Tennessee Haunts

-Sullivan County News, Blountville.
627 Central Avenue, 423-323-5700
Haunted by a spirit some call George.

-Parran House, Bolivar.
Location unknown.
A ghost can be seen in the rocking chair on the front porch here at the Parran House. You'll need to ask around in town as I was unable to find an address.

-Carnton Plantation, Franklin.
Not only was Historic Carnton Plantation a field hospital during the Battle of Franklin, but it was also a profitable, large-scale farming operation established in 1826 by Randal McGavock, a former mayor of Nashville. The plantation was the home to several generations of the McGavock family and the African-American families who lived as slaves on the property. Gun shots, drum beats, voices and the sound of running footsteps have been observed here.

-Radisson Read House, Chattanooga.
The Read House Hotel & Suites is a Historic Hotel of America and is listed in the National Registry of Historic Places. Winston Churchill, Andrew Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and numerous other political dignitaries and entertainers have stayed at the hotel because of its charm and elaborate antebellum architecture and decor. The hotel has ten unique floors all honoring a different battle of the Civil War. Built in 1927, the hotel has retained its period architecture and has been beautifully restored to its original details. Room 311 is said to be haunted by the spirit of a prostitute murdered in the room by a Civil War soldier.

-The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis.
The ghost of a twelve-year-old girl killed in a car accident near this theater in 1921 seems to be attracted to the site. She is most often seen sitting in Seat C-5 and wearing a white dress. Actor Yul Brynner saw her when he performed here in The King and I. In 1977, the cast of Fiddler on the Roof saw her so many times that they held a seance in the balcony to contact her spirit. Audience members saw her apparition during an organ concert in April 1979. Employees have gotten used to working around the ghost of the little girl named Mary and take all the strange events and harmless pranks in stride. When a parapsychology class from Memphis University investigated the site in 1979, they found evidence of at least six other ghosts haunting the old playhouse.
The little girl was run down on Beale Street. Orpheum Theater, 203 South Main Street, Memphis, TN 38173. Further information is available from the Memphis Development Foundation, P.O. Box 3370, Memphis, TN 38173. Phone: 901-525-7800

-East Tennessee State University Campus, Johnson City.
1) Women's Residence Hall haunted by the spirit of a young boy that died in the elevator. He often can be hard bouncing and dropping what sounds like marbles about the hall.
2) Haunted by a janitor who had a heart attack as well as a six year old girl who died of pneumonia.
3) Gilbreath Hall, which is one of the original buildings, is said to be haunted by a spirit students call "Uncle Sid". A caretaker, he closes windows and doors when storms are moving in.
4) Burleson Hall is haunted by a former teacher who allegedly killed herself on grounds.

-Wesleyan College, Athens.
Ever since the 1850s, the campus has been situated on a hill within the city limits of Athens. Today the College occupies a forty-acre tract of land two blocks north of the courthouse square. Near an area where two old trees grew side by side for over a century, some students have reported hearing strange voices and seeing dark figures moving about. It's rumored two star crossed lovers are buried here.

-Trahern Theater, Austin Peay State University, Clarksville.
Here at the Austin Peay State University, the third floor and stage area are haunted by a spirit some now call Margaret. She plays with the elevators, bangs on lockers and, if you're up late at night, some say she calls out your name.

The Big South Fork National Park, Rugby.

Historic Rugby
This utopian community was founded in 1880 by the English social reformer Thomas Hughes. The ghostly presence of its former residents has been detected many times by employees and tourists here. Room 13 of the old Chaucer's Tabard Inn was haunted by the ghosts of the married couple that managed it. The husband slit the throat of his wife as she lay sleeping in their bed, then took his own life with a gun. Years later, when the inn caught fire and burned down, his suffering spirit cried out from the room, which was the last to be consumed by the flames. Some of the furniture from Room 13 was saved and moved into the new inn, called Newbury House. Guests there have reported being awakened by the figure of a man leaning over their beds. In the 1960s, another ghost started to make itself felt at Roslyn, one of the private residences in the compound. The apparition of a hawk- nosed woman in an old-fashioned dress walks the halls and sobs. The glowing ghost of a tall man wearing a shroud has been reported in an upstairs bedroom. A phantom carriage with four black horses and a ghostly driver is sometimes seen rolling along overgrown High Street, which runs in front of Roslyn. A snoring ghost who pulls the covers off freshly made beds has been detected in the Kingstone Lisle House. The ghost of Eduard Bertz, a perfectionist German librarian, is sensed during the twilight hours in the Thomas Hughes Free Public Library. The original seven thousand volumes of the Victorian Collection, which he organized from 1881 to 1883, are still housed at the library.
Historic Rugby is in northeastern Tennessee. Take U.S. Highway 27 north from I-40 at Harriman. Follow U.S. Highway 27 to Elgin and go west seven miles on Highway 52 to Rugby. The town is near the Big South Fork National River Recreation Area. The library is on Central Avenue in Rugby. The mailing address is Historic Rugby Incorporated., P.O. Box 8, Rugby, TN 37733. Phone: 423-628-244

