new story!

I just finished finished writing this one, and I'm thinking of doing like more than just this part, like have part 2, part 3 etc... well hope you enjoy!

Ok, I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't the best idea. I mean five 16 year old girls and a Ouija board, it's just not supposed to happen! I can honestly say that I am never going near one of those again. Why you may ask? Well I would reply, you might find out if you cared to read my story...

It was probably about 2 AM during a spring break at my friend Heidi's 16 birthday. We had gone through the usual eating cake and ice cream and opening presents, ok maybe not the coolest way to spend a birthday, but we had been doing this since we were in diapers... not that I remember those, but for some reason I just don't think my parents would lie about that. We had just gotten done watching a string of horror movies, lots of screaming and I think I may be partially deaf.
There were five of us at the party and we had all known each other, since we were in diapers, because if we hadn't known each other that long, how could we have had parties then? Maybe I should figure that out, hypothetically that is. Heidi, who was turning 16 was the person I was closest to. We told each other things that we wouldn't dare share with anyone else. We would stick with each other no matter what.
As the night wore on we somehow got talking about Ouija boards. Now all of us had fooled around with one at least once, but never had any of us actually gotten though to annoying, whatever that means. Then again none of us really believed in that sort of thing either. So we really didn't know anything about ghosts or anything paranormal(God that sounds so odd to me or at least it used to...)
Well when Amy reached over and pulled on out I had this unexplainable feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Of course I shook it off and in general ignored it(Oh God...that was a huge migstake) I think any of us who are over 12 have seen the Ouija board by Milton Bradley, right? Well Amy's board was no Milton Bradley board. First off this board, while in good condition, looked like well, ancient. Some of the letters that had been painted onto the wood had started to flake off, until you could barely read them, and the wooden board was beginning to look slightly warped in some spots. The piece that you place your hands on had a high polish on it and looked like it was actually somehow, and in someway worth something. I honestly can't describe what it looked like, it seemed so insignificant then. As I continued looking at the board, the feeling of dread came back stronger than ever. I finally gathered my courage and spoke. "You guys... are you sure this is the best idea? I really really feel odd."
All the four girls turned towards me, placing eight eyes all on me, kinda like the way a lion will look at it's prey. Amy was the first to speak up. "Grow up Chloe." Her eyes were taunting, her tone unusually harsh. Now generally Amy is a very laid-back person, who virtually did not have a temper, so this was completely odd. "I've used this thing before and it totally rocks." Her eyes flashed with exitement and something, I have no ides what it was, but it almost looked like her eyes went completely black for a moment( I now wish I had paid more attention)
"Fine, I'm probably just paranoid because of the movies and stuff." I sighed, still slightly surprised because at how Amy had talked to me, and still slightly freaked out at what had happened to her eyes. "ok get it set up and carp and we'll do whatever..." It was just a stupid kid's game I thought to myself, what harm could it do? I looked around at my circle of friends and gave a small shrug, dismissing what had happened, the only people who kept looking at me were Amy and Heidi, each with a an expression of their own.
Amy had gotten the Ouija board all ready by the time I had come out of my thoughts. She then looked around her eyes still elaming with exitement and something else, something I couldn't quite name exactly but I knew it looked like aniticipation, although over what I couldn't possibly guess.
"Ok everyone I swear this one actually works. I've used it before and it so totally rocks." her voice, much like here eyes held exitment and the emotion that was like anticipation. She put the message indicator on the board and lightly put fingers on it, looking at everyone indicating for them to follow in kind. One by one we all placed out hands on it until it was my turn. Once again I had eight eyes trained on me. The feeling of dread was pressing down on me more fiercely than ever, and I pushed it away more fiercely than ever. I slowly lowered my hands down until they hooverd over the hand pice. I gently put my hand on it and breathed a sigh of relief, when nothing happened I almost isntantly felt like a little kid for suspecting some great evil was going to befall me for touching it.
All of us exchanged glances, except for Amy, and we all gave a little giggle. See? Just all fun and games. I glanced over at Amy, and looked at her in surprise. She had the most awful expression on her face, I just couldn't believe it, so I promptly said so. "Gee Amy, lighten up, it's just a game" I regretted saying it instantly but meh too late to take it back now.
