Scary Stories by Country


Fat and Sassy
The Ouija Board (fictive tale)
The Ghost of Christmas Presents
A Tall Tale By Kadara
Mr. Dare
The Old Foster Ranch
The Cemetary Ghost
The Alpha Omega Headlines
Calling My Name
The Three Story House
Gatewayy To A Hellmouth and beyond
The Old A-Frame By The Sea
Moses and Miss Oaks
House For Rent
A new story called: Elizabeth Morley
Hobo's Christmas (ghost story)-finished
The shortcut(Completed)
The "Stalker"
BOOGIEMAN!!Check this out!Everyone Welcome!
While I Was Ladscaping Part 1
A Vampire's Tale
Against impossible odds
Why Have You Stayed Behind?
The Center Gargoyle
No Longer Dead(Prequal/half of Chapter 1)
The Unexplained Lure....
I Saw Them Huddled Together
new story!
The Old Foster Ranch Continued
I wrotes a story...hehehehe
Something Deep Within. (Fiction)
Can You Do Me A Favor?
A story about unexpected (Fic based on reality)
Death Forest (Fiction)
Secret Room
The New Girl In Town
THE RAGE (Like The Ring, but a true story)
Aunt Marmalie
The Border part 1
Haunted Graveyard---FICTION...short story
A Room with a view-Nearly finished Chapter b4 Last
Shadow II
Mirror Image (a work in progress)
Jessie's Last Day Of School
The 13 Bridges
The Abandoned School House
Never Could Ben Have Imagined.
The Elmer House- Fictional story
NEW!!! Substitutions For Life
Baby Doll
Caught In The Rain
No body (excuse the mess)