The Vineyard Ghost[s]: Maybe More Than One At Old Winery In France:


The Vineyard named "LE CABLEIREA" was opened in Early Summer in 1859-1860... THe precicse dates are unknown. It was first opened and owned by the "JASPAL" Family who Owned and ran it for 5 Gernerations. Until the last of thier line passed on in the 1970's. When the Vineyard was sold to a family called "HASSEL" who were German. They owned the vineyard up until 10yrs ago. When my Race Managers Friend and Step-Cousin "RAY HAGNORD" Bought it and ran it as a Vineyard until 2yrs ago when he passed away from Cancer or the Liver . ANd then PEITER took it over when he inherited it from Ray when he died. THEIR ARE : 4 Homes on the Property including the Main Estate home that was built in around 1870. And is still used as the Main House today ... After being Fully Restored by PEITER and his Wife MICHELLE just last year. They live their with their 5 children and several pets. The THREE OTHER HOMES : Include a Managers Cottage. (Whom is currently lived in by PEITER's Eldest and Married SOn DAVID and his wife JOSIE ... Who will both be the Vineyards Managers when its up and running) and 2 Workers Cottages... Of which have been fully restored and are currently being used as Visitors Cottages for Friends staying over. There is alos 4 Barns, 2 Cow Sheds (including Full Milking Facilities) and Paddocks. PEITER has recently Bought a small Herd of Cows to run on the Property. And some Horses for the family to ride. AND : There is also 2 Cottage Like Ruins on the Property... Which no-one really knows much of the past about.. But both seem to have quite a dark past.. As they are both haunted.

While staying at the VINEYARD during Pre-Season Testing for the racing year... I usually stay at our house in Cannes . But PEITER knowing I was a GHOST HUNTER TYPE . Asked me and my other half Sylvie to come and explore his property as both he and his family had been experiencing some odd activity's around the whole of the vineyard and buildings. So as we had little work do do in the first two weeks since being here. Thats what we have been doing.... Exploring PEITER's Vineyard... And Looking For GHosts..... SO HERE WE GO... WE FOUND A FEW... SO WE ARE LISTING THEM FOR YOU ALL TO READ ENJOY!!

- Ghost of a Woman around 30yrs old .. Seen bringing water from the unused well on the property up to the cottage's now none existant front door... She dissapears as she reaches the front door. Any Attempt to contact her is met with total ignoring of anyone who trys to talk to her... Possible she is a TIme Loop Ghost as she is seen doing the same activity's over and over several times a day.

- Two Children a Boy of about 14 and a Girl about 9-10yrs old can be heard then seen as you get closer to them.. Sitting under the ruined back porch of the Cottage reading a book out loud to each other... They are seen taking turns reading it to each other. The both speak in French. And neither pay any attention to anyone coming near them or talking to them... Though once we could have sworn that the girl stopped reading for a few seconds and looked up at us... But this is probably part of what she does as she made no acknowledgement of our presence. They are probably children of the Woman we have seen.


- A Large Brown and white dog sits tyed to the ruined front window ledge by a old rusty hook that is barely attached still to the frame... The Dog looks like a German Pointer or similar in Breed. A hunting type spaniel Dog. He is fairly large but not viscious looking. Dosent do much but look around him in a bored kind of dog way. At first when we saw him we thought he was one of PEITERS dogs KIRBY who looks nearly identical to him... Until we got close enough to him... TO see the Wall and window sill right through his form. We tryed to approach the dog.. Who soon as we got close enough to touch him.... He dissapeared right in front of our Eyes. It is possible that he may have belonged to the Game Keeper who used to live in the Ruined cottage in the 1940's.

- A Large Dark shadow Man can be seen around dusk moving around fron the side of the building to the back and back around to the front of the cottage again.. Doing a full lap. No features can be seen of this ghost.. Only that it is a Largish Vaguely Human Shaped Dark Shadow like Spirit. Have no idea who it is or was ... And none of us were game enough to go closer to it.. As we all felt really sick suddenly when It showed itself to us. We tried several dusks to get closer to it when we saw it moving about and each time we suddenly felt sick again. But were ok once we moved far enough away from it. Funy thing was we could all go right up to the cottage to see the ghost dog or explore the old ruin at anyother time of the day or night and we wouldnt get sick only when the Shadow Man was around. He freaked us all out so much we avoided the Cottage at Dusk after the forth day. He may have been the Gamekeeper but its doubtful he didnt die on the property.


- Cook in the Kitchen. A Large Built Elderly Woman in her 50's. Can be seen very early in the morning. Her apperance is followed by the smell of fresh cooked bread. She has grey hair pulled into a bun. And is wearing clothing from around 1910-1915 era. And she will smile at you if you come into her line of sight. But never says a Word.

- A Man In His late 20's to early 30's is seen sitting in the Now Lounge room in the early evening. Seen several Times Reading the Newspaper and Smoking a Pipe. You smell the Burning Tobacco. When approached he will suddenly get up and walk out the room. If you follow him once you leave the room after him... You cant see him anywhere in the House. He just dissapears; If you wait a little while in the Lounge and pay no attention to where he was sitting... In about 5 -10 mins he will suddenly be back sitting on the chair again reading and smoking his pipe.

- Two Woman Sit in the Libary on the Second floor seen taking tea from a Tea Pot. Sitting at a Table that is as much of a Ghost as they are. They are dressed in 1940's style dresses and are overheard talking about the War Bonds.... And the English WAAF who are in town! Obviously woman from around World War II... They pay no attention to anyone who enters the room. And if approached ... Go about their conversation as if no-one is there.


