On the Subject of Angels

This is not about the religious archetype. This is meant to be a discussion of real experiences that can be recounted about beings that, at the very least, acted like angels. Also, I'd love to hear everyone's theory on how angels Truly behave, and what their motives are. It's all to the best of out understanding as living humans, of course, but by looking around the world at all forms of beliefs and languages, their seems to be certain types of entities who have been given a thousand different names.

For simplicity's sake, I'll just call them angels for now. And I'll start by trying to explain my own situation, though it may take me a few posts to talk about everything.

I wasn't raised under any kind of religion or church. My parents shared with me only a love of light, and protective, friendly energies. I was taught to take responsibility for my own energy, and to be observant of the energies of others. The Golden Rule always seemed like the perfect foundation for my world.
Though I had not been taught about angels, at the age of four I ran to my parents and woke them in the middle of the night. They tell me (because I don't remember much from being this age) that I told them I saw a huge, black, monstrous dog attacking our Christmas tree in the living room. I cried, and these massive lights glimmered into existence. They were shaped like two people with expansive golden wings (which my mother tells me I described by holding my little arms out as far as I could, shaken as I was) and swords. They grabbed the shadow dog, and flew away with him, and everything went back to normal. "The angels took him away!" I told my parents very seriously.

My brother was too small to ever hear about that night when it happened. I was never troubled by that big shadowy dog-beast again, but my poor brother was. For the entire time we lived in that house, he would have nightmares about it, and see its face in the dark corners of the rooms. It scared him quite badly, and he hated being alone in that house at night.

Now I'm all grown up, and for all that time the subject of angels never came up again in my life except as a being I studied intellectually. I had begun meditating and talking to my Soul Guides at a very young age, and had made quite good friends with an elemental. They are subjects in and of themselves, but I'll try to keep this post about angels. I was used to talking only to those three, if I was talking to anything "extra-celestial" at all. Sometimes I'd have fun playing with these funny potato-like faeries that lived on my bedroom floor at my family's home, but all in all, I never encountered anything dangerous, malicious, or all that big. I think my family's conscious, good energy only let in friendly things, and the home they live in now is on very 'quiet' land with little history.

My understanding of angels was somewhat cut-and-dry back then. I heard stories of how they would help people who were extremely dedicated to their religion, and were in need. I also saw plenty of stories of Soul Guides taking on the appearance of an Angel in order to comfort their human friend/student.

I believed Angels were the exact opposite of Demons. While the demons value the physical world of blood, and obtaining power over objects and people, Angels were concerned with a higher purpose. Literally. That "higher purpose" of always reaching for more knowledge, and power through extreme morality would eventually achieve a perfect world in their eyes. They want humanity to follow this perfect path, so they help people who they believe will be useful in influencing the entire populace to move toward this ideal. They are the brightest lights, the most piercing, and the most judging. They see into your soul in the form of motivation and can sum you up instantly. They will forgive you for being a victim Only if you did not cause your own situation, and they have no time for those who are not deathly determined to reach their "higher purpose".
From my vantage point, it looked like a lot of people dealing with Angels were giving their lives/time over to spread the words of the Angels. In return, the Angels kept those people safe.

I knew this must be dangerous in some cases. If one fell too far into the side of Angels, they'd end up nothing but a servant in their holy quest. It had nothing to do with religion, and it's been quite apparent to me on multiple occasions that Angels do not show up for people they do not find worthy. Including priests. And that is one of the reasons I believe children see them the most. It had nothing to do with what religion someone belonged to, only the virtues they lived by. The Golden Rule as understood by children seems to make children quite agreeable to Angels.

My working theories on them and their motives were pushed into the background for a long time. I found it interesting to think about in the past, but my brain had no room for that after starting my adult life. The only relevant entities were the ones I was already close with, and I barely talked to them either.

Then a load of drama unraveled between my fiance and his parents. I was stuck in between it all, unable to get away from it completely, and trying to help my fiance resolve it. I ended up so stressed out, I caught pretty bad flu/colds on a couple occasions. With my immune system down the drain, and my mind on the sudden world of hell I was stuck in, things didn't look so good.

I finally got sick enough that thinking was too much work. I cleared my mind, told myself I couldn't keep getting sick like this over people's disapproval and arguments. Once I accepted that it had nothing to do with me, and my mind was quiet for the first time in almost a year... I heard something. It was approaching me just like my "entity friends" would, except I knew it was different.

I'll have to post again in a bit. Just remember I'm only sharing my story to help give my perspective on Angels, and when I finish, maybe someone can give me their opinion of my particular situation. In the meantime, I would love to hear any thoughts on Angels or what other beings they may be.

Thanks for reading!
Thanks J, it is tough. I get the distinct impression that they are separate beings from us Souls who live inside human bodies. I have a pretty interesting theory about them and demons, but I should probably finish explaining how I got to that theory...

