Against impossible odds

Someplace in the southwest the sun was beginning to set. It was huge & red as it slipped ever closer to the horizon. The small band consisted of 3 guys, Joel, Chris, & Dale & 2 girls Heather & Taylor. They could barely fit in the army jeep as it raced toward the sun. Joel was standing up in the back & had mounted the M-60 machinegun. After all he was the best shot & ammunition was at a premium these days. It wouldn't have been that way but an unfortunate event happened.......The dead had risen from their graves to eat the flesh of the living.

The small band of friends were some of the few remaining humans left on the planet & they were like family. They had saved each others skins a thousand times or more & they were gearing up for an earth shattering event. Their lair was about to be attacked by an unknown number of zombies. The walking dead had become so numerous that no matter were the band of friends went, they were always in sight of a few zombies. And they never tired of chasing after the party.

Relentless eating machines, the party new they would run out of ammunition. That's why they had left their lair to begin with, to find more ammo & powder. Chris had known about a little gunshop just off the edge of the road up ahead. He had been there before but hadn't had time to get anything. Now they needed everything they could get their hands on.

The little shop wasn't very big at all & in fact all the weapons had been looted, but apparently the looters had left behind paint can size containers of gunpowder & various calibre slugs for reloading. The friends took everything. They had learned to make their own ammunition & couple this with the fact that they had gradually acquired ten's of thousands of pre made ammo, you can say they weren't hurting for fire power. In fact they had found gatling guns, flamethrowers, small arms of various sorts, grenandes, rockets, machineguns, & a whole host of other weapons that had served them well up till now.

They stuffed the cache of gunpowder & loose slugs in the jeep rapidly & already as they had went outside they saw a group of stinking, putrid, & oozing, pus bags walking toward them with white eyes, & slavering lips. Unlike the movies, these zombies didn't stop rotting after they came back. They were hideous & many were bloated from the building up of gases in their rotting guts so that when they walked along, they would fart & belch. It at first seems comical until they get close enough to you for you to realize the horror of it. That this really is a dead person & it really is trying to eat me. The compilation of the sights, sounds, & realisations has driven many a mind mad. So much so that some people would actually rush toward the damned things & let them devour them.

They all hopped on to the jeep & sped down the road. They didn't want a confrontation with the walking dead because it would attract too much attention. Plus they were out to get ammunition not waste it on some stinking, worm filled, corpse. The last rays of the sun were going down as they got back to their lair. It was a fortress baby, let me tell you!

It was an old abandoned ship building facility on a now dried up river. The front half was sealed off & as you go back toward the construction facilities it opened up into a bay area where ships were built & heaved off into the water. Currently there was one of the smaller ocean liner's stuck in the dried mud of the enclosed heaving channel. It was not truly enclosed because one side was open like a garage to let the ship go on it's merry way. It made for a decent observation post though as the group could literally see for miles down the dried river bed.

In this bay area Chris, Dale, Heather, Taylor, & Joel called this place home. The main entrance to the bay was sealed off by a yellow school bus that had been reinforced with both, chain link fence & sheet metal. The bus was the fortresses gate, & the only known weak point they had in their castle. The bay was filled to the brim with all sorts of weaponry & equipment. In fact Heather was both a chemist & a biologist & had a small laboratory in the bay. She had been working on chemicaly stopping the reanimation of the walking dead. Joel had the only known bottle of the chemical agent that she had produced & was instructed to "try & use it" on the next available $hit bag he came across. Supposedly all he had to do was spray it on the subject & it should just keel over. This sounded pretty fanciful to Joel but he said he would give it a try. Heather had even found a way to put it in aerosol can & jokingly labled it "Black Flag Zombie Spray: Guaranteed to stop your Zombie infestation!"

Joel got a kick out of it as well as everyone else who saw the aerosol can of "zombie Spray". Now was not the time for laughs though. There was no telling when & how big the horde of walking dead were going to be when they attacked their fortress. One thing was for sure. Numbers were so huge already that they would surely breach the gate. Fortunately they also had impressive fire power on hand & fully capable of taking out thousands of the putrid monsters.

When the party did arrive, there were already several walking dead trying to get in. They were very easily handled them though. Taylor started to open the the only unboarded front door that gave entrance to the whole place. Just then, Joel turned around to his left & just over a hill not a hundred yards away, came a good size horde. There were so many it was difficult to get an estimate quickly, especially in the dark but joel estimated that there were about 500 or so. The battle had begun early! Although the weapons were prepared, they hadn't been strategicaly set up. Every second counted. They rushed to they bay area but as they did Taylor accidentally broke the key off into the lock & it was now jammed. It was useless to even close the door & they didn't have the time to barricade it. They simply ran for the bay to lock the gate & set up the weapons. As they ran for the bay, they encountered a handful of zombies inside already! How they had gotten there no one knew. Again they were easily taken care of.

