Direct Voicing

The direct voice is by far the most impressive form of channeling because the voices of the people within the Astral communicating are heard loudly and clearly by all present. Nothing is left to interpretation, the voices from beyond" are as audible, clear and unambiguous as any person in the same room. Most importantly these voices have been proven to be 100% real by voice analysis using the most modern sound analysis equipment, by comparing recordings of the communicators when they were in the physical to the same people communicating through the direct voice. There are no doubts at all about the authenticity of direct voice communications therefore

The most famous direct voice medium was Leslie Flint, and he is the medium for all of these recordings which were recorded by other sitters, notably George Woods and Bettie Green who recorded hundreds if not thousands of channeled sessions over many years, thus providing an invaluable service to humanity.

The mechanism for the direct voice is the Spirit communicators, or rather Spirits working with the communicators who are experts in science and other relevant subjects, create an etheric "voice box" from ectoplasm drawn from the medium. This voice box then "steps down" the communications by the communicators which is in the form of thought Energy vibrations, down to the vibrations of the physical world where the vibrations are transmitted and heard aloud as the actual voices of the communicators. This is very similar in principle to the way a sound system speaker works; it is all a matter of vibration and Energy.