I wrotes a story...hehehehe

I got really bored, and I wrote a story, hope ya enjoy! Oh and sorry if there are typos, I used a funky program and couldn't find me spell check.

It was about 1 AM in the middle of a hot summer. I yawned and closed the the IM box with a quick good-bye so my friend wouldn't try and presuade me to stay, which she would, she was like a gnat sometimes. You could keep making her go away but she never seemed to die, even when you saw her guts smeared across glass. With that lovely visual stuck in my head I turned off my computer and sat in a tired silence for a few moments. In that few moments I heard a slight whining coming from my pantry, with a lazy sigh and a quick thought of Ah retarded dog... probably shoved her toy behind the potatoes again...hehe...potatoes...good I need sleep. Ok maybe not so quick...more of a incoherent though...yes incoherent. I quickly got up in tottered down the stairs in my tired state and walked over to the pantry. I blinked my stiff eyelids and looked into the pantry, and no the dog was not pawing at the potatoes, oh I'm not going there with the fun word potatoes. Nope the dog was just standing there in the pantry looking out and whining.
"Oh dog(the dog has a name... I just can't think of it now, YOU CAN'T JUDGE ME!) get out of the pantry and shut up...please" No need not to be polite.
Whine, whine, whine.
"Come on stupid, come here!"
Whine, whine, whine.
Giving in I walked through the kitchen and towards the pantry. Just as I was about half way to the pantry I head the doorbell ring. Doorbell...1 AM...this had better be an offer for $1,000,000,000 or someone is getting shot. After what seemed like 10 minutes, on account of the fact I was running into several things and now had more bruises than I had ever head at one time, I slowly opened the door and SURPRISE SURPRISE, nobody there. As I growled in frustration and listened to the crickets chirp in the pure silence, I fully expected a tumbleweed to go blowing by, and then was slightly disapointed when I was wrong. I backed out of the doorway and went to close the door and out of nowhere a huge blast of wind just came sweeping in out of nowhere. The force of the wind made the door go whipping out of my hands and sent it slamming against the wall. My hair gusted back and my clothes billowed out way behind me, as I fought to keep on my feet by leaning forward. And as soon as the wind started, it stopped. The sudden change from big wind to no wind sent me sprawling on my face. Oooohhh lovely I'm just real banged up tonight. I staggered back up to my feet, not especially tired now. I quickly went over to shut the door again, and for paranioa's sake prepared myself for another gust of wind. I quickly shut the door and locked it. Right at the moment the deadbolt slid into place, my dog came running to me, her tail tucked in between her legs.
"Dog, what is the matter with you? First you cower in the pantry and now you come running as far away as you can get from it..." I sighed in confusion and looked to see if the wind had done any more damage other than pratcially make me break my face on the floor, oh wait my face is already broken..never mind then.
As I brushed my teeth, and in general just getting ready for bed, I just stared into the mirror, thinking nothing(thinking is hard when you don't have a brain, ya ever noticed that?). I leaned over the sink and spat out my mouthful of toothpaste and looked back up at the mirror. My eyes went wide and my face paled at what I saw in the reflection of the mirror. My bathtub was filled to the brim with dark crimson blood, like some type of heavily dyed water. As I continued to stare, my mouth dropping open, and my eyes widening still more, the sight just vanished, PRESTO CHANGO no more bloody bathtub. I swallowed a mouthful of air and jumped around to look at the tub. My eyes darted right back to the mirror to see if the tub was full of blood again, it wasn't. My eyes did this dance for about a few hours, ok maybe seconds. I suddenely stopped, thought about what I had just saw and ran out of the bathroom, slipping on the tile as a I peeled out of there. I slammed the door behind me, and ran for the phone. I frantically dialed up my friends number, and danced around waiting for her to pick up.
"Who the heck is this, and if this isn't important you're dead. I will hunt you down and shoot you." Was the angered response that I got from my friend. My Heather was pissy one, was she.
"H-H-Heather! Blood...bath...AHHH...HELP!"
" that you? What are you babbling about? Shut up and talk coherently, you woke me up."
I took a deep breath and tried to continue". "Heather, my like filled with blood, and then there was no blood, Heather, help me!"
"You make no sense, you wacked out little bird"
"Ok I was looking in the mirror and in the reflection, I swore I saw my bathtub filled with blood. Then it just wasn't, it was normal."
