Ghost Guide

I was bored..... Nothing to do so I researched types of ghosts I'm posting what I was able to find out on GP. ( No I did not copy and paste this I'm just writing with what I can remember it may be crappy but lol at least I tried.

Possessed objects
Well sometimes instead of a person becoming a ghost the object like gets haunted booh scary lol. Common stuff happens like stuff moving around floating etc. Commonly its an object the person who owned loved or cherished dearly. So the object well gets haunted or possessed whatever you like to call it. Its not when an object disappears and turns up days or weeks later thats later on.

Ghost trains, ships, cars and other objects
Like possessed objects instead of retaining a human or ectoplasm form it posses the ship or car or whatever. And then the ship sails the ocean in a ghostly form or the car moves magickly or a train going down the tracks then disappears or something. Or maybe the ship is haunted. Stuff like this are popular tourist attractions maybe the ghosts just like publicity lol.

Ghosts of the dieing
During world wars or whatever there were people shot dieing or from sickness. There ghosts before they died would show up to people like if you walked in your bedroom and saw a dieing man on your bed eww. [xx(] Common during wars or depression are where this would commonly happen. It scares people too wow that's surprising. Or a loved one being in danger and you sensed it or something like that. Thats mostly It...

Past happenings
Sometimes if a ship sank or a car crashed it would commonly happen over and over and over. Like one thing I heard of about a lady who got stuck in a hole and watched a whole war take place. This mostly happens in areas that aren't visited or so I've heard. Or if an object was thrown on the floor that sound would happen etc.

Anniversary ghosts
Ghosts that appear on a certain date or time of a happening. Like lets say the umm anniversary of two people you see there ghosts kissing. Well that was a bad example like I said its crappy but at least I try. Back to the subject[rolls]. Ghosts like this very likely met a sad or tragic death or there just bored......

Now to the good part! I mean um now to Poltergeists. Ghosts like this are never seen and have a tendency to throws or move things around. Or lets say an object goes missing and turns up days, weeks, months or even years later. Some have tendency to bang on things noisy little pests o_o. If there anything there certainly not fun trust me I know. Ghosts like this are guardians or vengeful or just mean people.

Spirts. Ghosts you can usually interact with or talk to. Most of the time within contact with a spirt you dont really know its a spirt. Most of the time when a spirt appears its when someone is young or in a bad time of life. Some cannot be seen and some can or maybe its ectoplasm I dont know. Spirts are usually kind or helpful but they can be naughty hehe.

This is usually when you take a picture and mist or puddles of strange just pops up. Im not an expert on this. Sometimes it can be seen sometimes you have to take a picture But i guess this isnt really a ghost.

Little balls that appear in pictures or videos unseen at the time. Orbs are very rarely seen. Some orbs have faces some do not. There little balls of various colors to me lol.

Well this is the end I left out some things I'm not the smartest person when it comes to these things like I said........