Vampires: Etheric Revenants or not?

There has been a great debate in the past on these boards about vampires. This thread will serve 2 purposes.

1.) to give an alternative theory to the notion that true vampires are either
A.) The walking dead come back to drink the blood of the living.
B.) Humans who have had some unknown agent introduced to their bodies that both changed their metabolisms to be able to only digest blood, & have given them the superhuman powers of unnatural longevity, toughness, strength, quickness, etc., etc.

2.) The imaginings of simple folk to account for natural occurences such as death, decay, & disease.

A short background of how I came to this knowledge is in order so that those who read this understand that I'm not simply speaking out of my backside.

Ever since I can remember I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal, magick, & occultism. When going to elementary school & middle school I acquired several books on vampirism, werewolves, & hauntings & practicly memorized them, I was so interested in the subject matter. While this in itself means no more than that I have a keen interest in such things, it did lead me to the eventual study of real magick. At the age of 16 I came into contact with a local new age shop called "Wizards General Store", where I first witnessed real magick in action. Unfortunately there was an actual magickal battle going on at that time between the proprietors main student & a rival of his.

Now before you start thinking I'm talking about fireballs & lightningbolts as per dungeons & dragons, real magickal battles rarely leave any physical trace whatsoever but can be detected by a "thick" atmosphere which is difficult to describe. However in this particular instance there actually was at least one physical phenomena of the battle going on.

As an example there was water driping from a fluorescent lightbulb where non should have been. At any rate I asked the proprietor if she would teach me & she gave me a resounding no. This was apparently because her main student had turned out to be a bad apple & she was afraid of a recurrence. I have since learned to appreciate the fact that she turned me down because there were many flaws in her teaching that accounted for the poor moral decisions of her student.

However one good thing did come out of this. I was introduced to the Golden Dawn teachings. These were the very tools I was looking for because up until then all I had done was manage to get a hold of some basic books on wicca, herbal magick, & the like. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, only that the Golden Dawn teachings & natural magick are very far removed in technique, & in my opinion effectiveness.

To work real magick requires a very disciplined mind & a strong will. The Golden Dawn excelled in this area. So my self training began. I got everything I could get on the GD & other materials relating to the western mystery tradition from which it sprang. Devouring book after book, building up my understanding of exactly what it was, how it operates, what to expect, etc.

So I began my practice. Sticking to the instructions as much as possible though admittedly I was somewhat lazy in the beginning. Very soon I started to get results from my daily practices & I gave it a devotion that would make the most pious priest jealous. Things began to go my way where they hadn't before, my outlook became positive where it was negative, bad things would pass me by where I would be the first affected. I was a new man. Born again even.

It was some time before I actually tried to make something really happen with magick but eventually I had to put to test what I had learned to make sure it was't some sort of mind trip. Now before I tell you what it was I want you to realize that I'm telling you this so that you know I'm being completely honest with you about this thread.

So what was it that I magickly made happen? I made an ounce of marijuana show up for a friend of mine. She had been trying to get an ounce for a certain price & all of her sources were out. So I did a ritual for here & the very next day I was told that a friend of hers who she hadn't talked to in quite some time called her out of the blue & asked her if she wanted to buy an ounce for the exact price she was requesting!

Now I want to make it clear, I used to smoke pot, but I do not do it any longer. I also do not condone the use drugs for recreational purposes or ritual purposes either for those who may want to know. It's been my experience that they can & do contribute to uncontrollable energy surges in ritual & therefore are quite dangerous. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or they have never generated intense magickal energies before!

Once again this was told to you to show you to what extent I'm trying to be completely honest with you about the subject matter to follow. This is not something I like to talk about but I detest lies & those who woulld perpetuate untruths for whatever purpose. At any rate over time I have found that magickal theory is very accurate as to how things work paranormally. I have had repeated success with magick & have seen things that others would not believe including many here whether they would say so or not.

Out of those many books on occultism & magick I've read, the first book that got me to thinking about vampires from an occult perspective was "Vampires the occult truth", by konstantinos. Now Konstantinos strikes me as somewhat of a charlatan & most of his material I wouldn't recommend. But he made some very good points about "undead vampires" being etheric in nature. Things that not only made sense from an occult perspective but things that I had found to be true in practice about etheric energy. Actually energy is a misnomer because the etheric world partakes of both the essence of energy & matter but more of that later.