"Do you know it is after 1 AM and you haven't had 4 hours of sleep in a night since you moved into your new house and you're probably seeing things, and how many more times do I need to say and before you hang up?"
"Ack, fine, last time I try to talk to you, I'm hanging up then." So I hung up. Then I went as far away from that bathroom as I could, which was the basement living room. Smokey, yes the dog who DOES have a name, followed me down, her tail still stuck in between her legs. I sprawled out on the couch and fought to stay awake, but sleep finally sucked me under, like one of those nifty shop vacs.
I think it was about two hours later, when I sat up gasping for air on the couch. Smokey was pressed tightly against the couch, looking at the stairs and growling. I raised my eyes up to where she was staring and let out and ear piercing shriek. There at the top of the stairs was the scariest thing I had ever seen. The thing that stood at the top of the strairs, looked barely human. It's skin hung in tatters and the thing's insides could be seen. Bone, muscle and other things were easily visible. I shrieked again and ran to the otherside of the basement, never taking my eyes off of it. For some reason I just got this immense feeling of dread from it. Like horrible things would happen if it got to close. The same wind that had assaulted me at the door earlier, once again smacked into me, this time way stronger. It sent me flying against the wall. My breath wooshed out of me and I could just imagine the bruise I'd have. The thing slowly came down the stairs, almost like it was painful to move. I struggled to breath, seeing as how that nice little trip to smack into the wall had knocked the wind out of me. It continued coming closer, but the wind stopped. I slowly eased away down the wall, my back slumping forward. I heard a distant sound of barking, but didn't really focus on it seeing as how the thing you'd never hope to see was walking right towards me. As I continued to struggle to breath, Smokey gave one low primal growl and jumped at the thing. As Smokeys 'hit it', she just kept going right through, the things image wavered and then just disapeered.
I looked around wildly, and saw no trace of the thing that had been coming towards me. I quickly bolted up the stairs, Smokey close behind me, and grabbed my portable phone from where it had been resting on the coffee table, as I continued to bolt out of the house I grabbed my keys from the keyholder and rushed out the door. Smokey still right on heels as I went out. I opened the car, and Smokey jumped in, with me not far behind. I turned on the car, and peeled out of the driveway, still in a paniced terror and sped over to Heather's house, she being the closest and the first person I thought of.
When I arrived and jumped and started ringing the doorbell like mad. Heather soon opened the door, her eyes still almost shut.
"Mary...why are you here?" Her tone we definetly pissed.
I quickly brushed past her into her house, Smokey right behind me. I quickly told her the whole story, starting with Smokey's odd behaviour and right to the horrible nighmarish thing I had seen. I watched her quickly wake up and her expression going through many expression, disbelife being a huge winner. When I was done with my story, she just kinda sat there and blinked.
"Heather...Heather... you've known me since I was four and you know I am the most level headed down the earth person you have ever met." I frantically spited out.
Heather gave a small shrug and yawned. "I know Mary, but do you know how strange that sounds...It's like totally wierd."
"At least you didn't have to go through it, so it's easy for you to say" Now I was getting slightly pissed.
"Fine, ok, I believe you for whatever reason."
I spent the rest of the night at Heather's and called some movers the next day. I refused to put another foot into that house, so the movers did all the work. By the end of the week I was in an apartment, why not a house many asked? People, lots, very close. Of course I lived in a pet apartment so I could keep my dog with me, Smokey hasn't been the same either. She sticks right next to me and has fits when I'm gone, great now I need to hire two psychologists.
Years later, after the horror and initial shock had worn off, I'm slow to recoup, not having a brain will do that. I looked up the house on the internet and found several news articles talking about a horrible murder that had happened in the early 1940's. The article talked about a mid-aged woman who had been murdered in her bathtub by her husband. It had been a total butchering. There were several articles that had been published after this incident and they all described events similar to mine. Why had the realitor not told me this? Damn money grabbing person. Now I continue living my life, and I think I'll be sticking to apartments.

By: Shelly