Jessie's Last Day Of School

Only minutes had passed since Jessie blacked out. She could no longer hear her father's screams. She set in the dirt road with not a clue of what to do. A couple of minutes passed then she rised up and dusted herself off. As she looked in the direction of the school she once again saw the winged figure standing in the window that seemed to be the attic of the school. The word Demon came to her in the little voice in her head...Just then she seemed to know what to do. And she ran. Ran like she had never ran before. She jumped over rows of hedges on fine trimed lawns. She dodged around bikes, toys, and other objects laying in her path. The path that would take her to the one person...the only person that could help her. She came to a sudden stop at an old house that looked to be more than a century old at least. The trees bared wittness to the ageing of the house . They were old very old oak trees. They seemed to have not only a life of their own but a personality as well. As if they stood as gaurdians over the house and it's property. Jessie caught her breath and made her way to the front porch. The stairs creaked as she took the steeps one at a time. Whe she reached the top of the porch, the porch light came on. "Come in Jess I've been waiting for you." said an old and deep voice. When Jess stepped closer to the front door she saw the face of an old man yet not acient old. He had long white hair that rested on his shoulders. His eyes were the brightest blue she had ever seen. "How do you know me? And why do you say that you were waiting for me?" said Jess. "Why child the same way you know of me! Your grandmother of course!" said this tall figure before her. "Has your grandmother not spoken to you of me? I was under the impression by the way you were heading to my house that she had. My name is Nilrem. I have know your grandmother for many years. So you have come about the school I assume?" Jessie realizing that her mouth was hanging open and was looking like a complete dout. Shook her head closed her mouth and replied "Yes! Grandmother said that you would know what to do when I came to you. That you have a gift of some sort. She has also said that when she meet you that you look the way you did then as now. But how can that be and who are you really?" Nilrem took a step back. Motioning to Jess to come in. "I am who I say I am Nilrem. But we have more important buisness to talk about come in and tell me what it is that you have seen in and of the school please." Jess told him of her first day of school she told him of the people of the school and she told him of a strange creature that stands at the window with wings. "Demon spawn!" Nilrem yelled. I should have known this."Come we must save your father quickly! Have you by chance anything you may have left out that I should know?" said Nilrem as he moved around his livingroon putting things in a leather bag. He moved quickly for an old man. But Jessie wondered how old. "No I have told you pretty much all that I know and all that has happened." "come! we'll take the car to the school" said Nilrem. As they arrived in front of the old burn't out school they saw the figure again of a winged creature. Nilrem reached into his bag and pulled out a glass orb. It looked like it had a liquid of blueish substance inside it. He threw it at the front doors of the school. A blue misty cloud seemed to rise up and engulfed the school. "What is that stuff?"asked Jess. "It will keep things contained for as long as need be. And let us enter into the doors of hell if need be."said Nilrem.As they intered the school it was like entering an ice box. They could not only see their breath but feel it as well. Everything had an erie blueish glow to it. Screams where comming from in front of them. It sounded like the gym. They ran toward the screams came upon a double door and could hear the screams comming from the other side. When they burst threw the doors Jess was not prepared for what her eye's saw. Her father was surrounded by girls in cheerleading outfits. They were ripping and tearing at her father's chest. Peeling small strips of flesh from his body.Nilrem looked at the carnage in front of him and then reached into the bag. He pulled forth another cylinder of glass filled this time with a red fluid. He hurled it at the crowd of cheerleaders. I crashed upon impact with the wooden floor. The screaming stoped. A look of calm came over the face of jessie's father, as he slowly slumped to the floor. The cheerleaders turned and by the time they had turn to face Jess and Nilrem they turned to dust.......A loud shriek came from high up in the rafters. The winged creature was above them. Nilrem did not reach into his bags of goodies, instead he reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin like object. The demon upon seeing this coin like object drew back as if blinded by something. Nilrem threw the coin onto the floor and a hole started to widen it started as a hole no bigger than the coin itself, but was now expanding and a sucktion was begining to build. The bigger the hole was getting the stronger the suction was becomming. "We must run! Outside quickly. "said Nilrem. They bolted to the doors and out unto the street by thier car. They looked on as a vortex was being formed over the school. A small sparkel of light then another flew up into the vortex. Then it vanished. The ground begain to shake. The school strarted to fold in on itself. It was being sucked under the ground. No noise no screams just the sight of the school being sucked uder ground. In seconds it was all over. "But what about my father?" asked Jess. "Well did you see those lights go up into that vortex? That was your father's soul as well as all the other innoscent sould that had been trapped in hells gate. They are free as is your father." replied Nilrem. "Its over? It's really is over?" asked Jess. "Yes it really is over. I am sorry about your father and I wish I could have come back here sooner. But as it was I only got back this morning."said Nilrem. "But who are you? Really! asked Jess. As Nilrem was walking to the car he turned. "You know me. You only have to think about it, and it will come to you. But for now you need to get home I'll drive you." replied Nilrem. As Jess set in the car on the way home she looked at her driver. Yes some where in the back of her memory she felt she did know him from somewhere but where...........Finally the end of my story. I know I have said that this is a made up story but what if I have lied just to protect a small town somewher in the midwest a town where the people don't what a story like this to get out to the public masses what if.........