So any way at a later date I recieved a copy of John Micheal Greers book "Monsters".Vampires were the first monster mentioned in the book & he took the stance that vampirism was a result of an etheric revenant. He went so far as to list why some of the traditional methods of destroying a vampire would work from an occult perspective. Again it made absolute sense. He also made mention that the practice of mummification in egyptian times was the pregenitor of how vampirism came about. Once again it seems as though he struck the nail on the head. I know some of you are asking why so please be patient & all will be explained. If I forget to add something I said I would, please remind me & I will explain in a reply to this thread.

Ok let's sum up some of the knowledge that I posses to see if I'm qualified to make an educated guess about the nature of vampirism.

1.) I have a pretty thorough knowledge of vampirism in history
2.) I have extensive background into occult theory, practice, & phenomena.
3.) My ideas are backed by previous authors who also have extensive backgrounds into related areas who support my position.

Lastly though it has nothing to do with my qualification to write on
this subject, I have demonstrated how honest I'm trying to be in relating to you what I see as facts though they may not be able to be recognized as such with current scientific tests ( this last part is not entirely true as many scientists simply refute evidence of this nature not on scientific evaluation but on personal OPINION).

Now I will list some definitions of magickal theory so that understanding what is to follow will be much easier.

THE ASTRAL LIGHT: This is commonly called the astral plane but the term "plane" is not entirely correct as there are no dimensions to this "region" of the unseen universe. This is the realm where the blueprint for physical manifestation occurs. It is the womb from which physical existence arises from.

THE ETHER: This is the substrata of the astral light & is the closest "spiritual" thing to the physical world that there is. In fact things of an etheric nature can have DIRECT affects upon physical matter. This will be important later on when speaking about etheric revenants as you will see. This is also what some people see as the AURA. You cannot see purely astral images with the eyes as it's not physical in nature.

THE SECOND DEATH: The second death is what is termed when the etheric components in man break down & are seperated from the other spiritual constituents in man. This generally occurs very soon after physical death.

ETHERIC REVENANT: This is a human who has somehow avoided the second death & therefore maintains all spiritual constituents intact including what is commonly called the mind. It is an abomination to the natural order of things & is always evil or soon becomes that way if it maintains it's existence for long. They are the most dangerous human "spirits" that anyone will ever encounter. Physical objects can be manipulated by these beings though in general they wish to conserve energy to sustain themselves. Therefore the only time they will attack other than trying to syphon lifeforce from a person is if they are somehow threatened with the second death or they are put into a position where there is potential threat of being found out.

Ok now that the definitions are out of the way I will go through several historical examples of actual cases of vampirism & show you how well the idea of an etheric revenant applies. All histories have been taken from a website called "The Forsaken" though they are not plagiarised because they have been around for many centuries. Let's start with a tough one. My words will appear in red.

The case of Peter Plogojowitz

"Peter Plogojowitz's case is really quite remarkable due to the fact it is one of the first well-documented cases, while showing a lot of the classic patterns of vampire folklore, and includes occasional misconceptions. For example, the information surrounding Peter Plogojowitz's village, which is usually identified as Hungarian, however Kisilova was in fact located in Serbia. This fault in information is attributed to the confusion of the political situation at the time. Not to forget that vampirism typically occurs as a plague or a transaction if you will, and not from an ordinary mortal death, suicide cases seem to be the most popular for arising from the grave as a Vampire(It needs not be said that there is a popular theory of ghosts arising in such a manner as this because of intense emotions at the time of death), although they are documented as suicide cases we must not rule out the possibility that maybe they where not suicides. Attached is the Peter Plogojowitz report, which was recorded by a contempory official in 1725.

