The Asian/Muslim Ghost

I traveled far and wide and experienced enough that no American ghost stories could ever spook me out. I lived many years around Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei where the majority are Muslims. As a skeptic I once was, I thought maybe its their Asian culture which made them to make up stories and folklores. I was so wrong.

First, let me define the Muslim definition of ghosts. Ghosts are either representations of satan or jin. Satan is the prince of darkness, or in their words, the followers of Iblis (Lucipher)-the angel who was banished from Heaven, and descended to earth. The reason being was because he was against the creation of Adam. Iblis was made by God from fire, while other angels were made from light. Iblis and his followers (satan) vows to bring destruction to mankind, make men disbelieve in God, and drag men into Hell with them after dooms day. Take note that satan has no ability to take away human life. They however could "interfere" our daily lives. The peak hours in which satan roam the earth is roughly an hour before and after the sun sets, and an hour before and after the sun rises.

Muslims believe that in the earth we are living, human, animal and plants aren't the only living organisms. There are jins. In fact, the population of jin is way greater than human being. They live in places unthinkable of the mind, like sewers, gardens, jungles, rivers, the ocean, the sky, and even our own home. They can take on any shape as they wish; human, animal, a monster or even invisible. Jins have smoke and dried bones as their food.

Rule no. 1, if you see or feel or smell the presence of a ghost, do not acknowledge their presence. Don't go like.."hey, what's that?" or "did you see what I see?" or "what's this smell?".

I ignored that warning. One night, I was walking back home with a bunch of friends after a really late supper (about 4am). We were talking and laughing when suddenly everyone became quiet except me. Then I smelled something strange. I asked them, "where this nasty smell is coming? what is this smell?". They kept quiet for a few minutes. Then a friend slapped me and said, "You're not supposed to say anything about that smell!" They then explained it was the smell of a kind of incense which is used to summon jin(s)! And so the nightmare for me begins. I started seeing things after that occasion.

Let me list down some popular shapes and forms of satan or jin.

1. The pinner - It pins us mostly while we are asleep. It applies pressure so great that you got awake from sleep only to find out you couldn't move your body! You'll feel the pressure on your chest, back, or side and you can hardly speak! Most of the time, it doesn't reveal its form but still, you could feel an erie presence around you.

2. The toyol - It takes on a shape of about a 5 month fetus. It has a round tummy, and it moves fast! Devil worshippers who own the toyol must feed their toyol by letting it suck blood from their toe every Thursday night. In return, the toyol would go steal money and give it to its master. Rumor has it that one can learn how to summon a toyol or even purchase one in Mecca.

3. The pochong - For an idea of how it looks like, have someone to wrap you from head to toe with a piece of white cloth. A white bedsheet should do the job. Keep your arms vertical and place your hands on your stomach. Tie both ends (above your head, and under your feet) and your waist with a string.Stand up, and jump around. A real pochong would sometimes be present everytime people mock them. The pochong is really agile and fast. Legend has it that if one captures a pochong and unties the string to reveal its face, he or she will obtain supernatural powers (black magic). Imagine the sound you make when you're jumping around in that thing..bupp..buppp..buppp.. can you imagine the real thing? Erie huh?A friend told me a pochong would sometimes roll rather than jumping.

I have encountered the pinner and the toyol while my brother saw a pochong. I'll share my accounts next time. I need to get some sleep. Good night! ZZzzzZZZz..