My Christmas Present to GP

My Christmas Present to GP

I'm back. Don't ask me why I left and deleted all my posts. Let's just say... the more you pay attention to certain "ones", the more energy you give them. And without understanding comes chaos.

I've been steady researching, learning and growing my abilities all this time. It's all about your knowledge. Not about faith or belief, but knowing.

This is my Pattern Theory, and I know it is the only explanation for spirit activity. I know I'm right, because the more I play into it, the more experiences I've had, the more they pay attention to me. They mean you no harm. In fact, we who are living are more of a nuisance to them than anything else. They actually like it when we aren't around so they can do their own thing. You'd be surprised how similar it is in their "world" to our own, yet, their world is "as they remember it" or perhaps... "as it is remembered".

In China when there is a haunted house they say "the house remembers", not "there's ghosts in here and they want to harm me or scare me."

They are close to the truth.

It all started when I discovered that using a fairly common electronic device can actually sensitize you, and train you, to see spirits. Because of this, there is currently a huge upsurge in the number of people seeing things and having experiences. I won't say what this device is, because I'm not trying to sell anything, also I don't want everyone running out to get one so they can see stuff. It took about four months for me to notice anything. Before that I was the most scientifically minded, skeptical person around. Things had been reported in my house for many years, but I was the one always explaining things away. Until one day when I saw a shadow shape 5 feet in front of me, moving around, in broad daylight, 1:15 in the afternoon. It changed everything. It was my personal 9/11 day.

Two weeks later it happened again, and this time I was positive that it saw me seeing it. It knew I could see it. Fifteen minutes after this second sighting, a picture frame flew out of my closet, where it was stored, halfway across the room. It was telling me "I know you saw me. This is real. You're not crazy."

This started me down a path. I started devouring every book, DVD, website, everything I could. Even began associating with a local paranormal group. I became fairly well known for my ability to translate EVP's, and I find them absolutely fascinating. And also scientifically proveable, and legitimate. There have been a few serious projects, back as far as the 70's using modified scanning electron microscopy equipment to play back sounds recorded in walls, just like playing back a phonograph record. Imagine what they can do today. Even the DEA uses similar technology to spy on drug dealers without having to plant bugs in advance.

The Pattern Theory is very simple. How do you think videotape works? A pattern is stored on a piece of plastic tape. Tiny metal fragments form the pattern. You pass it under an electromagnetic field to read it. You throw this tape in a box, and presto, you're seeing images of people moving around and you can hear their voices. A hundred years ago, this would have been witchcraft, blasphemy, devil-stuff, etc. and might have gotten you lynched or burned at the stake. Today, it's a VCR and it's out dated, being replaced by DVD, which is a more compact format, but still uses the same principle of pattern storage.

But how does a person become recorded in a house? The human body is constantly giving off low level energy, it is an FM frequency, anywhere in the 1 - 30Hz range, usually, in normal healthy adults, right around 15 - 17Hz. This energy is recorded in the environment, the physical media that surrounds you. And which once surrounded others who lived there many years ago. The operative factor seems to be time. The more time a person spends in a place, the more of their patterns are recorded in the environment. This may explain why 9 times out of 10, it's a haunted house, that you hear about. Not a haunted toy store or gas station. But how does it get played back?

For a video tape to play back, it is passed under a play head, which is electrified with a small magnetic field of ions. The same thing can happen to the walls of your house. Many paranormal researchers now agree on a few things, and I've seen this myself, that using an ion generator in a location tends to boost the spirit activity. Also, if there's a thunderstorm brewing outside, this seems to be the best catalyst for activity. My first two experiences both happened when it was getting ready to storm outside, and both at about 1:15 in the afternoon. When a storm is brewing, ions pass up from the ground, and go up into the clouds. On the way, they are passing through the walls of your house, because, guess what? There's ground under your house. Eventually, these ions build up in the clouds and must be discharged as lightning, but along the way this energy field is passing right over any stored patterns in the physical media of your house. Just like a piece of video tape passing under a play head's energy field.

You might say that spirit activity is "accidental holography", and it would certainly explain the nature of certain "residual" haunts, where the spirits appear to simply do the same thing over and over, and there's nothing you can do to alter it, like a video clip. It's already recorded, and you can't change it. However, my own experience is that these spirits can be interactive. But then again, what is intelligence? I once downloaded a copy of an AI program to my computer just to play with it. It was amazing. I just couldn't believe that I wasn't talking to a real person. I even unhooked my router cable just to be sure it wasn't some turkey messing with me. But it was just a copy of the original. A copy, or recording, of an intelligent being would be... an intelligent being.

This also might explain the nearly universal observation that doing work on a house tends to "stir up" activity. If you break open the wood, you're exposing older layers to ambient static and other energies.

(Also it's fair to note here, all those theories that try to explain away shadow people and ghosts in general as fatigue, exposure to EM fields etc, well, hallucinations and optical illusions don't show up on video my friend. I've seen plenty of video of shadow people.)

But that's all in the past. Since developing that theory I've advanced "light years" and my abilities to interact with them (or, maybe more their willingness to interact with me) never ceases to amaze me. Just yesterday I was surprised that many of them, people I knew, relatives of mine, and many people I had never seen, had a holiday get-together in my house. It was like something Allison DuBois might have experienced on the show "Medium". I never would have thought that "they" like to gather for the holidays too. And to top it all off, they even tried to get me out of the house with a distraction.

But anyway, I've already said way too much. At least this time that first shadow person I encountered introduced herself to me. The further down the path you go, the better you get, the more they respect you. But they still have this attitude that we are just there, a nuisance, like having a cat around. If we start doing something stupid, they might do something or say something. Otherwise, just go back to bed and stay outta their way. Which is what I did when I saw my grandparents and dad, and decided not to freak out, and let them have thieir Christmas. They deserve to have one too.

So you see, it's nothing to be afraid of. No reason to assign superstitions to it. Ultimately, we're paying the rent and they know it. Without us, the place would sit empty, decay, get burned down by crackheads or homeless people (if they're crazy enough to stay) and then even the spirits have to move on. They do still love us, and watch out for us. Even if it's to distract us with a UPS guy.

And so, that's my Christmas gift to the GP community. Don't just believe, but know that the answers are there, just waiting to be quantified and put down in black and white. As technology grows, I'm confident my theory will be the right one. And know that they aren't there to hurt you. You see a black figure moving toward you down the hall, you get scared, but it's just uncle Fred going to look for his screwdriver or something.

Now if I could just figure out what was in that package the UPS guy handed me, which seemed to vanish... Geez I even had to pay 48 bucks because it was COD. They're slick I tell ya, trying to distract me like that.