Ghost Hunting in Gettysburg, PA

After my experiences last night, I had to join this forum...

I'm a fan of the unexplained. I've never seen a ghost but I've been on a bunch of ghost hunting adventures back in college and experienced some weird ****. Anyways, last night 4 friends and I decided to skip the bar scene in DC and go ghost hunting in Gettysburg, Pa. Basically when you walk the battlefields in Gettysburg, you are suppose to see and hear weird stuff. And if you take random pictures, crazy stuff is suppose to show up in them. It was unusually warm last night so we figured it would be the perfect time to go. We jumped in one car and headed an hour north to Pa. Halfway there the temp dropped 20 degrees and it started raining very hard. Dammit. We get there around 3am and parked at a hotel across the street from the a particular battlefield. My buddy Joel was our tour guide since he's been ghost hunting there before. The only items that we took on our "hunt" were 2 digital cameras and 3 flashlights. We started taking random pics at 3:30am. The whole time it was cold and raining.

We walked across the street onto the battlefields and kept taking pics and tried listening for any unusual sounds. After 15mins. I was getting frustrated. We were cold and wet and nothing unusual was happening. I decided to start asking "if there was anyone here with us?" Then we began to see strange stuff appear on our cameras; orbs and weird objects. (Please note that the rain was steady the whole time we were there.)

We also started to hear faint screams and fighting commands off in the distance. We started to get really uncomfortable. More and more orbs started to appear in our shots.

After Joel saw a black shadow behind us, we decided to leave. We were only in the field for 30mins. But while walking back to the car, we all felt something following us. It's that feeling you get when your neck hairs standing up. We took one last group shot before leaving the field and a cop car rolls up. After seeing that we were harmless, the cop let us go and warned us not to return at night.

We decided to take more pics when we got back to the car at the hotel parking lot - to see if any orbs followed us! Yep, they did:

I'm not sure what the hell we experienced but there's something unusual about that place. I guess when 10's of thousands of people lose their lives in one area, it's got to be haunted. Joel said that was the most activity that he's seen ever there. Nuts. We do plan on doing another "hunt" with HD video cams in the coming weeks to see what else we can find. I'll post up the vids if we find anything.

One concern that we have tonight is that Joel thinks something came home with him. We think he's overreacting (well we all hope so). Anyways he took a bunch of pics inside his house today and there are orbs in them. His house is only 2 years old. Not sure what this means. If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it!