A Room with a view-Nearly finished Chapter b4 Last

Ok, a few months ago I shared a piece with you based on my ghost story "A Room With a View" Well I'm finished with my book and here's the near-to-final chapter Heres the Recap...
Chelly, the main character, is in the middle of a battle between sanity and in sanity. Her father is the one who dragged her into the hellish nightmare that became reality and she must fight to get out. Her husband died trying to help her from the dark forces of the house and her daughter, Karen, is left in the balance. Now, just when she thinks her father's murder has gotten her out of the depravity, has to go deep into the dark heart of Gathan city, The Jalkham Asylum.

Chapter 19
Looking for the answers...

I knew what I had to do If I wanted to save Karen, I had to go to the place that I had dreaded for so many years. Jalkham Asylum was the place that had seen better days. I knew a patient their and knew that he could give me some answers. I entered the main hall, it was dank and worn away, the smell was of messy laundry and death. I walked up to the reception desk
"I'm here to see a patient." The woman set down her peoples magazine and adjusted her glasses
"Do you have an appointment?" she said as a scream echoed in the distance, accompanied by crazed laughter.
"No, this is an em.."
"You need an appointment or I can't let you in." She said lifting up her magazine and going back to her reading. I turned and sat in the chair behind me thinking of what exactly I could do. A doctor walked by with a patient, he looked at me with menacing eyes, and jumped
"PREPARE FOR APOCALYPSE, YOUR LIFE WILL END!!" he startled me and walked away the doctor. I took some deep breaths and the receptionists voice surprised me
"MISS! Come here Quick!" She seemed strange, I walked over.
"Yes, What's up?"
"Do you see them too? The doctor and patient?"
"Yeah," I asked looking back in that direction, but there was no Doc and Patient, "Where did they go?"
"Come with me," she said as she exited the reception booth, "I'd like to show you something."
She lead to an archive and took me through the clausterphobic bookcases to the 1990's.
"This is the asylum archives, Look for 1991-M" She pointed to the bookcase with 1990-2000 on it. I looked for M and found 1991-M
"Here We Go!" I shouted back to the receptionist.
"Good, now look for McKay and bring it back here."
I found McKay and rushed back to the nurse.
"Here, put it in the console and find Dr. Alice McKay.
I scrolled through and found a newspaper clipping about Alice McKay
It Read:
Dr. Alice McKay and patient John Kilborne died in a fire at 12:00 today in the Jalkham asylum. McKay and Kilborne were in the middle of a therapy session when Kilborne broke an Ether glass and broke a lightbulb causing a spark. Doctors reportedly heard Kilborne screaming that the apocalypse was near and they were all dead...
I stopped. I looked at the receptionist with wide eyes.
"So are you saying, I can see ghosts?"
"Well, there not exactly making a surprise return."
My knees gave out with the thought of it.
"Who was it that you wanted to see?"
"My friend, Will Abalare, do you know him?"
"Room 67 D-Wing. I'll show you there sweetie."
We walked to Will's room, no window, he won't like that. she unlocked the door and let me in.
"Thanks, I owe you one."
"Nope, you owe Alice and John one." I smiled and she smiled back.
"Have a nice day, Chelly." I turned as she shut the door.
"Hey, How did yo..." I groaned as she walked away.
"Why hello Chelly!" Will said followed by a laugh.
"Knock it off you dumbass!" I smiled.
I hugged him, and kissed his cheek.
"They been treating you good?"
"Like a phsyco. How are you?"
"That's why I'm here. Tim and my dad are dead and I feel Like I'm being sucked into something here. Karen's in trouble and..."
"You need help from your good friend Will. ok, well that's very unfortunate because I can't do any phsycic work from my cell, to thick."
I sighed a deep sigh and fell to the ground.
"But, I can try, I'll need your help Chel. Ok?"
"Whatever, Just help me."
I sat down on the ground with Will and held his hand, I knew this would be hard.
"Ok, Here we go. I see Karen, she's crying, over a body. I can't see the face. I feel another presence, it's dark, evil. It's reaching down and picking up Karen. She's gone. They left through an invisble door. I see two eyes and I feel cold, almost dead there's a voice."
Will let in a deep sigh, and spoke more, but in a warped voice,
Will came back to himself very weak.
"Did you get all of that. Go to the lifting bridge at the edge of town going into Unsung City. I saw the man near the Power House, HURRY!"
I lifted myself off the ground and banged on the door, the receptionist opened the door and I rushed out.
My head was rushing with thoughts as to why I didn't ask how I got my ghost sight vision or how the receptionist knew my name. But I would rather see my little girl alive, safe and out of the clutches of the madman that had her. I went to the house first to see if she was there and safe. Maybe I could save her first. I kicked the door of my car open and bashed through my front house door.
"KAREN! KAREN WHERE ARE YOU?" I shouted running up the stairs. I stopped at the top of the staircase.
"MOMMY!" Karen's voice resonated out of her room. I shoulderd the door and a cloaked shadow was holding my daughter by her neck.
"LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!" He dropped her and rushed over to me pushing me out of the doorway, I fell from the top to bottom floor quickly, knocking me out. I couldn't move and I saw the shadow looking down, it disappeard. Karen ran down the stairs and hovered over me on all fours.
"Don't Die Mommy, Please. I Love You, Please don't go." She started crying and the shadow came back.
"How Sentimental." He grabbed karen and flew into darkness, her voice echoing in my ears. Another voice called to me, Will.
"Wake up Chel," he sounded like an angel of God, "You have to help Karen, Now get up!" A sudden burst of energy overcame me and I jumped through the open portal, ready to get my daughter back. I ended up somewhere else. what seemed like a stretch of road. A sign lay to my side "UNSUNG CITY--2 MILES"
The Unsung Bridge, I checked my watch, 8:00, I had 60 minutes to find my daughter and get the hell out of there, it was now or never. I think now was good and so I ran to the end of the bridge, teeth clenched and fists balled. I didn't care what awaited me, just as long as I get my child back, and kick some shadow butt in the process.

Sorry so long. But I'm almost done, keep you guys posted please reply with thoughts because the chapter is up for changing.