So as I was laying there, sick and tired, I felt this extremely bright light wash over me. I wasn't asleep. When it first appeared, I was staring up at the ceiling, but you could say the image my "third eye" was looking at was brighter than the vision through my physical eyes. (and my fever, which my fiance kept checking on habitually, was certainly not high enough to justify hallucinations) The image of the ceiling was covered in the image of a semi-circle of beings made of light, with a myriad of colors decorating their forms. I knew what they were by the feeling of their energy. That very intelligent, very piercing, very noble energy. This group was being very gentle in their tone at the moment.

I'm going to write this conversation out with more words than were actually sent/received, because it would take longer to translate the symbols and sounds and music they used to talk in combination with words, than to just edit it. So here was the gist of what happened;

"Are you listening now?" This one was the only one who spoke, and he seemed to have a deep, yet melodic voice, like the tremor from a bass drum.

I acknowledged that I heard/saw them. The thoughts I was putting off were something to the effect of, "You're Angels. Why in the world are you talking to me? And why now?"

If anyone was going to come to my side when I emptied my mind, I had been hoping for my Guides, so I could get some comfort/advice on my bad situation. On the other hand, I didn't think my situation was bad Enough to justify a bunch of Angels showing up. However, I was quickly assured their arrival had nothing to do with my state in particular.

"You haven't wanted to listen to us before, but now that you are, we need your help." I caught his subtle inference that I had unfairly related them to the Church, and to all the people who had raked me over the coals for not believing in God the way they do. In my defense, it has been a long and bumpy road for me when I was young, filled with other children trying to convert me to religions I knew more about than they did, when they were supposed to be my friends. I had been forced to keep my mystic beliefs and scientifically-fueled theories to myself because of people who venerate "angels". Regardless... I saw his point, and I was curious.

"Me? You want my help?"

"This isn't about affiliations. We love humans and this planet. We have a great vision for it, and we want to help you get there. You, and us... we have the same goal." He was referring to why I tell stories and want to make movies and books. I want to help people 'wake-up', you could say. Take control of their own lives and loves and energies. Feel empowered. I believe they want us to gain some kind higher consciousness, though I don't know to what end.

He went on to explain that the world is threatened, and that they can only do as much as they are allowed to do by the residents of this world. I think they have a lot of rules set up for themselves. In order to help us, basically he was saying that we humans would have to ask for it. he said lots of people ask for very general things, which they do help with, but he said they want to do more. They believe Humans will make a bigger difference to stop a potential crisis than they could. I got the image of a person being a sort of conduit for Angels,, going to where there was trouble, and solving the problems one at a time.

I didn't want to abandon my life and travel around the world as some kind of enigmatic "fixer" though. They knew that already, fortunately, and said for Me, they just wanted to offer some help. Apparently my goals as I have set them are already good enough. He said they just wanted to help me get there. No one serving anyone else. Both equals, me, as the human, giving them permission to affect the world in a positive way.

Honestly I told them I needed time to think about it. I wanted to double check them.. make sure they couldn't possibly be using me for anything. I would have to philosophize over it, and discuss it with my friends, both human and spirit. No one I spoke to found any harm in it, and my magician/mystic friends encouraged me to use my ability to speak to helpful beings.

Finally, when I was alone, I reached out with my mind to the one with the drum-voice and told him I accept. He was very warm and pleased and I got the image of five. Not five things. Five empty spots, in a sort of white mist. My only way of describing that, is the feeling that something was meant to go in those spots, and the decision of what would go there would be very fast, and belong like it should have always been there.

For anyone else who has dealt with these guys, could someone explain to me the fascination with the number five? They seem to have a rule that, at least with however they see me, I should be assigned five Angels, no fewer, no more. And they seem more like ambassadors. It's like if something Really huge happened, these five are supposed to go tell someone else. Getting to be around me has been an interesting opportunity for these five, as if they are foreign exchange students in another country.

Does the number five have something to do with themes, or jobs? I've got one who is very old feeling, and very golden, and very complex. One who likes to hide, and never says a word (a.k.a. the only energy he projects is like a negative, but he can create impenetrable shields). One who is very moral and fiery and critical. One who is very intellectual, and almost looks like he's covered in vines. And one who is very gentle, and concerned with music. "Our language" she says of music.

So are these five some kind of lower-ranking angels under the schools of the famous Arch-angels? Or is it just that my relevance to the angels gives me five?

One of them, the Professor-ish one, actually got himself assigned to me so he could be around my fiance. I have to speak for him whenever he wants to talk to my fiance because my dear is not good at listening to them. He has the ability to see images of symbols and the like, but the angel primarily has been reminding him of his presence in humorous ways. Plant matter is always falling on my fiance, trees seem to be making shapes, and twigs, leaves, and sprouts seem to entangle themselves purposefully into various parts of his bike. This angel is determined to get my fiance to talk to him without my translation services.

The others have their own signs they use when they want to be noticed and I'm not paying attention. Thankfully I've not needed them to save me from anything horrible yet... that I know of. But they get rather cross with me when I "let things in". Apparently they are bound by some kind of law, again, that if I allow something to come inside the house, or in my space without contest, they can do nothing about it.

I will talk more about this later, but I just wanted to mention I have looked high and low, and the closest experience I could find to mine with beings like these are Channelers who write books based on the conversations they have with a singular entity.

