Panther Spiritual Guide

Okay, well, to start things off. I have a spiritual animal that is a panther. I believe in the native american way of life deeply. I started to connect with her more and more over the past few weeks. My spiritual teacher Red told me that he could feel her waiting for the right time to come out. He was noticing more and more that I was having feline characteristics of a huge animal. I already knew this, but decided, what the hell, might as well meditate, see what I get. As I meditated, I could feel her around me. The energy levels coursing through my body were unbelievable. I went to sleep that night and seen a large midnight black female panther roaming around, watching me with an unblinking stare. She was watching me, and although I wasn't scared, I was curious of her. I could feel a huge connection with her.

As the weeks pass, I'm having more and more abilities tuned because of her. I have even been able to go through my friends mind and pick up on certain memories. Although they are still foggy, (because I'm still learning) never the less, I can still do it. I have become more of a healer, tracker, and I'm able to pick up on people easier.

One night, me and my friend David were discussing her, amongst other spiritual things. We ended the phone call a little after 12am, yet 10 minutes later, he gives me a call saying he's feeling something bad is going to happen. Like... his heart is racing, there is something that shouldn't be around. I told him the most I could do was put a protection spell on him. He said it was better than nothing, yet my panther told me I was able to send her over there. She knew how much I liked David as a friend, and how much I cared about him. I never sent her anywhere before, yet as I sent her, a predatory feeling came through me. I could see through her eyes just as if they were mine. I could see the silvery glow on the leaves, the trees bending lightly in the wind, the pelican flag waving in the wind, etc. I could hear everything that was going on. There wasn't a shadow I couldn't see into. I seen her stalking through the bushes, silently scoping out the perimeter for what the cause was for David feeling uneasy. Earlier in the night, David meditated for the first time. I have the belief that if you send off energy, you will attract things. Whether good or bad, that's on them. If you're sensitive to them, they're sensitive to you. So, she found the source of the feelings. A male spirit was lingering around just trying to create havoc. It took him a minute to finally catch on to that he wasn't alone anymore. He got the point that she was much stronger than him. (A panther is a lot more fierce than lions or tigers even if they are smaller) He left, and she went to Davids window. She told me to ask him if he would allow her to come in. I asked him, and he said sure. I "seen" her go inside and go by his closet.

He goes "Is she by the closet?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Because my dog Lily just woke up, stared at the closet before barking"
I go "Yep, that's her."

I told him to put his hand out by the side of his bed. (My panther went to go stand by his bed to protect him while he sleeps) He said it was very cold, and I told him the reason why. I told my panther to lay down if she wanted. When she did, he said it got warmer because she moved. I told him to put his hand near the floor, and he said it was icy cold even though it's the summer time and his room is hot. He's like "Yo... that's just plain weird. Kind of creepy, but cool at the same time."

The more I send her out, the happier she is. If I don't, I'm keeping her caged up. Not a good thing to do to a full grown panther. Before, when she came out fully using my physical body, it would give me panic attacks because I was unwilling to let some one control my body. When she does come out, even if I consent, I still have the subconcience uneasiness. When she's out, it's like watching tv. I'm not in control, yet I see things, hear myself talk, etc. She's come out while I was on the phone with 2 of my friends. After she went back inside, they're just like "Alex, you better not be joking around with me. You're voice, personality, everything changed. It was like talking to a completely new person." I'm just like yeaaaah... uhhh... lol

At this moment, it's 60% me, and 40% her. Nowadays, we don't go through the whole panic attack to get her out sort of deal. She's as much part of me as I am of her. I'm taking on characteristics of her because she comes out occassionally. If I told you some of the things that I do nowadays, it'd weird you all out lol. I have a big thing for red meat now, and it's reaaaally good. Omg. <333 lol Not healthy for me, I know. Roast beef though does the trick. <3 Anyways. I was wondering if anyone else has ever came in contact with their spiritual animal to quite a degree as I have? I feel odd, but I'm able to do a lot more now. Anyways, that's about it for right now.
I know that I'm not changing into a panther in spirit, but we're growing extremely accustomed to each other. She won't put any source of energy, or even try to come out if I'm low ad need resting. She's extremely portective of me, and is always mindful of how much energy she puts out. If she does come out, she'll only stay out for 30 minutes max. At the slightest bit of feeling that I'm getting drained, she'll stop. She has a bit of an attitude lol, but she's extremely leveled, patient, and nurturing.

As for my behaviors, she slips in and out just for fun. I know her very well, and we sort of tune in and out of each other when we want. It's very weird and seems like it should only be in books or movies, but it's also a great learning experience for me.
She's the spirit of all panthers. She isn't just assigned to me, but part of her essence is with me. At first it was hard to handle her, but the stronger I got mentally, the better I was able to handle the energy, abilities, etc.

She is very protective, and gives me red flags when there is a certain situation she knows about. For instance, she put up a bunch of red flags with this guy Bobby, but I didn't pay attention to any of them. She knew what would happen, but it was a lesson I had to learn because I didn't heed her warnings. She puts certain people in my path so that I can learn lessons, and although she wants to rip bobby to shreds, she had to let what happened take its' course.

There are a bunch of names for them, and each person seems to think differently. There are a variety of different names for a guardian. There is also no writing any where, saying that a gaurdian can't take the form of an animal. A lot of us relate better to animals, and feel comfortable with them. Animals don't judge, they have no greed, lust, envy, etc. I definitely feel better having an animal as my gaurdian than a human. Humans make mistakes, animals have instincts. In reality, animals are smarter than people. People try and make animals speak the human language, or learn signals, etc. If we think we're so smart, why don't we try to relearn the animal language? I'm positive a long time ago, we had the connection with animals. Human nature nowadays ruined it. So, in my belief, if you're willing to speak the animal language, connect once again with the animals, then they'll come to you. That's my belief though. :)