THREE MEDITATIONAL TECHINQUES (spirit guide, past life, astral projection)

I know of at least one person who once asked how they would find their spirit guide and or learn how to Astral project yourself, and I was reading one of my books and came across this section of it, and it is a meditational method on doing so.

so for anyone who would like to try it, here it is...


To begin, light a green candle which will signify healing, relax your body by laying down in a position that is comfortable for you. Slowly relax yourself starting with your feet and work it upwards. Keep breathing deeply and regularly and when you reach your head and the roots of your hair, you are ready to begin. In your mind's eye, take yourself to a seashore, and visualize yourself leaning your back againest a palm tree, your feet are buried in the white sand, and the sun is on your face...while you are in this state, demand that out of the shadows your guide will appear to you. Let them know that you are ready for them to sit down with you and to talk to


Relax your entire body, as with the first meditation, start from your feet and work it all the way up your body, breathing deeply and regularly, when you are totally relaxed, in your mind take yourself back to any age that you feel comfortable with. Keep going back in your life with 10 year intervals, focus on specific incidents, it doesn't matter how important or trival they are. Now, take yourself back to your conception, and they mentally ask to go back through a tunnel of time into a valid past. your tunnel is white and you are bathed in purple light, with that, picture yourself looking at a map. One place on that map will jump out at you, no matter how silly it seems, go with your first impression, try to leave the word imagination out of it, and just go with your first impression, then begin to ask yourself questions such as.."Do I feel male or female? Am I young or old? Where do I live? am I rich or poor? what is my name? Is there anyone with me in this past life that is with me in my present life? Ask as many questions as you can think of , and just go with what comes as the answers. Make a mental note ahead of time to remember this "journey", and wirte it down in a journal afterwards. Also, while in your past life, ask that all negitive cell memories that you may have carried over be dissolved in the white light of Holy spirit, and ask that all positive cell memories from your past lives be brought foward. Also add that any pain that should be tended to by a physician will NOT be alleviated so that you can and will be responsible for getting it taken care of.


This techinque works best at night, as with the other two methods, relax and start with your feet, working your way up the body until you are completely relaxed, surrounding yourself with the white light then think to yourself, by your own will, you are leaving your body. Visualize that you are outside and above your body now, and then leaving your body behind, go off in another direction, keeping in your house, go to your bathroom or kitchen, and noticing every detail, keeping in mind that it is the will of your soul that creates Astral projection.

If you do this technique every night for a week or more, you may come to a point where you will feel your body vibrate, and that is when most people become afraid, but if fear creeps up, say to yourself.."With the help of God, my spirit guides and my angels, I will make a "fast" exit, if you hear a pop and feel air rushing, that means you are now out of your body.

after several nights of staying close to your body, you may feel comfortable enough to go to another place, ask to go to the other side, and do not worry about not being able to come back, the silver cord that binds us from our mortal world, from the other side will not be broken, Ask to go to the Hall of records, and ask that your spirit guide show you your life themes. When you are ready to come back, ask that it is an easy reentry into your body.

For some people these techniques will work, but don't be upset if you keep doing it and nothing happens, because all in all, you are opening your crown charka to receive telepathic knowledge directly into your mind, this is called infusion, and don't be suprised that even if this does not work, as you expected it too, when you go to sleep at night, you may dream a very detailed dream of a past life.

I hope this bit of information helps those who are seeking to know their spirit guides, or find out about their past lives, or want to learn to Astral Project.