Of course I can ask the five, but they don't quite have the human perspective I'm looking for. Does anyone know about these beings?
My mom had an experience in a car as well (yours was very impressive!). When I was very little, she was driving our family down to southern California to visit her sister and Disneyland, and it took us all day to get there. By the time the sun had set, we were on one of the busiest highways on the route. Traffic was bumper-to-bumper, and moving extremely fast. My mom is an excellent driver, but even that situation was uncomfortable. She was driving in one of the middle-lanes, when 'something' told her to get in the fast lane. That lane seemed even crazier, and it would have seemed counter-intuitive to anyone else to move into it. Magically, a space for our car opened just as she put on her signal, and she slipped into the fast lane.
Immediately after she made the move, one of the cars that had been in front of us just moments before stopped cold. Pieces of cars flew in every direction, and the resulting pile-up was one of the worst during the time. My father had been asleep, and my brother and I were too busy playing to notice. She promptly woke my father to have him look behind us, and as they tell the story, it was pretty grizzly.

It may have been my mom's inner voice saving herself, or maybe a combination of her and some helpers. In any case, My whole family has that miracle moment to thank. I sometimes wonder how many times that sort of 'save' has been made for us.

That part about you helping the couple cover their belongings was very sweet too. That's why I always believe our intuition will lead us somewhere great, even when it seems to want random things. I went with my friends to a fair once (pulled from the top of my memories) as their guest, and expected they would be prepared for all of the fair events. However, it turned out they hadn't thought things through very well, and hadn't brought blankets nor towels for the nighttime show on the stage. I don't handle cold very well at all, so I ended up shivering and thinking about my body-heat more than the performance on stage. I found myself caught between a prayer for help and self-criticizing for thinking my friend would remember such details.
Suddenly, a woman walked up behind me and tapped on my shoulder, "You girls look cold. Here's some extra blankets we have if you'd like to borrow them."

I was so grateful, there were barely words for it besides "Thank you so much!" And I thanked her and her husband profusely after the show was over as well. The fact that she showed up just when I really started to reach out my energy for help was incredible, even though she sat quite a ways away from my friend and I.

As far as angel theories go, the pentacle may have something to do with the number five affinity. Personally I have seven elements I think about regularly, so if they tailored themselves to the concept of five elements, that would have been from their perspective rather than mine. Which would be very interesting, because if I think about it, I suppose I can relate their personalities to the traditional five elements in a way.

And to moonburn, what you said is also very interesting. You reminded me of the Arch-angels again, which I did some research on after meeting my five friends. One of them very obviously admires Gabriel, but after researching the arch-angels I didn't know much about I realized that all five seem to follow a certain "school" that perhaps is led by the Arch-angels?

(I wish I could say my angel's names to make writing this easier, but even though they are short-hand names I call them, and not their "true" names, I think they may still be sensitive to having it shared, like many other entities. So I'll call them by their dominant colors I see when they're around.) Here's who I think they emulate so far based on what I've learned of the Arch-angels.

Golden - Metatron
Green - Raphael
Blue silhouette against black - Uriel
Burgundy and Gold - Gabriel
Purple and White - unknown

Anyone who knows the basic information about those Arch-angels can probably guess a good deal about my friend's personalities. Which is what leads me to another one of moonburn's beliefs... what if they Are those Arch-angels?? What if you're right; they present themselves to me as they believe will be the most beneficial to us being cohorts. Perhaps they think I wouldn't have reacted as well to them if they said they were those famous beings. An interesting thought, but even if they were, there will be no star-struck reaction from me. [8D]

For now, I'll just go with the idea they just admire those arch-angels. In which case, I have a question. In all my research, I couldn't quite find an arch-angel who was very like my Purple friend. She loves music, "resonance", is very protective, and gentle. She almost feels mothering, and quite a bit older than most of the others. Hilariously, she is determined to coach me in singing, as she believes making music, not just listening to it, is one of the ways people stay healthy. She is the word of caution and understanding all at once.
Does anyone happen to know a famous angelic/spirit example of this? :)

*phew* man I write long posts... Okay, I also wanted to say about what you said moonbeam, about there only being spirits with singular motives.. That is totally possible. If you think about it, our category of angel, demon, shadow, soul, its all just a way of defining one variety of motive and specialization from another. I believe each can become the other if it changes enough. I think angels and demons are the same beings, like two sides of the same coin.

My theory is that when they flip, and change into the other, they turn into a lowly form of that being, that doesn't have much power. Then they get caught in the cycle of growing through the ranks (hopefully) of the new side. But, what would happen if they balanced in the center? I've been playing around with the idea that maybe they would become something akin to a powerful dragon, the kind with mythic powers and universal knowledge and prophecy. Just an idea I'm throwing around.

Maybe spirits are all made of the same ether, and are inter-changeable, but there does seem to be some polarity between Angel-types and Demon-types.

More theory for later posts! But if there are more miracle stories, it would be wonderful to hear them. I know it makes me happy to remember them and share ^_^.