After a subject by the name of Peter Plogojowitz had died, ten weeks past - he lived in the village of Kisilova, in the Rahm District - and had been buried according to the Raetzin custom, it had been revealed that in this same village of Kisilova, within a week(Notice the short time frame between burial & vampiric activity. If vampires are in fact etheric revenants, this would be good evidence, because it would be at about this time that the second death would be rapidly approaching for the individual. However no exact time frame can be given as this would depend on how strong the etheric force was in the human), nine people, both old and young, died also, after suffering a twenty-four hour illness( 9 people died, again this is suggestive of just how low the etheric force was before vampirism occured. He needed massive amounts of it to not only bring himself up to somewhat normal levels but to continue his vampiric activity. There would be a constant loss of vital force for the would be vampire from the moment of physical death onwards until the second death occured.). And they said publicly, while they were yet alive, but on their death-bed, that the above-mentioned Peter Plogojowitz, who had died ten weeks earlier, had come to them in their sleep, laid himself on them( This sounds remarkably like what is called "old Hag syndrome" where the subject feels a weight upon there chests which is also related to vampirism in the fact that many people report a loss of energy after such attacks.), so that they would have to give up the ghost. The other subjects were very distressed and strengthened even more in such beliefs by the fact that the dead Peter Plogojowitz's wife, after saying her husband had come to her and demanded his opanki, or shoes, had left the village of Kisilova and gone to another.( How did he do this with his body still in the grave & unable to escape? An etheric revenant could but obviously not a corpse. Also if he was very attached to his shoes in life this would give him a stronger connection to the material plane. There were also more people in town however, so why did he have to go to another? Simple the rest of the villagers were protected from him by various means & therefore could he could not enter there homes! This is bared out by the fact that it states "The other subjects were very distressed and strengthened even more in such beliefs". The barrier of their auras was too strong for him to penetrate. Also it specificly mentions he attacked both YOUNG & OLD. In other words those who had weakened auras! Any natural predator takes advantage of the weak first.

And since with such people (which they call vampires) various signs are to be seen - that is, the body undecomposed, the skin, hair, beard, and nails growing ( part of this is the natural process of decay, however an etheric revenant seems to be able to slow the process down to some degree or at least vampirism occurs more where the body is mummified through natural means or man mad. This is because the natural process of decay destroys the metabolic actions of the cells. If the body decays severly, in general there is nothing for the etheric body to cling to in order to maintain a hold in the material world & thus goes through the second death)- the subjects resolved unanimously to open the grave of Peter Plogojowitz and to see if such above-mentioned signs were really to be found on him. To this end they came here to me and, telling of these events, asked me and the local pope, or the parish priest, to be present at the viewing. And although I at first disapproved, telling them that the praiseworthy administration should first be dutifully and humbly informed, and its exalted opinion about this should be heard, they did not want to accommodate themselves to this at all, but rather gave this short answer: I could do what I want, but if I could not accord them the viewing and the legal recognition to deal with the body according to their custom, they would have to leave house and home, because by the time a gracious resolution was received from Belgrade, perhaps the entire village - and this was already supposed to have happened once before under the Turks - could be destroyed by such an evil spirit, and they did not want to wait for this. This would be the case since the would be vampire would need a continous supply of etheric energy to sustain themselves. Even the most determined villager would not be able to hold out forever against the various assaults it could make. It would simply feed from other sources that were not as good like animals, certain plants, excrememt, etc. Until the villagers dropped their defenses. Also when someone's etheric energy is syphoned from them, there is a tendency to replenish it by syphoning it themselves. This is called psychic vampirism & as you can see is related to true vampirism if the theory of etheric revenants is true.)

"Since I could not hold such people from the resolution they had made, either with good words or with threats ( there must have been a real & significant threat percieved for them to uproot themselves from their farms! Something people would be reluctant to do even during wartime. ), I went to the village of Kisilova, taking along the Gradisk pope, and viewed the body of Peter Plogojowitz, just exhumed, finding, in accordance with thorough thoughtfulness, that first of all I did not detect the slightest odor that is otherwise characteristic of the dead, and the body, except for the nose, which was somewhat fallen away, was completely fresh. The hair and beard - even the nails, of which the old ones had fallen away - had grown on him; the old skin, which was somewhat whitish, had peeled away, and a new fresh one had emerged under it. The face, hands, and feet, and the whole body were so constituted, that they could they could not have been more complete in his lifetime ( this is common in natural decay, however the lack of smell would indicate some degree of stasis or mummification ) . Not without astonishment, I saw some fresh blood in his mouth, which, according to the common observation, he had sucked from the people killed by him ( notice no mention of bite marks on the victims earlier in the report. It is assumed that they died from blood loss though none was reported. This is indicitive that it was something other than blood that they were losing. Furthermore blood from the mouth of a decaying corpse is nothing unusual. ). In short, all the indications were present that such people (as remarked above) are said to have.

