Birds as death omens

For as long as I can remember my mother's side of the family has believed in birds bringing death to the family. Before anyone in my family dies there is almost always a bird who hits a living room window. This can happen to any one of my aunts, my grandmother, my mother, 3 female cousins and recently it has happened to me. Sometimes it will happened to more than one person, within a few days of each other. The death occurs within a timely manner.

When a bird hits (smacks right into the window and then flys away unharmed) the person it happens to always calls around to see if it has happened to anyone else. Just because this has happened to often, adn everyone belives it. It scares people.

My uncle died 5 yrs ago, 2 wks before he passed, a bird hit my mothers living room window, my aunt marys window, my aunt normas window and my aunt patsy's window (my uncles wife). This was the most birds that has every "hit" for any one death.

My cousin committed suicide 3 yrs ago (the uncle I mentioned above's son) grandmother had a bird hit her window that time 2 days before.

My great uncle, who lived in another province, passed away 2 yrs ago. My grandmother also got a bird that time. I believe it was a week before.

I was skeptical...the power of persuasion and all that (if you think something bad will happen, it will). SO I didn't think much of this, thinking it was just weird coincidences and birds really are just stupid for hitting windows.

Then at the end of june this year, I was sitting in my living room alone, when a bird hit my window and flew away. I called mom, just to check and see if it happened to anyone else in the family (just making sure). She said no, but got nervous about it, and said she didnt want to hear about that stuff (she believed in that alot).

SO I thought nothing of it...until about the second week of July, when my aunt mary called me to say my mother was in the hospital with something serious, but no word on what it was yet. My mother has had major surgeries, and a bout with breast cancer 2 yrs ago but everyone thought she was doing great.

Everyday my mother got worse, when finally the doctors told her she had liver cancer, it had spread from her breast and no one had detected it, until now. I flew home, as they told her she didnt have long to live (I was planning on going home the end of july, and actually had to move this trip up a week). 2 weeks after she first went to the hospital, she died. July 23. One day less than a month from the bird hitting my window.

On a side note...when I visited wit my mom, those last few days, I got a very strong feeling from her (I got this stronger afterwards too) that she knew she was dieing...and I think she knew approx. when as well.

Looking back now in hindsight, she cancelled all her plans for anything after summer, one week she talking about coming to visit me in sept, the next time I talk to her, she cant go. Christmas was not something she wanted to talk about....and anything I suggested us doing after summer was not interesting to her. Her attitude changed in maybe Feb or March.

In the hospital she was so calm about it all. She never once said she didnt want to die, or cried about it. She conforted us...she was happy and upbeat. She looked at us different, she looked at peace. She arranged all her funeral plans in the hospital the last few days, she divided all her things up . She requested special people to come home to see her (some from across the country)...she even said that "they better be here by monday" when she didnt sat.

She died how she wanted, when she wanted.

I'm a true bleiever now...anything like this ever happened to anyone else?