Moab Arches NP

So... I posted a topic over the weekend about going to Moab... well here's the story (i've also included beautiful pics as well).

As we make our way to Moab from Colorado, we take 70 West... which brings you by Idaho Springs. The weird thing about Idaho Springs is, every time I go through or past it, my skin literally feels like it's crawling... and tingling. I get a panicky feeling about needing to get away from there as soon as possible. It almost makes me sick to my stomach- the whole town. As we near it, it gets worse, and as we are leaving it, the feeling alleviates. Well this time, it's the same thing, except that it makes my eyes water, almost to the point of crying. Very strange. I really don't know anything about it, except that it's an old mining town....

We get to Utah, and get off 70 to go towards Moab. It's a typical desert highway, not much to see, nothing around, but you can see red cliffs and such as you keep driving. Like Idaho SPrings, I start to get a weird feeling, but instead of what I described before, it's almost like a pressure, like I'm being pulled towards it. Not moab necessarily, but the land itself. We turn off of this highway and decide to camp out by Canyonlands N.P., because my husband's work friend said that there's this great, unknown, free camping spot. We never find it however, so turn around, and head back to Moab, to go camping by Arches NP, where we planned to go the next day. As we leave, you get a fantastic view of the landscape, and all of the cliffs, mountains, and sandstone formations. Then I see it. It's hard to explain, but in mind's eye, it looks like a very thick, sunshine yellow line that starts a few feet off of the rocks/cliffs, and stretches across them, to even distant formations, never touching the ground, but stretching across vast distances from one to the next. Very strange. I have no idea what it means, either. All i know, is that the air felt very strange, like an electric current was almost running from the land, through me, not to me.

We get to Arches NP, and see that their campground is full. I notice as i look up, that the same thing is happening here, but that the "line" is either white or very pale purple. It stretches to every cliff and wall and formation. As we leave the park, we head towards town (moab) to find some camping. Now it's 7pm. and getting late, so we're just concerned about finding a spot for the night. We see on the Arches NP map that there is camping towards Castle ROck (which is ironic because that's where we live in Colorado) along the Colorado River. We find a spot finally at Drinks Recreation Area. We're in this canyon, surrounded by huge rock walls and total nothingness. Then I notice. There aren't any "lines" here, and the feeling is not the same at all. It's a terrible feeling. I felt watched, as did my husband, but not by ghosts, and not by animals either. It felt like the LAND itself was. Which sounds crazy, but I felt like we were intruding somehow, like the land was being protected, and we were not wanted. As it got dark, it got worse. Almost like a claustrophobia, and it made me extremely anxious, and a little scared.

The next day, we got up at dawn to go to Arches. I felt the ease as we left the canyon and headed on our way. Then I see the white/purple lines again. Being there is hard to explain. It felt almost like some old sacred city that we stumbled upon years after its glory. You could feel the history there, and it almost felt wrong of us to be there. We decided to go to the Sand dune arch, which is at the back of the park. If you ever decide to go, PLEASE make sure to go to this arch.

You follow the trail and end up in sand, in a sudden "room", surrounded by the striking red rock shooting up out of the ground, and trees coming up through the ground. It's about 20 degrees cooler here, and the most absolute peaceful feeling I've ever had in nature in my life. It was like a wave of serenity washing over me. All of my anxiety and irritation was gone, it was almost like healing. I did not want to leave. I felt so at peace there, and happier than I'd been the whole time. I felt privy to some sort of ancient wisdom, hard to explain, but if you go, you'll see. i really hated leaving, but it stayed with me, the feeling from that place. It felt sacred, like it was very important to people always, not just to me that day.

When we left, we went back to our campsite, and decided not to stay another day. The desert isn't a place for us, and where we were shed too many angry vibes upon us. As we were leaving, I could almost see some sort of warriors standing high above us on the rock ledges, bare chested and bare feet, except for red loin cloths. Almost seeing us off, but making sure we were leaving for good. Totally different vibe than that off the park or the other side of the desert.

Below are the pics, the first 2 are from Arches, the last 2 are from the canyon we stayed in.