After both the pope and I had seen this spectacle, while the people grew more outraged than distressed, all the subjects, with great speed, sharpened a stake - in order to pierce the corpse of the deceased with it - and put this at his heart, whereupon, as he was pierced, not only did much blood, completely fresh, flow also through his ears and mouth, but still other wild signs (which I pass by out of high respect) ( no one can say what these "wild signs" are but I speculate that since it happened after he was staked, that there was a release of gases that had built up in the body, which would have resulted in all kinds of rude noises. For reference, the stake was historicly used to pin the body to the ground so that it could not rise. There were innovations in staking though that could destroy an etheric revenant like a stake of iron. Iron will discharge a strong etheric pattern. This has been known for a very long time by magicians. it makes one wonder if someone didn't start to wise up in regards to what they actually were! ) took place. Finally, according to their usual practice, they burned the often-mentioned body, in hoc casu, to ashes,( Burning the corpse of an etheric revenant would be an almost sure fire way to rid oneself of the creature.) of which I inform the most laudable Administration, and at the same time would like to request, obediently and humbly, that if a mistake was made in this matter, such is to be attributed not to me but to the rabble, who were beside themselves with fear."

The case of Arnold Paole

"Arnold Paole was a Serbian soldier who lived in the early 1700s. While alive, he admitted that he witnessed and was part of some ghastly occurrences. Paole said that while he was in Gossowa(in Turkish Serbia), he was attacked by a vampire. ( Notice the proximity of geography in relation to the last case. While I do not say they are directly related, it points to 2 pieces of evidence that suggests the cause was etheric revenants. 1.) That vampirism is contagious via the loss of etheric energy & subsequent syphoning of someone elses etheric force in turn, & 2.) The little known fact that sorcery was very widely practiced in this area for quite sometime, which could also account for different cases of vampirism. ) The people of that time and era believed that the only way to rid oneself of a vampire was to eat some of the earth from its grave and smear oneself with the creature's blood. ( This is sympathetic magick. ) Paole claimed to have done just that ( This I feel is unlikely to accomplish any of that, rather it may actually make a connection stronger! It may also allow the victim some reprieve from attack by infusing the victim with some of the vampires etheric energy & thus drasticly slowing the rate of energy loss from the victim & simultaneously slowly destrying the vampire. It could also make an etheric revenant much more likely to feed, though I don't really know. ), although it is unclear how he obtained some of the vampire's blood, hell maybe he just asked.

In the spring of 1727, Arnold Paole returned from service in the military to settle in his home town of Meduegna, near Belgrade. He bought some land, built a home and established himself in the community. After a short time, he was engaged to a local girl whose father's land bordered his own, so then the two got married.

Paole told his wife that he was haunted by fears of an early death ( Is this because he was still being vampirised to some degree by the assailant? The sympathetic magickal link to it very well could do this. It would also most likely cause terrible dreams & psychological damage to Paole. ). In the military, he had been stationed in Greece ( Also a place where sorcery was very widely practiced ). Local beliefs were that the dead come back to haunt the living in the form of revenants or vampires ( It seems as though I'm backed up by history itself when they mention the word "revenant". ). While he was stationed there, he told his wife he had been visited by an undead being ( No mention of being bitten by a ravenous, bloodthirsty corpse, only a "visit" ). Afterwards, he hunted down the unholy grave from which the undead being had come, as was the local custom. He extracted his revenge upon the vampire by burning the corpse. However, the incident affected him so greatly that against the advice of his superior officers, he resigned from the military and went back home. ( Again it must have been drastic for him to leave the military. Going by how this is worded he was probably a junior officer & not conscripted, otherwise he would have had no chance to leave. This would mean there was probably some sort of pension involved & thus his superiors would have tried to convince him to stay. )

