A Vampire's Tale

[This is a story I wrote the other night when I was sitting in the Wal-Mart parking lot waiting for Max to come on his lunch. I hope you all like it. *grins*]

On a dark stomry night, a younge female with long black peral hair, enchanting brown eyes, full red lips, her skin of a pale tan. Her body is more than alittle adverage weight, but the long silk belvet dress hugs her body to perfect fit. The rain slowly begins to fall. The younge female stops up at the sky to watch the rain fall and the lightening flash. The rain drops gently patts her facec and rolls down her cheeks and neck, soaking her lovely dress. The younge female begins her walk again, walking by the Black Forest, she begins to sing softly a song about her life. As she continues to walk a twig snaps from behind her. She stops and turns around but sees nothing, just the path she has been following. She shakes her head and turns around to start her walk again. As she begins to walk out of no where two arms come by, swooping her up into the night. She tries to scream but nothing comes out. Her eyes closed as she is carried off into the night.

As she woke the next night, she was lying on a stone table in front of a chair with a person sitting in the stone chair. The man in the chair slowly gets up and walks into the light. His red hair cut short rest stright ontop his head, his eyes of blue, green and yellow shine in the candle light, his slim body frame is clothed in black silks and a black cape wrapped around his body as well. The younge female slowly starts to get up, but stops her body to weak to even sit up. The man smiles and says in a calm voicec, "Don't move, your body has been drained and you won't live for much longer, unless you drink from me. Drink from me and live forever." The younge female's eyes fill with fear and pain as she looks up at the man. She takes a deep breath and quietly chokes out, "And what would your name be stranger of the night?" The man laughs as he moves cloers to the female and begins to speak in a stern voice, looking into the females eyes, "My name is Daniel, the Dark Lord of the night." And with a stern look in his eyes, he leans over the female and whispers into her ear, "I want you to be my Dark Queen, but first I need to know the name of my lovely younge Queen to be." She rools her head to wear her eyes looked upon him and she chokes out, " name is Chantry. But..but please save me from dying. I...I am to younge to die." Chantry closes her eyes as Daniel turns her head the other way. Daniel laughs softly as he lowered himself to her neck, he opens his mouth and digs his fangs into her neck, peircing the skin to wear the blood flowed into his mouth. After a few moments he opens his eyes and leans back up, stopping himself just before her heart stopped, he takes his nail and cuts his wrist. He lowers his wrist to her mouth, lifting her up a bit and whispers, "Now drink my Queen, and togther we will live forever as one." She places her hands on his arms and begins to drink from Daniel's wrist. A few mintues pass and Daniel draws back his wrist from Chantry, breathing heavly he stands back and watches her. Chantry begins to scream, her body twisting and turning as is slowly dies. Time passes Chantry's long matted black hair becomes perfect and silk feeling to the touch, her velvit silk dress changes color of blacks and dark purple ribbons. She opens her eyes, slowly sitting up. Chantry looks down at her hands, the slowly moves off the table and looks into the mirror, looking at her new body, her new life.