By the time they had reached the bay area, Locked the gate, & set the weaons up, the horde of zombies had reached the door with the broken lock & had started pouring in. A few minutes later the pounding started on the bus that was turned into a gate. At first there was little to no movement of the stout gate. but as the pounding continued it drew in more of the horde. & the gate began to sway.

The plan was to wait for the gate to come down. Chris would then open up with the vulcan gatling gun, taylor would set the claymore mines off that were setting infront of the gate, Heather would throw grenades, Dale would use the flamethrower, & Joel would fire the AT-4 rocket launchers they had acquired.
Finally there were enough of the undead that they pushed it open. All hell broke loose. In an instant , Pieces of incinerated bodies were flying everywhere. Unfortunately this also drew the attention of every walking pus bag in earshot & then some. They group was doing very well & bodies were falling like rain. As they kept firing more & more walking dead came through the bay entrance just to either be blown to bits, liquified, incinerated, vaporized or some combination thereof. This stayed that way all night long . There must have been twenty thousand zombies that been destroyed & their stinking, rotten remains were everywhere. There also wasn't much of the front of the building left either.

At about dawn, something terrible happened. The Ammo started to run out & the walking dead were still coming in seemingly limitless numbers. Chris was the first to go. A strapping big man of about 6'2" & about 230 lbs. of muscle with a gorgeous shock of blond hair. Both Him & Joel had been friends for years before the dead had come to life. Both were trained in Wing Chun kung fu & in jeet Kune do & they both practiced arduously daily. It did chris very little good though. Even though he was blazingly fast & very powerful, the walking dead simply swamped him with numbers. In mere moments chris had been ripped limb from limb. he didn't even have time to scream.

It only got worse. Chris's abrupt demise had caused some of the others to pause for a moment. Another fatal error. The walking dead had already gotten closer & closer no matter how many were killed & they were a mere few feet away when chris's fate had been sealed. The momentary pause from some of the others had caused a forward surge from the walking dead. Then suddenly Taylor was gone, then Dale, then Heather. The mass of rotten flesh acted like a giant ameoba & simply absorbed them into itself.

Joel was the only one left. For a split second he contemplated trying to save his comrades, but the sheer speed with which they died, quickly made him realise that it was a futile & foolish thought. In an instant he turned & fled up a 2"x8" board they used as a ramp for the ocean liner. He then quickly pulled the board up after him. He was safe for now & realised that he would most probably die of dehydration or starvation but at least he wouldn't be devoured. As he turned to look out over the bow of the ship into the riverbed, his blood turned to ice. Packed together like sardines for as far as the eye could see, were millions of the walking dead trying to reach him! Nowhere he could see outside wasn't filled with the rotten remains of what was once humanity.

Even through this horror he felt some degree of comfort knowing he was out of reach of the zombies onboard the ocean liner. It was then that unphatomable horror struck yet one last time as he heard something coming from the bowels of the ship. A sound of movement quite familiar to him. He rushed to the starboard side of the ship. The side facing away from the interior of the bay. What he saw made him realise he position was far worse than he had thought. At the bottom of the ship there was a man sized hole in the hull & the walking dead were pouring in by the dozen!

Realising that it would only be moments before they reached the upper deck, he turned to face the entrance to the lower levels, reached for his back to pull out the only weapon he had left, his .45, when he found the can of "zombie Spray" Heather had developed. It was then that he saw the first zombie walking out onto the deck area. It was a horrid fascimile of a person. It's right eye had somehow swollen to about 10 times normal size without popping, a slick, viscous, ooze covered all of it's exposed skin & a thick, brown, goo seeped from all of it's facial orifices. He rushed toward the sickly thing to try heather's spray on the monster. He would die but he wasn't going out without a fight. He got almost within grabbing range of the liquifieing creature when he sprayed the thing. It worked!! Nearly instantly the thing dropped over & quit moving! Bless heather's heart. The damned spray worked & quickly too! For about five minutes he sprayed every pus bag that showed it's rotten face on deck. After about the twentieth zombie though, Joel heard the distinct sound Tsss....tttsssstt.....tsst... tsst. The can was empty. he backed up toward the bow of the ship & once more looked at the infinite hoard below him. Then turned back around to face the immediate threat.

Three zombies had already made it onto the deck since he had just looked at the hoard. He pulled his .45. There were 7 rounds in it & each one would strike home. BOOOM! SPLAT!, BOOOM!, SPLAT!, BOOOM!, SPLAT! All three of the walking deads heads exploded into a black spray. Another zombie reared it's ugly head... BOOOM!, SPLAT! & another, BOOOM!, SPLAT! & another BOOOM!, SPLAT! He only had one round left. In a matter of seconds there was another 15 on deck & they were moving ever closer to Joel. He waited until the closest was about 5 feet away, stuck the gun into his mouth, & pulled the trigger. Suddenly.....I awoke.