-Mount LeConte, Gatlinburg.
Most of the sites I found have this listed as Mount LeConte - as listed above - but I do believe it is the Mount LeConte Lodge based on the haunting information provided. Mount LeConte is just that, a mountain. So, I have the link for the lodge listed above. Some say that, at 3:33am on the dot, a small girl will appear and sit on the end of the bed in one of the guestrooms here.

-Opryland Hotel USA, Nashville.
Haunted by a spirit called Ms. MaGavock.

-Bijou Theater, Knoxville.
803 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902-1711
Once said to be an army hospital many years ago, the Bijou is haunted by an unknown man. Voices and sightings have been reported.

-Riverfront Plantation Inn, Dover.
The original home was constructed in 1859 on a 1257 acre tract of land owned by J.M. Scarborough. J.M. Scarborough was born is 1823 in Stewart County, he attended Dover Academy and at the age of 24 began to study law and was admitted to the bar in 1850. He married Mary Graham in 1852 and they reared 11 children. He served as mayor of Dover and Judge of the County court. In 1871 he served one term in the lower house of the state legislature. The sound of doors opening and soft crying can be heard here.

-Old Brister Library, U of M, Memphis.
Raped and murdered in the tower of this old library, the spirit of a young female student is not at rest. She has been seen by many custodians and appears to be a normal student who just "vanishes" in thin air. Also, she can often be heard screaming for help within the building.

-Shipley Hollow, Sale Creek.
For over a century, a white glowing figure has wandered this haunted road which stretches from Mill Dam on Daughtery Ferry Road, right off of Highway 27, and continues on through Shipley Hollow Road. He's even been known to join in on a few hayrides and horseback rides uninvited.

-Smith Trahern Mansion, Clarksville.
Spring & McClure Streets, Clarksville, TN 931-648-9998.
The mansion was built by Christopher H. Smith, noted tobacco exporter and businessman, in 1859. The home reflects the style between Greek Revival and Italianate popular in the 1850s. It is believed that architect Adolphus Heiman designed the building. The mansion is significant because of its association with the pre-Civil War tobacco industry in Clarksville. It features a unique "widow's walk" on the roof. In 1988 the mansion was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mrs. Smith, who lost her husband in a river accident, can still be seen walking the widow's walk or standing on the balcony awaiting her lost love.

-Tuckaway Hall, Sewanee University, Sewanee.
Built in 1929 and completely renovated in the summer of 1999,Tuckaway Hall originally served as the Sewanee Inn. This men's dormitory is famous for its front porch, rocking chairs, fishbowl common room, and colorful ghost stories.

-Clement Hall, University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin.
Reportings of odd happenings in the restroom on the fourth floor of Clement Hall. Said to be haunted by a student who killed herself here. Interesting note; the annual Haunted House is help here...but NEVER on the fourth floor.

-Shiloh National Military Park, Shiloh.
In the old caretaker's home, doors and cabinets open and close on their own.

-The Old Stone House, Millenium Manor, Alcoa.
Millennium Manor was built from 1938 to December, 1946, by William Andrew Nicholson and his wife Fair. They had moved to Alcoa, Tennessee, from Pickens County, Georgia, where he was a mason and carpenter. In 1937 he got a job with the Alcoa plant as a replacement for striking workers. Mr. Nicholson started construction of Millennium Manor at the age of 61 while maintaining a full time job at the Alcoa plant across the street. The spirit of Mr. Nicholson is said to haunt here, still building onto his home even to this day.