Shortly after his marriage, Paole fell from a great height while working on the farm, and was brought, unconscious, back to his home. He must have sustained internal injuries with the fall, for within a few days, Paole died and was buried in the town cemetery. A month after he died, there were several reports from people around the township who had seen Paole ( Again a short time after death, once again suggesting etheric energy loss. Remember how contagious etheric energy loss makes you? ). A few had even seen him in their own home, although these reports do not clearly state what he did while in these homes. For the most part, however, there was little panic stemming from these reports until a short time later ( This would be the case if he was reluctant to vampirise in the beginning, but conscious of his state he would realize he was quickly approaching the second death. He would have no choice but to continue to vampirise if he wished to "survive". ). Several weeks after the initial reports, most of the people who had claimed Paole had visited their home turned up dead for inexplicable reasons ( No mention of blood loss, they just seemed to die as would be the case if their vital force & not their blood were being syphoned away. ), and a group was assembled to exhume the body of Arnold Paole. ( Again the corpse was in the grave, it would have been impossible for him to have escaped physically but not ethericly. )

The group consisted of two military officers, two army surgeons, and a priest from the local church. When the group exhumed the body, they found a fresh corpse. There was no decomposition of the body whatsoever, it was undecayed, his skin and nails had fallen away and had been replaced by new skin and nails, and(of course)streams of "fresh blood" were flowing from his orifices, there was also fresh blood to be found on his lips . To rid themselves of the vampire, the villagers drove a wooden stake through Paole, and according to them, the vampire groaned ( More likely the groan of gas being expelled from his body which could be misinterpreted as a groan of pain. )and blood erupted from his body. The group then scattered garlic (you can see where Hollywood got the idea) around the remains, and did the same to each of the graves where Paole had sent his latest victims. [

All was quiet in Meduegna for several years until 1732, when there was another spate of inexplicable deaths. This time, the town took no chances and immediately sent out a group to the graveyard to investigate. The resultant report has ended up in many history books over time. It was signed by three renowned army surgeons and co-signed by a lieutenant-colonel and a sub-lieutenant. Of all the body they disinterred during the investigation, they once again found no less than 11 corpses which displayed the same marked traits as the Paole corpse. No decomposition, (although many had been interred several months previous to their inquiry), fresh skin grown, fresh blood in the arteries and in the heart. No explanation has been given for the later outbreak of vampirism, All though they believed that all of Paole's victims were also vampires, and to make sure the village was free from vampires for good, the hunters dug up those bodies as well and repeated steps 1, 2 and 3.

Several years later, another epidemic apparently broke out, because another vampire hunt occurred in the same graveyard. In the account we introduce the famous Visum et Repertum." ( All of the recurring vampiric activity suggest the reality of the method of vampiric transmission I noted above. )

Visum et Repertum

This is just a good example of how bad transmission of vampirism can be under the right circumstances via etheric energy loss. Notice the long list of officials who witnessed or presided over the whole thing. Do you think they would be there if something wasn't going on?

This could be classed as one of the most noteworthy instance's of vampirism has to be the ones associated with Arnod Paole in which has left his mark in history in the early eighteenth century. Might be of some interest to read the article on him first.

About five years after the death of Arnod Paole, seventeen deaths accrued under three months of suspected vampire attacks in the same small village. So on December 12th 1731, the Austrian Emperor ordered that Regimental Field Surgeon Johannes Fluckinger should carry out an inquiry into this matter. It is difficult to discard the report due to the fact it was signed be five officers that where in the army of Charles VI, Emperor of Austria, and three of them where doctors. It was theoretical that Paole was the original cause of these later events.

The following is translated from a text published in Nuremberg in 1732 and reprinted in Sturm and Volker's anthology, Von denen Vampiren oder Menschensaugern.

"1. A woman by the name of Stana, 20 years old, who had died in childbirth two months ago, after a three-day illness, and who had herself said, before her death, that she had painted herself with the blood of a vampire, wherefore both she and her child - which had died right after birth and because of a careless burial had been half eaten by the dogs- must also become vampires. She was quite complete and undecayed. After the opening of the body there was found in the cavitate pectoris a quantity of fresh extravascular blood. The vessels of the arteries and veins, like the ventriculis ortis, were not, as is usual, filled with coagulated blood, and the whole viscera, that is, the lung, liver, stomach, spleen, and intestines were quite fresh as they would be in a healthy person. The uterus was however quite enlarged and very inflamed externally, for the placenta and lochia had remained in place, wherefore the same was in complete putredine. The skin on her hands and feet, along with the old nails, fell away on their own, but on the other hand completely new nails were evident, along with a fresh and vivid skin.