"Well Chloe" She said narrowing her eyes "if it's just a game, what's say just you and I use it?" Her eyes flashed back again, and I could feel my face pale, but alas I let my pride get the better of me.
"Why not Amy? No harm could come of it"
So all the other girls quickly took their hands away, until it was just me and Amy. "Go ahead Amy... you can ask the first question." I gave her a challenging look, knowing she would take.
Amy gave a slight shrug and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath, she then opened her eyes, and my mouth dropped down, and my eyes went wide. Her eyes had gone totally black. No white, no iris and no pupil. The other girls probably couldn't see if because they had wandered away, leaving me and Amy to our own little game. I forced myself to keep my hands on the message indicator, I wouldn't be a chicken. Finally Amy spoke her question. "How many of us are there in the room?"
The message indicator went up to the worn away numbers, my hands lightly trailing on it. For some reason I don't think Amy was pushing it either. It slid along the board up to the number "3". I shook my head, and forced myself to speak. "I think your board I busted Amy, there are only the two of us in here."
Amy shook her head "How do you know that Chloe?" Her eyes were still coal black. I wasn't sure how long I could stand looking at her. The eyes were freaky and so was the Ouija board. "Chloe, why don't you ask a question now?
I shrugged "I have no problem with that, give me a sec to think of one..." I wasn't quite sure what to ask, because well I was starting to freeze up, looking at Amy's eyes. I thought for a moment about what to ask before I knew exactly what I wanted, it was probably blunt and it would probably piss Amy off but who cares? I didn't. "What is wrong with Amy?" I watched as the message indicator slowly moved across the board first to "M" then to "E", it just kept going back and forth like that. As I continued to watch the message indicator go back and forth, I noticed a black mist slowly swirling out of the Ouija board. The mist turned, dipped and twirled as it rose, and kept rising until it was about level with my face. Slowly small whimpers made their ways out of my mouth, my heart felt as though it were flying into my throat.
Just looking at the black mist, inspired a terror in me that I had never felt before. It finally occurred to me to pull my hands away from the board, and with a much larger burst of terror I relized my body was frozen in spot. The only thing I could do was breath, and feel my heartbeat like mad. The black mist slowly started to dance it's way towards me, swirling and dipping as it did. I tired to open my mouth to scream but I couldn't. Why couldn't I scream? What was happening? Where was everyone? I swear I was about to have a heart attack. As the black mist slowly made it's way closer I could make out Amy's form through it. She looked absolutely delighted over this. God, what had happened to her? What was going to happen to me? Soon the black mist was within one inch of me and I heard a voice in it. The voice was male, and painfully deep to listen to. I heard a voice but I could hear any words, but I was way to scared to make them out. Just as the black mist was about to go right into me, Heidi came running in.
The second she came in, the black mist disappeared and I could move again. The second I discovered this I let out an ear splitting scream and started pointing at Amy and the board, totally unable to speak coherently. I looked over at Heidi and continued to sputter out nonsense.
"Chloe! What's wrong? I can't understand a word you're saying" Heidi had finally managed to break into my sputtering talk.
"The Ouija board...evil...Amy...wrong...something...wrong!" I could even get out once sentence I was still so scared.
"Chloe...are you saying that Amy and the Ouija board are evil?" I could see the look of disbelief on her face, and surprisingly it kinda stung, even through the terror. Heidi was my best friend. Sure my accusation were insane but maybe she should give me the benefit of the doubt.
"Yes, they are, while you guys were gone... like black mist or smoke or something came out of the board! I swear!" There I had finally managed to get out at least part of what I had been thinking. Her look of disbelief stayed put on her face, and I gave a tiny squeal of indignation.
"Chloe...that sounds insane, you were probably just imagining it." She then looked over at Amy "Amy, did you see anything like that" And of course, Amy shook her head.
I gave a small sigh, there was obviously no way I was going to get her to believe me. I shook my head discouragingly "Never mind you guys... you're probably right, I probably did imagine it."
After this we put the Ouija board away and we didn't tell anyone else what had happened, they wouldn't have believed anyways. As I thought about the voice I had heard I could have sworn I could make out one thing the voice had said, right before it disappeared I could have sworn it had said "I'll be back" but not in the way a like Arnold Schwarzanager had said, the way the voice said it made the words seem evil and obcene, like it was promising me that I would eventually, someday go through that again.
By Shelly