She turns around and looks at Daniel and yells to him, "What did you do to me? What kind of monster have I become?" He laughs and moves over to her, placing his hands on her shoulder, looking at her with those colorful eyes of his. "You are now my Dark Queen of the night. You are a vampire forever younge and beautiful." Daniel smiles and places his hand on Chantry's cheek caressing it gently and leans in close to her, whispering, "I have been watching you for these past years. Learned to see who you are. Grew to love you. And when I saw you walking in the rain, I knew that I had to have you. I wanted you to be by my side forever." Chantry closes her eyes as tears begin to flow down her cheeks. Chantry opens her eyes and pushes away from Daniel and screams, "I have a family, a mother and father who loved me very much. Now I will never see them again! Why? Why me? How could you do this to me?" He closes his eyes and sighed, "I did thise because I love you. I hoped you would feel the same. But as for now, we must sleep the sun is almost up." Daniel places his hand out, hoping she would accept it. Chantry sighs and placees her hand in his, and they began to walk togheter side by side out of the room they were once in and into a long stoney hallway. Daniell turns to the right and stops in front of a big wooden door. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a key unlocking the door he opens it up and revleas a large room with no bed, no furniture, just two coffins lying in the middle side by side. Chantry walks past him and looks down at the coffins. She stares at them for a moment and then back at Daniel. He smiles at her and closes the door, locking it behind him. He walks up next to her and crouches down besides the coffin and slowly slides down the lid. "I hope its to your liking." He says as she slowly gets in to lie down. Chantry says nothing to him as she closes her eyes, Daniel leans over and kisses her forhead and speaks to her as he slides the lid close, "Good-night my Queen. See you when you rise the next night." Daniel laughs softly as he gets up and moves over to his coffin quickly moving the lid down and climbing in. He looks over to Chantry's coffin and says quietly before lying down, "You will truely are my Dark Queen of the night and I'll always love you." Daniel smiles to himself and lays down closing the lid as the sun begins to show.

Chantry woke the next night to find Daniel sitting on his coffin, watching her. He smiles as she finally gets up out of her coffin. Daniel stands and takes her hand leading her to the room they were oncee in the previous nigh. THere lyingo n the table were she once was, was a younge man, knocked out. He takes her to the man and speaks, "There is your meal for tonight, but remember do not keep drinking after the heart has stopped, for you will get sick. Stop just before the heart does." Chantry nods and moves over to the table where the man lays. She runs her fingers through his hair and lowers herself to the neck of the younge victom. She opens her mouth and pierces the skin with her fangs and begins to drink, filling the warm blood enter her mouth. She closes her eyes as she drinks, but stopping before the heard does. She leans up and opens her eyes, looking at Daniel who had moved closer to her. In his held out hand was a hankerchif. Chantry reaches out to wipe off her mouth. Chantry smiles over to Daniel and moves closer, wrapping her arms around his neck, placing her cheek aginst his and she whispers, "I will be your Queen of the night. You've given me a new out look upon life. I thank you." Chantry kisses his cheek. Daniel's heart skipped a beat as she said the sweetest words to him, his body shaking a bit. Chantry smiles as she looks at him. Daniel wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer to him. He places his hand on her cheek and leans in to hiss her on the lips. Daniel pulls away opening his eyes to look into her enchanting brown eyes and speaks, "You lips taste of the sweetest blood I have ever tasted in my many years of life." Chantry blushes and smiles at him. "We must go out tonight. Show me your world. Teach me your ways." says Chantry.

Chantry's heart never felt so free, her eyes seeing things she never seen before, her ears hearing sweet things unlike before. She put on her cloke and met Daniel at the front door. He smiles at the sight of her. Chantry rushes up to him and kisses his cheek as he opens up the door for her. Out into the night they head. Walking along the streets looking at the mortals who pass them. Daniel tells her the ways of vampires as they walk through the town. Telling her that if they were to ever travel by sihps that they could live off rats if they needed too. Chantry listened closely and asked questions every now and again. As they continued to walk some mortals would stop and stare at the two as they passed. Their pale skin glowed just a tab bit in the stree lights. Chantry reached over and places her hand in his, holding it tight. She smiles at him, her eyes having sort of a sparkle in them. She smiles back and squeezes her hand gnetly. AFter their evening walk they headed back to their lovely home, where candles lit ever room every night. Chantry and Daniel sat down togheter and talked till morning. They finally saw what time it was and headed to their oom. Kissing eachother good-night they got into their coffins, closed the lid and feel asleep till next night.

