GP Paranormal Reference Guide

Chakras - body is composed of 7 chakras, in perfect health all chakras are cleansed and in balance, when ill chakras can be in balanced and dull.
Chakra 7- Crown Chakra which represents a connection to the next world or as I call it the spirit world
Chakra 6 - the third eye or brow chakra which usually represents psychic ability
Chakra 5 - throat chakra which represents communication
Chakra 4 - heart chakra, represents love and peace
Chakra 3- Power chakra, or solar plexus chakra, represents personal will
Chakra 2 - Water chakra, located in abs and lower back represents emotions and sexuality
Chakra 1 - Foundation chakra, found at base of spine, represents earth and survival

To cleanse my chakras I usually take a nice warm bath close my eyes and concentrate on washing all the "bad stuff" out of my system.. or taking a nap while playing sounds of nature (calming sounds like water running or crickets is good)

Auras - here are a few definitions of aura colors. There are various differences in each color. for example in the red category there is deep red, magenta, clear red, bright pink, dull pink, and fushia. Im just doing the basics here.. I dont have all day =)

Red - worries, obsessions, anxiety.. but if clear red can mean perfect health and survival oriented
Orange - vitality, good health, excitement, creative
Yellow - intelligence, easy going, inspiration
Green - growth and balance, healing gifts if Emerald
Blue - cool, calm, collected
Indigo - third eye, deep feeling, sensitive
Violet (hard to tell apart from indigo, many people claim same color) - psychic power, artistic, futurtistic
Lavender - day dreamer, imaginative
Silver - abundance, awakening
Gold - Divine protection, enlightment
black - unforegiveness or health problems
white or crystal - pure, spirtual, angelic in nature

these are only some examples. People can have two to 4 aura colors usually and have different colors surrounding different parts of the body (for example if you have breast cancer you may have black only around your chest, but the rest of your body will be your normal aura) and auras can change depending on your strongest emotion, not for good, but until that energy is released..