- A Man In a Suit can be seen often sitting in a Ghost Rocking Chair in the Closed in Front Porch of the Cottage. He is well groomed. And has his hair parted in the middle and greased downwards in the 1920's style. He wears a ganster like Pinstripe suit in Black and wears balck and white shoes. He has a Breifcase at his side. He makes no attempt to talk to anyone.. But is known and has been heard to grumble something about someone being late and wasting his time... Under his breath. We have only seen him twice and for a very breif time. He checks his watch a couple of times and after he checks it the third time he suddenly shakes his head and dissapears.


- A Woman in her 50's is seen carring a Basket between the two cottages about 5-6pm most nights... She walks head held low and virtually shuffling along.. She goes from Cottage one up to cottage two... And Half way on her way back down to cottage one.. She will Dissapear. If approached she will look up quickly at you then down again and shuffle off faster... He face is badly scarred. Like she was burnt at sometime.



- The Cow Sheds are haunted by Several Ghost Cows.. And especially early in the Morning around milking time for PEITERS real life cows you can hear the Ghost Cows Mooing to be milked after PEITERS real cows are inside being milked. One of the Ghost Cows in Clearly Injured She lays on her belly with her back legs both out at odd angles.. And she is laying in the pasture next to the barm ... Looks like she has had a broken back or something. Its a horrible sight to see and the sound she makes really sends chills through you... Because you know she must have been in so much pain in the last part of her life... You want to help her but you know she is a ghost... But that painfilled Lowing she makes... Is very hard to listen to. I wonder how long she was left like that before someone helped her out of her misery. Their is also ghosts of 2 Calfs in the End stall of the Cow shed.. Both are very tiny and undersized... I have a feeling they were either early born seperate biths or Twins that didnt make full term ... Either way they just look at you sadly when you look over the stall door... They look very poorly indeed. Both are very undersized and very thin. And one of them breaths like it has problems breathing in and out . The other makes no noise but moves around very strangly... Like its legs arent working right. The poor little beggers.... I dont think they lived for very long... I think whoever had them just left them there unwanted until they passed on because they didnt look all that great even as ghosts.... There is also a Ghost Bull in the Old Bull Pen Paddock..Looks like a Large Black N White Friesian Bull. He just stands there and looks at you... He had very odd looking eyes that seem to glow in the dark. And he has very long horns that curve right up high over his head like a Longhorn Bull... Yes you can tell he is a Bull (No explantation needed is there) .... He also looks like he has several scars on his legs and several on his face and neck.. And a nasty looking old wound on his chest that almost looks like a burn scar. He looked well fed... But had a very pained look in his oddly glowing eyes.

- The Barn has 2 Ghost Horses.. Two Old Draft Horse Types.. That must have been old when they passed away. The show all the sighns of the older horse... Sway Backs, Little Bit Ribby looking, Hips Bones showing a bit to much. One is Dark Bay and the other is a Pure White horse with some very light Dapples in its coat. We tried to appoach the horses.. The grey moved his head towards us and looked sadly at us like he wanted company.. And the Dark bay made a Whickering Noise and Pinned his ears back. Then both dissapered only to re-appear in about 5mins ... They are both Loose in old Looseboxes.. One Wears a Old Halter.. The other on older stlye Blanket. We left them some food and water... Ghosts or not we still care about them.Later we went back the next day and the Grey/White Horse had something that freaked us out a bit... A Tiny Foal next to its side... Also a Ghost (Of Course) but the tiny nearly black foal looked very frail and thin... I was wondering why we hadnt seen it the day before but then I realised that we hadnt got as close to it the day before ... So it must have been hiding next to its mother so we couldnt see it. I have a feeling this foal didnt make it past a few weeks old. As its mother seemed to also be quite old as aGhost Horse. Im starting to think that whoever owned these animal ghosts when they were alive didnt look after them well ... As they all look either worn out or underfed . And some of them look like they were suffering quite alot... Even in death as ghosts.

Al of the ghosts sound pretty normal, spare the ghost cows to whom i salute you since ive never heard of ghost cows before in my life.

the shadow man sounds like a revenant, most shadow people arent known for causing sickness and fear but revs fill all categories. they are harmless just really scary and disconcerting

the children are interesting and sound a bit like the chef woman, maybe they are sensing you as ghost and vice versa in that kinda cirlce

as for the man in the black suit, he is a documented reaper. known to be very well groomed, always wear black and white as though attenting a funeral and have a watch that he always checks before the intented dies. reapers are only seen around the dead so there is no wonder he appears in so many ghost stories:P

thanks for letting me contribute, stay away from the rev unless you like being scared and be respectful to the reaper he has a depressing job

oh and once again congrats on the ghost cows you've made my week

Cassiel, I thought to that the man in the Suit may have been a Reaper. If he is he isnt the first one Ive met. But the only one Ive seen on more than one occasion. At least he looked a bit more friendly than the first one I came across. He acts very oddly to and out of time with the rest of the world. My thoughts of him being a reaper may have been confirmed a few days later when PEITERS Step Mom Died while we were at the vinery. And after that we didnt see him anymore. We either thought he was a reaper or a short line stay Ghost who stays only a few days visible in the world to others.... And then doesnt. PEITER'S Step Mother Lives near by but not at the Vinery.