Sleep Paralysis.. that weighted down feeling.

Sleep Paralysis
Often times We have questions about sleep paralysis or that scary weighted down feeling after being awakened in the night.. or upon drifting off to sleep.

All cultures seem to have a name for it and their own explanation for it.
(Wiki actually lists quite a few of them) If you scroll down you will see many different cultural explanations.

It is the feeling some of us get when we are awakened in the night..and we feel we cannot move.. we feel a heavy weight on our chest..our eyes are open.. we know we are awake..but we are stuck in a scary place.. we may see visions.. people.. hear noises.. voices.. things swirling around . and we cannot react to it..We may feel an intense energy vibration.. an adrenalin rush..

The more we fight it.. the harder it gets..the weight is worse.. the struggle is great.. we become even more frightened.
Oh my.. I am dying.. comes to mind.. I am being attacked by a demon.. a spirit.. a ghost..
Screaming out for help doesn't work because no one can hear you.. your voice will not produce any sound.
Your partner may be laying right next to you.. and does not know your plight. Or you might be completely alone..
Sound familiar?

Just know.. that this affliction is not exclusive to you.. it happens universally. Once I figured that out.. I felt better.. not that I wanted that to happen to anyone else.. Just the knowledge that I wasn't alone in this scary situation.. and other people actually survived to write about it..was enough for me to then find out what was causing it.. It calmed me to know that It didn't damage me..

The scientific explanation for it.. seems to be.. that our brains send out a chemical when we enter REM sleep..It does so.. so we do not hurt ourselves during dreams.. since it is obvious.. that some, or most of us.. dream very vividly.. and with movement.. so it would not be a good thing to act out what we were dreaming.. Sometimes.. we wake up during sleep, and our brains have not caught up with that we are still in a chemically induced paralysis.. our dreams may be still playing out .. the visions.. noises.. entities we would have kept inside our dreams.. now seem like they are in our rooms.. but we cannot move.. and we are frightened by these hallucinations.

Some attribute sleep paralysis partially to a prelude for an OBE.. When it happens prior to sleep, especially.. Vivid dreaming.. dreams of flying.. for example.. or dreams that are "just to real" often times are OBE's (Out of body experiences) I

When we get this "stuck" feeling before we drift off to sleep.. We may be relaxed enough to start to enter into an OBE.. we will feel a slight, then escalating vibration we feel it coming on.. and we don't know what it is.. our brain will our astral body starts to separate from our physical body.. In panicing.. it will throw out those paralytic chemicals to stop what it feels as a dangerous situation.. in doing so.. it may put us with basically one foot in the door of the astral plane.. and the rest of us still on this one.. if that makes sense.. But seeing that the door is now open.. we will hear sounds.. and have visions of what is on the other side.. Had we completed the transition.. we would not have felt that panic.. and things would have went more smoothly.

The more we struggle in fright.. the more chemicals our brain sends out to try and fix the problem..The brain thinks.."danger.. stay here" kind of like being paralyzed in fright.. a deer in the headlights kind of response.
The adrenalin response flows.. out of fear.. our fight or flight need.. battles with the brains attempt to keep you in one the more we struggle.. the worse the battle seems.

The key is knowledge.. Knowledge that you will not die.. You will not be hurt.. and the longer you fight it.. the longer the situation loops itself. If you relax.. be calm.. it will subside.. and you might just find that you now have the ability to step across that plane into a new place.. you will find yourself floating up and out of yourself.. There still is no need to be afraid..because if you do step out and into an OBE.. no other being can step into your body.. they remain connected.. any distubance around your physical body will be heard and felt.. no matter how far away you travel.. you will return.

I think the only way you could possibly die.. is if you had a physical health problem such as a heart condition.. where being overly frightened.. could cause a heart attack... which is why I cannot stress enough.. to calm your will be and are ok.
I think it took me like years..... to figure out if I relaxed, and stopped being afraid.. that having the feeling could be actually quite plesaant..and it caused me to move on to be able to have OBE's at will instead of whenever my spirit decided it for me.

I am not going to go into a long drawn out narrative how I got to the place I am with OBE's..but I hav had them since I was a child... I just couldn't control it... not like I can now as an adult.

I found that for me Keyword being for me.. the feeling of sleep paralysis was the prequil to an OBE.. (most of the time) and if I quit fighting.. I could move on to the next level. without just either finding mysef there.. or wearing myself out trying to kick myself awake.. or chanting.. or screaming.. without a voice.. I found that whatever I tried to chant.. (some people pray) would jumble up and I couldn't say the words.. or even think them.. everything scrambled... which would make me even more fearful...

Once I relaxed and waited.. I would find myself on the ceiling above my bed.. and then I would roam around my room, and the house.. or I would sit up inside myself.. or pick up my legs or arms.. just getting the feel of it.. then eventualy moving on to another level.. and out into the world.. finally making myself able to go where i wanted in an instant.. when I wanted.

The thing about you, and the ability to see spirits..which I can too but not to that degree.. some times spirits will come and visit and cause that feeling of sleep paralysis.. if one is not adept at OBE.. make sense? I know this because I have visited people during OBE and caused them Havoc because they were asleep, and the call of spirits gave them SP.. sigh.

Also other level spirits,, the ones we don't want around us.. can see ability as a beacon.. so be careful..I have had problems in that sense in life.. with a spirit who will not go away.. and did doninate a huge part of my life for a long time. causing lack of sleep, and affected my life outside of sleeping..

I had to laugh at your discription of the lady. I can see her in my minds eye.. a fervent christian woman yelling at you for disturbing her patient waiting. LOL not funny but funny.
Much peace to you AES