About 2 weeks ago me and a group of 8 friends set off for the Bartonville Insane Asylum in Bartonville, Illinois. Me and my friend Amanda were scared as we drove the highway and got closer. We had chills even before we got there because of all the stories we heard.

We heard there was seringes on the floors, electric chairs, graffiti, and hauntings. We were worried about seeing ghosts. We also worried about other vandals being in there.

People talk about tunnels u have to go through to get in and how guarded it is by cops...yeah right...

We got there at about midnight. There is hardly any traffic and people r sleeping. There it was large castle-looking building right off the hill on a main road. We sat around talking about how we were going to attempt to go. We parked in a parking lot about a block away and got out. 2 sat in the car w/ a walky talky while our group had the other one. They were gonna look for cops and let us know if they could see our lights in the building.

We headed off for the building. When we got there we were looking for a window to the basement you can just peel back. After searching for a lil while we seen it. It is all bolted up, except that one window. We were scared to go in cuz we looked through the broken out windows and anticipation got worse. We swore we had seen lights. We pried back the covering to the basement window and my fiance jumped down first. He said when he first stepped in he felt like someone to his right was watching him.

Preston jumped in after him. His girlfriend Sass said **** this and walked back to the car. She was freaked out. The 2 boys had to find something to build a step to get back out. One that was easy cuz my friend Amanda is Pregnant. I was the next one in. Then Amanda and then her fiance. We walked through a door and came to stairs. We went up them to the first floor.

Not to much but plaster and wood all over and a bunch of vandalism..there were evil pictures and sayings like, "i'm watching you" all over. People wrote those to scare others. Didnt bother us though. We walked the hallway and found the next flight of stairs. 2nd floor, we found the same thing pretty much. We stuck close together in fear. Except for my fiance (ray) and preston. They werent scared and they were ahead of us and in and out of rooms. We came to windows facing the main road and we looked out. Me and amanda stood quiet as if we had heard chains rattaling. We ignored it as if it were just the mens keys in their pockets. We then climbed the stairs to the 3rd floor.

At the begginning of each staircase to the 2nd and 3rd floors there was a hallway off to the right. We would not venture down them because of the scariness they gave off. Again we looked out the windows to the main road and me and Amanda heard the sounds of chains again. I heard sounds of moaning coming from the hallway to the right of the stairs. i was freaked. i didnt say anything though. i didnt want to scare anybody.

We went up the stairs to the attic. When we were going up the the steps we see an old chimney shaft that was hollow and dug out. It was scary to stand next to it. In the attic there was huge cylinder like things i dont know what they were. There were holes in floor so we chose not to walk around the floor looked pretty thin. It was so small there wasnt anything to it anyways.

We went back down the stairs. and just kept walking back down to the 1st floor. when we got there we looked for the lobby. we found it off to the right and went in. a huge desk was still in tack but dirty. The whole building was dusty and smelled gassy. we were breathing in the dust.

We then felt like it was time to go and went back down to the basement. I didnt like the basement and neither did amanda. The boys took us the opposite way we came to get back to the window. We seen huge tunnels that were man size tunnels. Ray said thats where pipes were. I was wanting to go. The basement scared me. So i started walking and Preston tried to scare me but i caught him before he did. We came back to the window but didnt realize that was it, almost like it was switched around.

I was the first one out. We had a door rigged so we could step on it to climb out. I spidermanned my ass out. i didnt even put my foot on that door i was out. i had had enough. i'm only 5'1 climbing out a widow 8 feet from the floor. We all got out and walkey talkeyed the rest of the group saying ray fell through the floor. i fake cried. then all the sudden the car comes flying up in the drive as we all stand there safe and laughing. We went to a gastation and talked about it.

We all had flashlights when we went in and in certain parts they dimmed. We didnt see any chairs or beds or seringes or apparations. When i asked amanda about the moans she said she heard them 2 and ignored them. Also we found out the boys all left their keys in the car. So we did hear a few moans and chains rattaling on the 2nd and 3rd floors. and the basement is freaky.

We felt stupid for forgetting the tape recorder and camera in the car now we wish we would have had them.