He pointed to about 30 yards in front of us. It looked like a white sheet, and to me looked like a body lying under it. Now for all I knew the guys set this up, but I was scared and ready to leave them there at that point. Well, it was prob. about midnight when it all started, and we started hearing what to me sounded like people running all around us in the woods. And I keep yelling at the guys if you go near that thing, I will not have your blood on my hands. They keep telling me to shut up and to calm down. I looked Gary in the eyes and I said Gary if we don't get out of here, something really bad is going to happen. Just at that moment Cody heard something that spooked him. He told the guys hey we better get out of here. So reluctantly they walked away from the sheet that they were walking towards, and started to walk back out to the car trail. Well, at this time I not walking normal speed, normally if something bad is in a room I try to let it know that it doesn't intimidate me by walking regular speed, and not running. Well, here I didn't give a rats butt. I was briskly walking. The guys all caught up to me, and we were all talking about how cold it was still. I could hear the footsteps in the woods following us out the trail. Well, one of the guys shoes came undone, half way down the trail at the clearing of all places. He stopped and was like hey guys wait up for me I gotta tie my shoe. And I turned and looked at him and said, if you want to die you stop there and tie your shoe. I'll see you on the other side, and I keep walking. All the guys were like what the hell is she talking about. Just at that moment something came charging at us out of the woods, to me it look like an over sized raccoon. But it didn't move like a raccoon. It was to fast, and the movements where not that of a live animal. At that point, the I am no longer running. Gary and Cody had picked me up under my arms because I am so much shorter than they are, that if they ran without me I would have been left behind. All I hear is this loud sound from behind me, and the guys screaming not to stop running until we hit the gate. I smooth jumped that gate along with the guys, and we all turned around, and there was nothing there. I ran to my car and said all right we are out here. And I swore I would never go back there unless it was day time again. Maybe not even then. The guys have all been back but I refused to go with them. I don't believe that, that was Kelly out there, but I do believe that there was something out there that I don't even want to know or comprehend that it is real. It showed itself in such a way that it knew that I wouldn't be coming back there anytime soon. Ok sorry it is so long. This is true, and like I said before that is a website that you can read more of the story on Kelly. I will try to find pictures of the stones, but I don't know if any are out there. Thanks again.

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