Ghosts Of Georgia



Barnsley Gardens -- This house was built in 1844, after warning from the towns people. It was said that this house was built on land that held a Cherokee legend that would bring tragedy to anyone that lived on the land. Within a few years there were 3 deaths in the family. During the Civil War many of the family's friends and relatives were killed on the property. Although this house in abandoned, you can still see various family members walking the area.


Andersonville National Cemetery -- Captain Henry Wirz is said to watch over the prisoners buried here. He was the only confederate officer to be tried for war crimes. He was found guilty and hanged in D.C.


Private Residence -- A moving cold spot and sounds of footsteps have been heard in a house on Chamblee-Dunwoody Rd.


MacKay's Trading House-- This is the location that 13 American Patriots were killed by British Colonel Browne on September 18,1870. Reports of moans on the stairway, a woman gliding around a 3rd floor room.


Worcester House -- This house was built by Samuel Worcester, in 1828. Samuel was beaten, served 4 years hard labor and lost all his land and belongs for signing a proclamation of rights for the Cherokees. Once the Indians, were force to leave there homes, whites looted the burial ground. Reports of dragging chains, footsteps, slamming doors and the appearance of a thin man have all been seen/heard here.


Chickamauga Battlefield-- A fog rolls in every night, but only in the park! It is also said that the "green eyes" of a confederate soldier are seen. He was killed by a Union soldier, who happened to be his twin brother. A woman in a bride's gown is seen by the grave of her fiancee, who was killed here.


Springer Opera House -- This Opera House is believed to be haunted by Edwin Booth, John Wilkes Booth's brother, who played a part in a 1876 version of Hamlet. It is believed that he is upset that the theater has been deserted and can never play the part in Hamlet again. Common reports include: objects disappearing, doors slamming and eerie music when the Opera House is empty.


Panola Hall -- This private residence, is home to a young girl, believed to be named Sylvia. She has appeared throughout the house, several times since it has been built in the 1870's. She is said to be wearing a white full skirted dress.


Ducaro Hall-- The house is believe to be haunted by the original owner. Reports of footsteps and something standing by the stairs are common here.

Jeckel Island

Jeckel Island Club Hotel --The Spencer's Suite is believed to be haunted by the ghost of Samuel Spencer. Supposedly, you will noticed that someone has drank some of your coffee and read your newspaper.


Kolb Ridge Court -- Residents of this development have reported see a Civil War Soldier throughout their homes.

Sewell's Woods -- These woods have been nicknamed "the haunted hunting grounds", due to the disappearance of many hound dogs. The dogs were seen heading for an old family graveyard when they were thrown into the air by an invisible force. All the dogs would run off never to be seen again.


Old Walker House-- It is said that Sam Walker was said to be the meanest man in Georgia. Rumor has it that he killed his first wife and wouldn't call a doctor for his only son. He collapsed and died at the top of the stairs pleading for help from his father. Soon after his death, he started appearing in the house. Some reports say that you can hear a child's footsteps at the top of the stairs followed by a 'thud' which is believed to the boy falling down the stairs.

St Simon's Island

St Simon's Lighthouse -- The light keeper haunts this lighthouse. You can hear heavy footsteps on the stairs that can be heard from far away.


Bonaventure Cemetery -- During a dinner party hosted by Josiah Junior the house began to burn. Josiah insisted that the guests finish dinner and had the servants move the table into the yard. Today, visitors have reported hearing clanging and noises that are common at a dinner party.

Olde Pink House Restaurant and Tavern-- From October to March, you can find the ghost of former resident James Habersham. When the building is empty people have reported flickering lights that would appear to be from a candle.

17-Hundred-90 -- Anne Powell had fallen in love with a man. He didn't feel the same way, so she killed herself by jumping from the top floor.


Omega Road Overpass -- A college student lost control of her car while returning home from school and died. Reports of squealing tires and various sounds of a car crashing have been heard while driving on this road.