The next night they both awoke to a younge girls crying. They got up and rushed out, to their surpised there sitting on the talbe was a little girl, nore more of the age of five. Her head covered with red curly hair, her brown eyes filled with tears, her white night gown torn and tattered. In the small girls arms she holds a teddy bear, the girl cries out, "Where's my daddy?" Chantry rushes over to the girl trying to calm her down, but Chantry's hunger grew over her. Chantry spoke softly to the girl, "What;s your name lilttle one?" The small girl sniffled and looked at Chantry, her cheeks stained from tears and she squeeks out, "My name is Aurora. Have you see my daddy?" Chantry holds the small girl, but her hungers takes over her, she closes her eyes and gently perces the girls skin, letting the younges ones blood seep into her mouth. As she drinks Aurora's blood, her heart keeps on beating not wanting to qive up. Chantry keeps drinking till she drains the poor girl. Then out of no where Daniel comes over slitting his wrist and lets Aurora drink his own blood to change her to be one of them. Daniel looks over to Chantry and says, "I've always wanted a little girl. Enchanting brown eyes like you, red curly hair like me." He smiles as he pulls away from the girl. Aurora leans back into Chantry's arms and she begins to cry, her body twisting as her little body slowly dies. Time passed Aurora's curls became tighter and more boucney, her brown eyes sparkled as Chantry's did, her skin grew pale as her white night gown became new. Aurora opened her eyes and looks at Chantry. She smiled and hugged her. Daniel came closer and looked at the little girl, "Tonight we go shopping for our new duaghter," says Daniel.Aurora giggled and calpped, getting up from Chantry's arms. Chantry gets up and walks to Daniel and whispers into his ear as she watches the girl, "Are you sure you did the right thing? By turning her into one of us? She will be alittle girl forever. Never able to grow up. Never know what love is." Daniel plaves his hands on CHantry's shoulders and looks into her eyes, "Yes, I've always wanted a daughter as I have always wanted to be with you." He smiles and kisses her. "Come we must get her beautiful outfits."

Daniel gathers up Aurora in his arms and warps her up in his cloke. He opens the door and waits for Chantry to leave before he exits and closes the door. As they come upon to the first ship, the mortals that were out and not in the bar getting drunk stopped and started at the three. They finally enter the sthip, seeing all the pretty dresses that were around. Aurora screeched with excitment and jumped out of Daniel's arms, running to all the dresses, shoes, hats and gloves she liked Aurora picked many different outfits with the colors of blue, black, white, silver and purple. Chantry and Daniel both bought the dresses, Chantry helped Aurora put on one before they headed back out. Daniel cariied the other outfits out of the store and said that he would meet the two of them in the park in a couple of mintues. Chantry and Aurora both nodding agree. The two of them walked to the park and sat down by the pond. AFter five mintues passed Daniel fainlly shows up and sits next to Aurora. He smiles at the two and Daniel slowly begins to tell Aurora what she has become and how she must live from now on. Chantry sta there and listened as she stared up at the stars. Aurora nodded understanding what Daniel was telling her. Daniel talked through the night. He hugged Aurora and said that he had a surprise at home. The three of them got up and left to their home. As they entered to their room there was a small coffin next to Chantry's. "Aurora this is where you will sleep." Snaiel says as he opens the lid. Aurora yawns and climbs in. Chantry and Daniel kiss her good night and told her to have some sweet dreams. As Aurora falls asleep Daniel closes the lid. Daniel smiled and kisses Chantry goodnight as they both climb into their own coffins to sleep.

Many years passed, Daniel and Chantry grew to love the little girl more and more each night. Teaching her what love is and how the outside world worked. As time would pass they kept moving from state to state so they would not be discovered. Changed when the times changed through the centureies. They live during the night as vampires, killing the innocent. They sleep during the day, the sun, the killer of their kind. But as far as we know they still move around from state to ststae. Daniel, Chantry and Aurora could possibly be living in your town or right next door. As the saying goes, "Drink from me and live forever."

Written by: Italian Angel

[That is my story. There might be a few mistakes but hey I wrote this in the dark, give me some credit. Chantry is another name I go by. So yeah. *coughs* Tell me what you think. Sorry it's so long. Thanks for Reading!]

May The Circle Be Open But Unbroke. May The Lord And The Lady Be Ever In Your Heart. Merry Meet And Merry Part And Merry Meet Again.

Blessed Be,
Italian Angel