No body (excuse the mess)

To start this off I thought I would go back before we moved into the Eagle house. Back when life was a lot simpler and more cut and dry for me.

I had never seen a ghost, heard a ghost(or so I thought)..

I was healthy, been working a decade taking care of dying people, and though I had seen more than my fair share of odd occurances during the many deaths I have witnessed..I still held onto the fact I have never seen tangible proof of the existance of ghosts.

Everything had been so innocent and good before Eagle house.

While going to see the house a few alarms went up.

While I was in the master bedroom alone, I felt like I was intruding on something..or someone.

I mean the hair on my neck stood straight up and I got sick.

I put it off as empty house gitters.

I casually listened to my landlord talk about why they were renting the house out. Not particularly paying attention..just nodding where I thought I should look attentive:P

The first night:

Kids were at my ex husbands...

Ron and I stayed alone to unpack.

We heard crashing in the basement..

Bashing, crashing things falling, it sounded like someone was taking the walls down.

I had Ron go check to see if maybe boxes fell over. He went down and nothing had fell. All that crashing and nothing had fallen?

I tell him it must be the pipes..

This time the sounds got worse, more crashing more sounds like the whole place was coming down.

We both went down the steps..this time and entire row of boxes across the room collapsed as we came down the steps.

I blamed the kids, the people who helped us move..

We went back upstairs. All night the sounds continued. I decided to not mention this to the kids and told Ron to pretend like he couldnt hear it.

We decided to pretend everything was fine.

When the kids came home and the same things began to happen we told them it was the gas water heater making noise.

The noise was everywhere and no where..but we ignored it.

The water began to flood the basement. People would come out to repair the "leak" only to walk away dumbfounded on the location or cause. At first I thought it was a ****ty repairman. I talked to the landlord, telling him that the water was 3 inches in our basement rooms. I had been using a wet vac to suck it all back up and dump it, but it was a losing battle.

In the first year of our stay in the house we had the basement flooded several times over and over from various sources.

My ex stayed with us a couple of weeks while he found a new home.

This is one of the only times I saw the "spooky" myself.

I was watching a DVD on my computer in the living room and saw a shadow descending the stairs the shadow was on the front door in front of the stairs.

It "wooshed" around the stairs and into the dining room before I realized no body came down the stairs. No one was there.

I told Ron and My ex and my ex confirmed seeing the shadow across the door as well.

We all sat there a long time trying to figure out some reasonable excuse, but all three of us at that point knew something unusual was happening in the house. My ex heard the beatings in the basement as well..seeming to come from out of the thin air.

A couple of things happened during this time.

The night we found out about "no body":

Alex comes down the stairs to the dining room.

Ron, my ex and I were all three working on my technology challenged ex's computer.

He tapped me on the shoulder and told me that he was being pushed upstairs while he tried to get to sleep.

I hugged him and walked to the stairs. I yelled up to his brothers and told them to leave him alone. I then hugged alex and sent him back up to bed, promising him it would stop.

About 15 minutes later he comes back down crying.

"Mom they are pushing me and I can't get to sleep"

So I march back over to the stairs and yell up.

"Boys you lay one more hand on Alex while he is trying to go to bed I am going to spank some butts".

Alex huggs me but seems hesitant to go back up. Like he isn't saying everything. But I say to him "go on honey and if they touch you again I will spank them".

He goes reluctantly back up the stairs and I go back to the computer issue, I am reformatting the crappy computer [rolls]

About 20 minutes later he comes running down the stairs this time completely freaked out.

"MOM they are pushing me over and over again!"

Finally at my end with this bullsht I ask him.."Alex who is the one pushing you I am going to call them down here".

He doesn't answer..

"Alex which one of your brothers is pushing you??"

No answer..

"Is it jor?"

"Is it Cody?"

"Is it Turk?"

"oh my god Alex, if it isn't one of those who in the hell is it because I ran out of boys here."

he simply says .."nobody"


"Why in the hll are you telling me one of them pushed you when they didn't??"

"no mommy they didn't push me..the NO BODY DID".


What does a child who never heard about ghosts call a spirit without a body?


Chills ran down my spine as I realized what Alex was trying to tell me.

I then realized the harm I had caused by not talking about the ghost with them.

I just didn't want mass hysteria from hype.

I have seen so many ghost television shows in the middle of the night that had stupid families with over imaginative kids.

I couldn't believe their stories on the shows because the children were hyped up about the ghost and this causes mass hysteria in the household.

I decided to keep the ghost secret, but the ghost had other plans...

It went for my babies..because it knew the kids wouldn't just ignore the sounds and the things going missing and the things falling off the wall.

I would just put them back like nothing had happened..but the kids got scared and gave the thing what it wanted, which was our energy, from the attention and fear.

We did a banishing on the room and this stopped all of the rooms problems for a long time.

Next thing that happened was about a week later when the kids fell asleep in the basement. They fell asleep in front of the tv. I had done the same upstairs, when I hear wailing. Then I hear one set of footsteps coming up the stairs.

It's cody...

"MOM something is screaming at me in the basement"

a woman was screaming.

"The sound came from everywhere, she was everywhere mom, but I couldnt see her"

I can hear the sounds of the other boys crying in the basement.

"Cody did you leave your baby brothers in the basement??"

I realized he had.

I run down the stairs two at a time to the middle floor and around the corner to the basement stairs.

The boys are at the bottom of the stairs , half asleep and crying.

I run down the stairs and grab the biggest one by the hand and force him to stand, i pick up the second largest and carry him and order cody to pick up the baby and take him up.

We both ran up the stairs as fast as we could.

I dropped them into the living room floor. Helped cody with jor our baby.

And then I got mad..

MO8888 FU99999..picking on the little ones?

Why don't you try me for size?

Bring it to me you fu9999 coward bi999h.

You pick on the little ones? Why not try me?

I slammed the basement door.

Those are the most memorable things about the first few months.

Other things happened, a huge wall length mirror crashed onto the tile floor in the half bath and didnt even crack. It happened twice.

Floods in the basement and sightings by everyone in the house.

and the nobody continued to roam the areas we didn't protect.

You may ask why didn't I finish off cleansing the house, one huge mother died in 2001 and I was woried some of the sightings were her. I have her ashes with me at all times, and i worried I would keep her from being free to visit.

I would rather endure a haunting than to lose my mom.

I will tell you right now I am a 5'11 woman, I played football on an all boy team as a teen. I am not afraid of much in this world..and I would never have thought I would leave a home for fear of our lives.

But I did.

I have to be honest with you, my entire family acts like we have post traumatic stress syndome, no one wants to be alone here in our new home, no one will sleep alone, or without a light. No one will go into our new basement alone.

It will take a long time for me to not leave two lights on just in case she blows one.

gods knows the house we are in now is wonderfully clean, in so many ways.

should I write more than this, does anyone really care to see the mundane and more terrible things this thing did?