-Rocky Top Village Inn, Gatlinburg.
311 Airport Road, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
A multiple murder occurred in the old office located in back of the building here. Some say you can still hear the spirits screaming and apparitions have been seen in the parking lot and around the fountain.

-Old Grey Cemetery, Knoxville.
Old Gray Cemetery, 13 acres of beauty and history, is over 150 years old. Although the land was purchased in 1850 the cemetery was not dedicated until 1852 when the first 40 lots were sold at public auction. Today Old Gray clearly depicts Knoxville's history as well as the Victorian era and provides an important example of cemetery planning and design during the rural-cemetery or garden movement. Old Gray Cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places. Said to be haunted by a shadowy figure that can be seen moving through the tombstones at night.

-Overton Park, the Lake, Memphis.
1928 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104. 901-274-6046
Nearly 40 years ago the body of a woman dressed in a blue dress was found in the lake. She had been raped and stabbed. No one knows if there is a connection, but a spirit in a blue dress can be spotted here walking the south side of the lake. She reaches out an arm, as if looking for help, but it you approach her she will vanish.

-Cragfont, The Winchester House, Sumner County, Castalian Springs.
Two hundred years ago construction commenced on the manor house at Cragfont. Upon its completion, in 1802, it was truly the grandest house east of the Appalachians. One can only imagine the significance this house held for the people in the area at that time. In 1798 it had been three years since the last vicious Indian attack which touched nearly all the pioneers in the area. General Winchester's decision to build such a magnificent house demonstrated his intention to stay in a wilderness where many wanted to give up and move to safety. Strong energy levels reported in the master bedroom and nursery here.

-Lakeshore Asylum, Knoxville.
Take a look at the website above. It talks about a movie that was based on the Lakeshore Asylum. Pretty freaky stuff!

-Ft.Donelson National Battlefield, Dover.
The morning of February 14, 1862 dawned cold and quiet. Early in the afternoon the stillness was broken by a furious roar, and the earth began to shake. The Union gunboats were exchanging "iron valentines" with the 11 big guns in the southern water batteries. During this one and one-half hour duel the Confederate guns inflicted such extensive damage upon the gunboats that they were forced to retreat. The hills and hollows echoed with cheers from the Southern soldiers. Some say they celebrate even unto this day, as at night the dead soldiers and gun shots can be heard.

-Woodruff-Fontaine House, Memphis.
Molly Woodruff still haunts her bedroom, now known as the "Rose Room". She wanders the house, leaving impression in the bed covers, and even once appeared at the museum on opening day to let a docent know they had set the bed in the wrong spot. Also, on the third floor many smell cigar some from a yet unidentified visitor.

-Greenbrier Restaurant, Gatlinburg.
The ghost of Lydia still roams the old Greenbrier Lodge, now the Greenbrier Restaurant. Her spirit is often seen on the stairs of the second floor landing. Guests who eat here claim to see her small, sad figure wandering around. Others claim to feel her chilling presence. Visit the website above to read the entire legend.

-Baker Peters House, Knoxville
The historic, 161-year-old Baker-Peters House has seen it all. It's seen the tromping feet of the Confederate soldiers who used the house as a makeshift hospital. It's seen a fierce custody battle involving a gas station and numerous angry citizens. Some say it's even seen a ghost.

-Liberty Land Theme Park, Memphis.
A very kind man once operated the carousel in this park. When a child's balloon flew into the carousel one day, the man offered to retrieve it. He, however, forgot to turn the carousel off and was resultantly decapitated. It is said the man now roams around the attraction occasionally making his presence known.

-The Blackwell House, Bartlett.
Location not listed.
It is said that no family has been able to live in this exquisite home for more than a month or so. There are reports of a man walks through the house all night dressed in his Sunday best. It is said that if one drives by the house at night, either every light will be on or no lights may be on at all. There is one particular report of a family that awoke one night to find the lamp on the night stand on. They turned it off. An hour later, they woke up again to find this lamp on. This time, they unplugged it. A little while later, they saw the bulb glowing again, but the lamp was still unplugged. Suddenly, the bulb exploded into flames. The next day, they heard that Mr. Blackwell never allowed his children to sleep in the dark.