You must realize

Ok this has been bothering me a little and I feel I should let it all out because thats what drew me back here to GP. Ok here goes...

I have been noticing on all the forums that any strange thing that occured is auto matically hooked to a spirit sighting.. (thats why most of you are here right.. to hear about that stuff). And when you ask a question about what happened, and someone mentions anything about anything other then a spirit, people get offensive or they just bring it right back to a spirit did it end of story. Heres the deal people. There are MANY things that cant be explained in this world. There is not just spirits. Here are some examples:

1) Vampires are real. They may not be the blood sucking middle of the night white face dark hair ones you think about from the movies. They are called energy vampires. Top signs you are being fed off of one - 1) you get very tired almost immediatly when around someone, 2) when you wake up in the middle of the night you cant move (also called sleep paralysis~feels like your chest or back is being pressed down hard, and sometimes you cant breathe, might even see a shadow) this means the energy vamp feeding off of u is using his spirit form to do so.. probably by astral projection. Contrary to belief a energy vamp does not need to touch you or be near you.. if they concentrate on your body alone it is possible. There are many kinds of these vampires as well. Sexual Vampires means they take energy through sexual acts.. (ever make love to someone and they cant get out of bed for three days.. might be a sign) and also Psy vamps which means they are energy vampires that have some sort of extra psychic gifts. Vampires also sometimes dont know they are one. There feeding is random. But it can be controlled. Being on GP I can sense there are 3-4 of us on here including me. 1 doesnt know that she is one. Need help PM me. Trust me I have done alot of research on these things, especially the gifts I ended up possessing.

2) Poltergeists - a typical spirit unless very disturbed is not going to hurt you, they wont even touch you. they are mearly looking for a way of communication. Poltergeists however will hurt you physically and will show you, and typically possess houses. Being attacked by a ghost.. try thinking of exorcism of a house.. could be a poltergeist and they tend to drift towards one or two people in the household.

3) Psychics- ok people.. psychics come in many forms.. they can be cognitive pre and post, they can just have preminitions by dreams or visions. i doubt those people u call on tv are that great. Ok pre-cognitive people see glimpses of the future, usually an event that is going to happen. Can be in dream form or visions, can be a future event that happens today or years from now. When this happens u usually get a very high sense of Deja Vu. Also could be clues to an event. Suddenly cant keep your mind off of trains.. try reading the news.. might be a train wreck in there soon. Post cognitives are the people who can sense the past, usually by touching items or by visions. Ever touch a picture frame and suddenly know someone died that touched the same thing.. you might be post-cognitive.

4) Mediums - ok to be a medium you do not need to SEE the spirits. Some people can.. go them.. but they cant communicate. Others can communicate, but cant see them only sense them, and others can do both. Mediums were choosen to communicate with spirits by opening up a part of there mind not many people can open. Those that can see and hear have opened their minds freely. Those who can hear and sense have a little blockade and might be able to open ( I have this.. but in order to see the spirits I get a vision from them dont ask me how.. anywho) and those who can just see have not opened up the door for communication, maybe because communicating takes alot of energy from a person, and brings a risk of contact with a "bad" spirit who just wants to get into your head.. anywho from my experiance I have never seen balls of light flying around or orbs, when I am able to see a spirit they are in there personal form. And yes some people can take pictures of ghosts. However, I do not belive orbs or bands of light are proof of this. There are too many explanations of these things, dust, bugs, smear on the lens, bad film development, etc..

5) Healers are real as well. these are people who can take illenesses or physical injuries away from a person through mind and energy transfer. they do NOT have to be near a person to take away an illness, it can be through communication (phone, internet) or severe concentration on someone. Physical injuries however, show that you need to be near the person who is injured. i dont know why that is and cant really tell u because ive only mastered the illness thing. And im not talking abotu the illness slowly goes away.. this is immediate - a couple of hours. For example - my bf at the time was severely sick with a viral infection in the throat and a high fever. I hadnt seen him in 6 months, and only talk to him on the phone. I lived alone and no one visited that was sick. When they were about to put him into the hospital i talked to him on the phone that night and i tried to transfer his black energy through the phone into my body (when someone is sick a black energy that shows in your aura is visible and usually around the body part that is sick) anywho.. 30 minutes later im tossing my cookies in the bathroom and running a 102 degree temp.. he calls me astonished saying his throat was fine and he felt better. went to the Drs and he didnt show any signs of the infection at all.. guess who got it.. me.. but thats before i learned how to toss away that bad ebergy before my body takes it over.. i was sick for 2 weeks, 3 days in the hospital.

6) Astral projection is real. One can with complete open mind and concentration on a destination or purpose can astral project during periods of extreme rest. When one has enough concentration, bringing things back is possible. Good example, you go to bed just after a shower. You astral project yourself onto a beach and you accidently cut your foot on a seashell.. you wake up in the morning and your foot is bleeding and there is sand in your bed.. guess what you astral projected or you slept walk 2000 miles to the nearest beach and back in 7 hours.. hmmmmm

I justed wanted to let everyone know there is more then just ghosts. Im sick of people trying to give legitimate answers to someones problem and they are ignored or ridiculed for there answer, and it goes back to being its a ghost or a ghost did it. Open up your mind to other possibilities. And if you dont believe me thats cool. But you can ask various amounts of elders here and they will tell you when I came here 2 years ago I was a confused and scared women. In those 2 years I researched and explored my gifts as much as I could, and I came back here to GP to help others who may be experinancing something that has already happened to me or something im knowledgable about. I am not a fake and im being totally honest with all of you. If you want proof ask Kadara or Fullmoondolphin or SkiFreak or JP or IK or people I have given help to. Just open up your hearts and when something is written that might make sense, give it a shot. It could be the answer you were looking for. And dont be afraid to ask questions for furthur explanation. If you want to keep it a secret just PM me. If I dont know i will forward it to somone I trust that might.