Ghostly Theories Shrouded In Myth

It would seem that the Ghost Hunting community is alive with many theories as to what a haunting is and why it is happening. Some of these beliefs may indeed strike a chord of curiosity or inspire further investigation and debate. However there is a great deal of fancy and speculation that seems to be taking on the guise of truth.

One such belief that is talked about by almost every Ghost Hunter you listen to is this supposed "need" a ghost has for energy in order to manifest. They say this belief is based on such things as equipment malfunctions and batteries going dead. While I agree these things do happen during paranormal activity, I have to strongly disagree with the common beliefs as to why it happens.

If one were to ask me why I feel this belief is incorrect I would have to say because it has no basis in fact. There has been no research presented to support this claim and no one seems to want to find out the truth. They merely accept that it happens and offer up some unfounded and totally speculative reason as to why. This is the typical mode of operation for most Ghost Hunters currently investigating paranormal activity. They are simply happy to record or witness paranormal phenomena but they intend to do nothing with the information they collect. No studies of one particular location will take place. The data they collect will not give way to new experiments and they seem to lack interest in the mechanics of what it is they are witnessing. However, many amusing and quite frankly uneducated myths do arise from their folly.

I myself have experienced many of the same things during paranormal activity claimed by other researchers. I've had my batteries go dead and equipment malfunction and I too have wondered why. However hungry ghosts had never crossed my mind. What did occur to me was the other phenomenon I have witness during the investigation as well.

The belief I have come up with is far different then most everyone else's. It is based more in fact then wild speculation so I'm sure it won't be popular. I'm going to share it with you anyway. There are certain things that can cause a battery to discharge and equipment to fail that are not considered paranormal. Electromagnetic interference is one such reason.

EMI comes in a few forms, radiated and conducted. Either form can occur throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. The primary problem with the occurrence of EMI is disruption or reduction of performance of electronics. Electrostatic discharge is especially damaging to critical electronics components, and occurs when a high voltage static charge reacts directly with or in close proximity to the battery terminals. While in most cases static does not build enough to damage your equipment permanently, it can occur in strength sufficient enough to discharge your battery and bizarre electromagnetic fields can momentarily interrupt power. This adequately explains why sometimes my battery seems to be dead only to work after the phenomena subsides or in some cases, they are dead all together. Another indication this is what might take place is when some equipment is effected while other equipment is not.

For instance, your forty dollar EMF meter is not adequately shielded against such things and neither are hand held digital recorders and tape recorders. They are the most likely to fail while your top dollar Tri-field meter never fails. That's because a tri-field meter is designed to record the very fields that are screwing up your other equipment and batteries. It would be wise of the manufacturers to protect it against these types of problems. Another piece of equipment prone to battery failure is the camcorder. I have had many strange problems with them and it is due to the fact they have a rechargeable battery pack. Battery packs are highly susceptible to such things, especially older models.

If you think about it, how many times have you lost power when you felt a cold spot and the hair on your arms begins to stand up? Why do you think it is the hair on your arms is standing up? Cold air, low barometric pressure and low moisture are conducive to what? Static electricity! That combined with electromagnetic disturbances Should give you all the answer you seek.

In conclusion I am not saying that what is taking place is not paranormal. The events causing the environmental disruptions we witness are very much paranormal. However, the equipment failures are not due to "ghosts" in my belief. They are due to environmental factors caused by paranormal activity.