"2. There was a woman by the name of Miliza (60 years old), who had died after a three-month sickness and had been buried 90-some days earlier. In the chest much liquid blood was found; and the other viscera were, like those mentioned before, in a good condition. During her dissection, all the haiduks who were standing around marveled greatly at her plumpness and perfect body, uniformly stating that they had known the woman well, from her youth, and that she had; throughout her life, looked and been very lean and dried up, and they emphasized that she had come to this surprising plumpness in the grave. They also said that it was she who started the vampires this time, because she had eaten of the flesh of those sheep that had been killed by the previous vampires.

"3. There was an eight-day-old child which had lain in the grave for 90 days and was similarly in a condition of vampirism.

"4. The son of a haiduk, 16 years old, was dug up, having lain in the earth for nine weeks, after he had died from a three-day illness, and was found like the other vampires.

"5. Joachim, also the son of a haiduk, 17 years old; had died after a three-day illness. He had been buried eight weeks and four days and, on being dissected; was found in similar condition.

"6. A woman by the name of Ruscha who had died after a ten-day illness and had been buried six weeks previous, in whom there was much fresh blood not only in the chest but also in fundo ventriculi. The same showed itself in her child, which was 18 days old and had died five weeks previously.

"7. No less did a girl ten years of age, who had died two months previously, find herself in the above-mentioned condition, quite complete and undecayed; and had much fresh blood in her chest.

"8. They caused the wife of the Hadnack to be dug up, along with her child. She had died seven weeks previously, her child - who was eight weeks old- 21 days previously, and it was found that both mother and child were completely decomposed, although earth and grave were like those of the vampires lying nearby.

"9. A servant of the local corporal of the haiduks, by the name of Rhade, 21 years old, died after a three-month-long illness, and after a five week burial was found completely decomposed.

"10. The wife of the local bariactar, along with her child, having died five weeks previously, were also completely decomposed.

"11. With Stanche, a local haiduk, 60 years old; who had died six weeks previously, I noticed a profuse liquid blood, like the others, in the chest and stomach. The entire body was in the oft-named condition of vampirism.

"12. Milloe, a haiduk, 25 years old; who had lain for six weeks in the earth, also was found in the condition of vampirism mentioned.

"13. Stanoika, the wife of a haiduk, 20 years old, died after a three-day illness and had been buried 18 days previously. In the dissection I found that she was in her countenance quite red and of a vivid color, and, as was mentioned above, she had been throttled, at midnight, by Milloe, the son of the haiduk, and there was also to be seen, on the right side under the ear, a bloodshot blue mark, the length of a finger. As she was being taken out of the grave, a quantity of fresh blood flowed from her nose. With the dissection I found; as mentioned often already, a regular fragrant fresh bleeding, not only in the chest cavity, but also in ventriculo cordis. All the viscera found themselves in a completely good and healthy condition. The hypodermis of the entire body, along with the fresh nails of hands and feet, was as though completely fresh.

"After the examination had taken place, the heads of the vampires were cut off by the local gypsies and burned along with the bodies, and then the ashes were thrown into the river Morava. The decomposed bodies, however, were laid back into their own graves. Which I attest along with those assistant medical officers provided for me. Actum ut supra:

"L.S. Johannes Fluchinger, Regimental Medical Officer of the Foot Regiment of the Honorable B. Furstenbusch.
"L.S. J.H. Siegel, Medical Officer of the Honorable Morall Regiment.
"L.S. Johann Friedrich Baumgarten, Medical Officer of the Foot Regiment of the Honorable B. Furstenbusch.
"The undersigned attest herewith that all which the Regimental Medical Officer of the Foot Regiment of the Honorable B. Furstenbusch has observed in the matter of vampires - along with both medical officers who signed with him - is in every way truthful and has been undertaken, observed, and examined in our own presence. In confirmation thereof is our signature in our own hand, of our making, Belgrade, January 26, 1732.
"L.S. Buttener, Leieutenant Colonel of the Honorable Alexandrian Regiment.
"L.S. J.H. von Lindenfels, Officer of the Honorable Alexandrian Regiment."

Ok I promised to explain the connection between mummification & vampirism as well as the occult effectiveness of various tools of the vampire hunting trade.

