the science of things (that go bump! in the night)

This is the kind of question that I've wanted to post for a while, I've looked through some of the things here and didn't see anything that would answer it.

I'm sure this will sound contrived/made up to those of you who have actual hauntings going on or are psychic in some sense, I for the most part, am/do not.

Honestly this is the kind of thing that I enjoy thinking about, it keeps my interest, and gives my little white trash world meaning, after all; what was it Einstein said about the mysteries of the world being like a religious experience.

That is a good tie in to my question, it seems as though a lot of people refer to ghosts in a somewhat "other worldly" manner, but; I believe if they are truly interacting on our plane of existance that they to must subscribe to the laws of phisics, albeit a much bigger spectrum than what we come across in our every day lives.

So here are my questions,

1.) How do you think ghosts get around quantum mechanics, such as biolocation, or when they go through walls or other solid matter, is this a rearranging or atomic particles? Is it that they are pure energy? Are they using quantum teleportation (spooky objects at a distance LOL, Einstein said that was a theory that disturbed him.) Are they taking advantage of miniture worm-holes or some unknown force that we have yet to discover. Most scientists believe in Super symmetry, could it be like I infer from the topics here, that the dimension ghosts operate in is in fact under different physical laws of space and time even, to a degree when they are interacting with our physical world. Are we even sure that they are in any way removed from our physical world. Or are we removed from theirs, with people such as myself being insensative, having lost some form of second sight that would allow us to see spirits all the time.

2.) What is the correlation between electricity and ghosts? Examples are, EM detectors, hair standing on end, and cold spots (which not only occur when ghosts are around, but; also in the lab when scalar feilds are introduced into the environment, as a matter of fact; there are new refrigerators coming out which utilize microwaves to cool food instead of cooking it.) This could fit in with the idea of orbs, which may be some form of ball lightning (which interestingly enough are also created in the lab using microwaves) while they can be natural phenomena, they may also serve as a container, or magnetic bottle for a spiritual entity, perhaps that is why they glow.Perhaps it also explains the weird force which seems to "push you back" and the feeling of "being watched". It is well documented that such energy fields produce those kinds of feelings on the human brain.

Now I'm sure to have some of you thinking that I'm talking out my @$$, and others thinking that this kind of thing is a waste of time. I get that alot (usualy from the fairer sex) about wasting my time thinking about physics theories, when quantum geometry and spintronics don't seem to have alot to do with the every day order of things.(Ah, God bless the mediocre order of the mundane!)

For others, this post may just be sophmoric, in that it will make you have to hunt down your tesseract equations (please don't go to all that trouble.) I just feel that understanding the nature of ghosts is useful because I'll be one someday. Heck; if you think this is a wast of time you won't want to hear about my views on the psychology of ghosts (Everyone needs a shrink maybe if they gave them some Rimmerol they wouldn't be so anti-social.)

Speaking of spintronics (the name the established scientific community has given to the "Hutcheson effect") his "polterguiest machine" uses microwaves to cause the "magnetic moment" in

the particles he's manipulated, making them float or levitate, in addition to the other things he's been able to do.

I would like to hear theries from people, especially if they've interacted with ghosts. Even if you think they carry a hyper-dimensional drive in their pocket given out by the grim reaper upon their moment of expiration.