Haunted Places

As for haunted places;

1. *The Adelaide House in Oshawa* There is a lady ghost that stays in the washroom of the largest room on the second floor. She plays her music box at night time in this washroom and I believe she is confined to this washroom.

The children staying in this room (when I and my children where staying there) told us this story; but the mother made them come back and say it was not true. But I talk to the cleaning woman and she confirmed both entities. The second one is a bad entity that only the youngest children see. Always the same story. These toddlers of talking age and young children are very scared and insist that their mothers take them away from the Adelaide House. They see this entity at night and always give the same description and story. The woman is believe to be the mistress of Mr. Mclaughin's daughter's husband. The Adelaide House was a gift to the married couple by Mr. Mclaughin. The cleaning womean does not know what or who the bad entity could be.

2. If you walk south on Burk Street, starting at Burk Street and King Street you will find a house (about the fourth house in on the right side of the road) that I looked at with a real estate agent and my husband. It was in it's original condition when it was built with probably no improvements except the furnance. It's one and a half stories; the attic being the second floor good for maybe one bedroom for a short and skinny person. To get to the attic there is a very narrow staircase that no obese person could squeeze through. The number of this house can probably be found on the microfilm or the equivalent resource or special books at the Mclaughin Libruary in downtown Oshawa. This home was on the market November 1985. Next time I go past Burk Street, I'll try to recognize the house I viewed and hopefully get the street number. Renovations may make it hard to recognize this house (after so many years). I was looking at houses for sale on Gibb street, Park Street,and Burk Street. After the incident I experience on Burk Street: I stopped viewing homes until 1988. This house on Burk Street had the kichen, livingroom, washroom and one bedroomon the main floor. A single bed with bedspread was the only piece of furniture and there was nothing else in this house. Nothing. It's probable that the original owner of the house no longer needed the house. Whether the owner was dead or in an old age home I do not know. Strange the seller did not remove the bed also. The bedroom and house appear odd in this condition. Upstairs my husband smelled a strong odour of a racoon(s) dung where the roof met the floor in the wall insulation (he believed). I could smell nothing. Now for the interesting point; as I walked out of the house and down the front stairs I felt someone push me hard and I stumbled going down the stairs. Lucky I had two people in front of me to grab onto but no one behind me. It was winter and there was snow on the ground. I did not slide as a result of snow. From that very moment I knew there was a ghost (maybe the deceased owner) who did not want me to move in for good reason.

3. The Thousand Islands: The castle that the rich man made for his wife but when she past away he did not finish the castle. My husband told me and our daughter to stay seated in a certain place while he left us for some 10 - 15 minutes. In that amount of time, everything that was undone by an exorcism (husband) and a lot of prayers were undone. Back to square one. A very high demon and others reside in this castle.My ex-husband can see anyone , anywhere, anytime both the living, dead and demons. The next day we went to see Benedicta (she and a large number of adult family members did the exorcism) to undo what had happened in this castle. She was very stern with my ex-husband and told my daughter and me(pregnant) to stay outside on the porch until it was over.

4. Regent Park I believe it is called: within Gerrard Street, Jarvis Street and Dundas Street. My ex-husband told me to stay away from this area although I would go to the Riverdale Farm. I would get very disturb by distasteful awful thoughts. Apparently there is a very high demon plus those under him. in this subsidized housing.

Base on this information places like the Mclaughin House and Castle Loma in Toronto are places that spirits and demons would choose to occupy.

5. The Guild Inn (Greyabbey Trail, Fordover Drive, couple small streets withinJ).
#1 An elderly gentleman of high education and social status who became a real estate agent told my parents and myself on numberous occassions that our subdivision/our old home was built on swamp land and an Indian Graveyard. Across from Cedarbrae Mall there was another burial site; but this builder made this part of the subdivision into a park with a high mound which is the burial site. There is a plaque explaining the significance of the burial site; thus, the dead are respected in this subdivision. But the builder for our subdivision apparently built over the burial site. There have been a unusually high number of suicides and strange events. Each time I went back to my old neighbourhood, I was told stories that came from various residents (first-time owners of these homes built 1960 -1961). I lived at 19 Fordover Drive for 19 years.
Only the first time owners who socialize with the neighbours would know the stories.

6. Hunter Street and Jones Street , Toronto (Corner house facing unto Hunter Street, South-East Corner). From Jones Ave. when you turn right unto Hunter street it is the first home on your right side.
Story has it that one night the father and son got into an argument/angry with each other and the son killed the father. Peaple have seen the father looking out the window that faces Jones Ave on the second floor.

Gloria Samelko-Facchini