So let's travel back to ancient egypt for a moment. Mummies are made for one purpose & one purpose only. To give the the deceased a chance at an immortal existence. The belief was that upon death the deceased's BA ( etheric double ) could exist after death by feeding on various things. Food stuffs being the primary source but a hungry BA could feed off of anything that had residual etheric force like humans, animals, even dung. This food was delivered by family members to the tomb in regular intervals. This could only take place after mummification & certain magick rites were performed so as to give the BA a chance at existing beyond death, thus immortal life of sorts. However if the BA was not taken care of properly, it could turn into a vengeful ghost & attack the living.
Now egypt was immensely influential & it's not much of a stretch of the imagination that this technique of artificial immortality could have also influenced others to do the same. After all who wouldn't want to live forever? Even if it didn't have influenced anyone else (unlikely), others could have discovered similar methods. Those methods would have been practiced mainly by magicians & sorcerers as occult techniques would be almost essential for the process, at least in the beginning. After that mother nature kicks in & you have sort of a cascade effect.

Also of significance is that those accused of being vampires seem to be remarkably well preserved in relation to other corpses. At any rate there seems to be a fairly strong connection between mummies & vampires.

So what about vampire weapons, how do that work to effect an etheric revenant? Let's go down the list!

1.) THE STAKE: Actually this method is virtually worthless unless an iron stake is used to short out the etheric revenant.

2.) BEHEADING: Also not a real good choice. It doesn't really do too much as long as the main body remains intact.

3.)PLACING THE VAMPIRE FACE DOWN IN THE COFFIN & PUTTING THE SEVERED HEAD AT THE FEET: Once again you're not really taking care of the actual problem. Although it may be possible to confuse the etheric revenant for a short time. It's unlikely to do much in the long run.

4.) BURNING THE BODY: Very effective as there is no longer anything for the vampire to maintain connection with the material world. There are some ways around this, none of which will be explained here. Note how some cultures incinerate the bodies to ensure the soul goes free!

5.) HOLY OBJECTS: As the movies have surmised, this would depend greatly on the believer, but some objects that have been venerated for long periods may infact prevent attacks due to the incredible amount of psychic energy placed into them over long periods of time.

6.)HOLY WATER: Actual holy water is an etheric eraser. The 2 main constituents (salt & water) have been known for centuries to be effective against certain types of paranormal phenomena. Coupled with religious rites from a believer it can be a potent deterrent but not proof against such beings.

7.) GARLIC: Another etheric eraser. Onions will do it too, so will vinegar.

8.) VARIOUS SEEDS TO KEEP VAMPIRES BUSY: If you're not familiar with this method you carry a pocketful of seeds ( mustard being one named frequently) & throw it on the ground if you think your being stalked. The real effectiveness of this method comes from the fact that they are living seeds & full of etheric energy. In otherwords an alternative food source!

9.) SUNLIGHT: Potent indeed! Sunlight is so full of etheric energy that it actually overloads the etheric revenant! Unfortunately the sun is only up about 12 hours a day depending on where you live. This why some magickal tools cannot be brought out into sunlight.

There are a few other methods, most of which has been known in occult circles to have something to do with modifying etheric energy.

Taking all of this into account I think it leaves little doubt as to what vampires are, etheric revenants. I hope this ends the arguement once & for all & in my opinion should become a sticky post!


You are quite welcome. In all honesty it might be more prevalent than we know. According to Greer embalming does indeed cause the onset of the second death but I'm not too sure of this. His reasoning is that it stops all metabolic action in the body thus making the corpse a poor dwelling for the revenant. In fact embalming does not stop ALL metabolic activity. Percentage wise it depends on how well the individual is embalmed & even a perfect embalming will not reach every last nook & cranny in the body.
One reason I suspect that there is seemingly less vampiric activity today was the onset of christianity. With that, fewer people practiced the ways of magick which probably curtailed alot of it. This of course doesn't mean that it couldn't happen through some other means. Science also has probably taken it's toll on vampires as well. With the advent of the age of reason, people became less spiritually minded & weren't in touch as much with that side of themselves. They focused more on material things as opposed to the non physical.
All in all it was probably a cumulative effect that lessened their numbers. Not that they were ever very numerous but who knows? I will say this however, Because there is now a trend toward more spirituality & especially the use of magick, there may be a ressurgence in vampiric activity as well! But how will you handle it? It's not like it's legal to go down to the local cemetary & dig up a suspected vampire!